Florida Georgia Line Thankful For Jake Owen’s Generosity

florida-georgia-line-mar2013-2Before they even got their record deal, Florida Georgia Line says Jake Owen was always one of their biggest supporters and a great friend. In fact Jake once gave Brian a very nice McPherson guitar when he needed one. According to Brian, the guitar was one of Jake’s favorites, but he didn’t think twice about giving it to him. But now, as fate would have it, McPherson is building custom guitars for Florida Georgia Line so Brian says he’d like to give Jake back his very generous gift once he gets his new one.

Brian says, “I think I’m actually gonna give it back to him ‘cause McPherson is the top of guitars, our dream guitars. They’re just acoustic and they play amazing, they sound amazing. They look really cool.” But they’ll never forget all that Jake has done for them, including taking them on tour last year. “It just shows what kind of guy he is,” says Brian. “He’s the most giving person. Not only did he help spread the word but he’s been kind of like a mentor, not only musically but just in life in general… He’s played a huge role in our career and lives for sure.”

In fact, Jake even helped spread the word about Florida Georgia Line’s current single, “Shine On,” and other songs they had released independently before they had a deal with Republic Nashville.



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