Gary Morris – Faith & Freedom

by Chuck Dauphin

One thing is for sure. Gary Morris was born with one of the most expressive voices of his time. That shows on many of his 1980s hits on Country Radio such as “Leave Me Lonely” and “The Love She Found In Me.” Thankfully, after taking the better part of a decade away from the limelight, Morris is back with a project that is bound to touch a few hearts, and maybe heal a few as well.

With there being so much division and pain in the United States as of late, many of these tracks offer a little bit of hope that some of those feelings might be cast aside. Tracks like the title cut and “Climb Every Mountain” blend well with inspirational classics like “Rock Of Ages” and ”Battle Hymn Of The Republic” to make this album a treat for the ears.

Morris’s voice has lost none of its’ timber, and if nothing else has even gotten stronger with time. He updates his classic “Wind Beneath My Wings” as well as his underrated gem “Anyt.hing Goes.” Though he recorded the latter back in 1985, the lyrics hit home today as much as they ever have.

Welcome back, Gary Morris. It’s been a while. Hopefully, it won’t be as long next time!

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