First Anniversary of Country Music News International

Country Music News International began on March 1, 2011.  The idea for the magazine did not come from the editor, Christian Lamitschka, but from one of his friends in Nashville, Tennessee.   He made it clear to Christian that due to the work he had been doing for many years and the great reputation that he had gained in the community from artists, other editors, managers and many more people in the music industry, it was time for him to publish his own music magazine.

Thus the only thing missing was a fitting name for the music magazine. Country Music News International was exactly the right name.  The name represents what the aim of the magazine is, Country Music as made anywhere in the world.

Due to the variety of Country Magazines on the market it was difficult to stand out.  It was then that Christian Lamitschka had the idea to do a bilingual music magazine in English and German. Thus, starting on the first of March 2011, one could find music news, interviews, CD reviews, news and much more in Country Music News International.  In order to also gain the interest of music fans that are not particularly interested in Country Music, the column “General Music News” has been added.

In the meantime the magazine made it onto page one on the Google search engine. This certainly is due to the newsletter, that is distributed daily by Country Music News International. The newsletter reaches more than 200,000 readers worldwide and is distributed using platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, E-Mail and many more.

To celebrate the success of Country Music News International together with all our friends, readers, country music and music fans worldwide, CDs with a total value of 12,000 Euro can be won by anybody who “Likes Me” on Facebook or does a friend request at Christian Lamitschka’s profile at or who “Follows me”  on Twitter , or who registers at Google Groups or as a reader on Country Music News International, which is easy by simply clicking the button ‚Register as Reader’ at .

The raffle runs from March 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013 or as long as prizes last.



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