Grady Skelton – Live Simply

by Chuck Dauphin

Born in the heart of Texas, Grady Skelton is one artist that seems to be having a good time in life. In all of the promotional shots I have seen of him, I have yet to see a picture where he wasn’t smiling. I have a feeling that listeners to his CD are going to be feeling the same way.

This CD is just ten tracks of pure fun and a lot of emotion. It starts off with the melodic “We Like Drinkin,” which sounds like a slightly polished Steve Earle sound. He stays in that vein on “Girl I Love,” which are two of the highlights of the album.

Skelton is a fun artist to listen to, but he can also delve into the emotional spots. “Gonna Rain” gives him a chance to show off his vocals, as does the intriguing “The Chase.”

Also a key component to this album is producer Clayton Corn. He goes for a wide open sound on many of these cuts, and it works best on “Live Simply” and “Rock Bottom,” the latter being a tip of the hat to traditional country sounds. The album ends with some words of warning about life, “Take It From Me,” where Skelton knocks it out of the ballpark.

With songs like what he has gathered here, I think that Skelton is going to be smiling for a  long, long time!

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