Glen Campbell – See You There

by Chuck Dauphin

glen-campbell-seeThe story of Glen Campbell has been well documented – particularly the past few years, and his courageous battle with Alzheimer’s’ Disease. But, from an artistic level, the singer has not lost any of his bite, releasing a pair of excellent studio albums – and now a collection that takes many of his past hits and puts them in a different musical frame.

While re-doing your older catalog is a risk – after all, Da Vinci never tried to come up with another Mona Lisa – Campbell and producers Dave Darling and Dave Kaplan wisely take the classics from his past, and put them in a different perspective – almost making them sound like completely new songs.

“Wichita Lineman,” for example, has a little more sparse sound than the original. But, through all the struggles of the past few years, the one thing that remains constant is Campbell’s most timeless instrument – his voice. “Gentle On My Mind” is a lot more heavy on the Rock guitars, sounding like a Rick Rubin production on Johnny Cash. “Galveston,” his 1969 signature, is slowed down just a tad, but still, Campbell’s voice is front and center.

Maybe the biggest stylistic change is on “Rhinestone Cowboy.” The tempo is gone from the verses, as his vocal simmers and builds until he gets to the chorus – but with no background singers, it’s his spotlight and his alone – one he richly deserves!

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