Grandaddy Mimms Authentic Corn Whiskey Now in Middle Tennessee


Tommy Townsend

Music and moonshine have been intertwined since long before prohibition, and the stories behind many a country song have had their inspiration from the illegal libation. A generation after notorious moonshiner Jack “Mimm” McClure passed away, his country singer/songwriter grandson and Williamson County Tennessee resident, Tommy Townsend, is now producing Grandaddy Mimms Authentic Corn Whiskey using the exact recipes that made his grandfather’s “shine” some of the most sought-after in North Georgia. The whiskey was released in Georgia last fall, and Best Brands, Inc. in Nashville is now distributing the new products throughout Middle Tennessee and down to Chattanooga.

Townsend, who is the lead singer for Waymore’s Outlaws – the backing band of the late country Hall of Famer Waylon Jennings – received his family’s blessing to pursue bringing Mimm’s recipes to market. He then partnered with the Georgia Distilling Company in Milledgeville, Georgia to produce Grandaddy Mimms in apple and white corn whiskey. An aged blended whiskey and peach brandy will follow this year. Grandaddy Mimms uses the same simple ingredients with all of the taste and tradition enjoyed by common folk, celebrities and high-powered politicians 80 years ago.

grandaddy-mimmsRegarding educating the public about the newly-legal drink, Townsend shares: “There’s a misconception that you have to drink moonshine straight. You can mix in just about any of your favorite drinks, from a margarita to a cosmopolitan to just about any type of martini. We’re anxious to hear what people come up with!”

Grandaddy Mimms is not limited to the inside of a glass, either. Waylon’s daughter-in-law, Kathy Jennings, has dubbed herself the “Grandaddy Mimms Tipsy Chef,” and she has created “Grandaddy Mimms Apple Brandy Cobbler,” “Tipsy Fried Chicken” and “Grandaddy Mimms Apple Brandy Chocolate Pie.” These recipes and numerous drink concoctions can be found at

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