Gary Bennett – Human Condition

by Lori Shropshire
A good song should transport you to another place or time.  From the first line of “Human Condition,” I felt like I was at the local watering hole.  It’s 7:00 pm on a Friday night and the regulars are trickling in, yelling hellos and trading good-natured insults.  I’m telling my girlfriend Christy about my latest train-wreck of a relationship.  The beer is cold and the house band is rockin’.  I keep interrupting my story to say “Man, these guys are good.”  Dusk is coming on, but we’re having a great time so we order another round.

Which is interesting, because it turns out Gary Bennett is a former co-founder of BR549—one of the best damn bar bands Nashville, or anywhere else, has ever seen.  Maybe all those nights on lower Broadway seeped into his voice and lyrics, like the cigarette smoke that stays in my hair for days after I visit Robert’s Western World.  Or maybe it’s just hard to hide that kind of talent.

I love this CD.  Sure, the stellar musical line-up helps.  Kenny “I Never Met A Guitar Chord I Couldn’t Invert” Vaughn slings his magic dust all over the place.  The incomparable Marty Stuart makes an appearance.  The musical line-up is a who’s who of country music.  But I’d like Gary’s songs if it was just Gary and his guitar.  He’s got a voice straight out of a 1968 jukebox, and every song is a gem.

Just Wanna Be With You is so groovy, I dare you to not dance to it.  Gary channels Bob Wills on That’s What I’m Here For.  What Turned Out to Be would make Hank Sr. smile.  My Illusion has a sweet, aching little vibe to it.  In the world Gary’s taken me to, that’s the dishwasher’s favorite song.  Yep, here he comes from the kitchen; he slides his arm around the waitress’ waist and swings her into a loose slow dance.  She’s laughing and blushing, and half-heartedly slapping his arm away, and the regulars love every minute of it.

So pull up a stool and pass the beer nuts.  Or maybe I’ll just take a little piece of that pie right there…

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