Song of the Day

Songs of the Day – NEWSLETTER ONLY

Artists / writers, have your song placed in front of 30,000 readers five days a week, along with links where they can go to download your song or purchase your full album. The price for this service is $40 per week (five days of newsletters) and $75 for two weeks.

For Song of the Day placement, we will need a two to three sentence blurb about you or the artist, the song, and URL links to where our readers can go to listen to the song and purchase downloads (i.e. a link to the song and a link to CD Baby, or your website, etc.)

The blurb can be something like “Check out (song name) by (artist).  It an upbeat tune about the funny side of romance (or whatever it’s about).  CLICK HERE to listen to the song (URL for streaming).  If you’d like to download it, CLICK HERE (download URL).  For more, visit (artist’s) website at (URL)”

Contact Dan today to learn more about the Song of the Day service or to get started in having your song placed into the MNN daily newsletter.