Fertitta & McClintock – After All This Time

by Chuck Dauphin
John Denver had a hit a years back with a song titled “Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone).” The same could be said of CD’s.  One never knows what you might find in the mail each day.  Some days…it might be trash…..Then some days, it just might be a little bit of treasure.  This album falls into the latter, for sure.  I will preface this by saying that it probably is a little too pop oriented to have a chance on Country Radio…but that doesn’t matter.  It’s a very exquisite album, one that stands among the best releases I have heard all year….in any musical style or genre.  The harmony between these two is so tight that it will brings to mind the Everly Brothers, particularly on “If Love Is Blind,” “Be There By Your Side,” and “Do You Run.”

 There is not a clunker anywhere on this disc, as the duo’s strength seems to be with love songs like “All This Time,” “I Can’t Think Of Anything But You,” and the stunning “Closer To You.” There’s a 1970s feel to the dreamy sounding “Be Sure,” and “What Is It” sounds like it could have been a big love song for Kenny Rogers a few years back.  If you’re looking for straight-ahead Country, look away for the most part, even though they do score with the haunting “I Wish You Knew,” written from a perspective of a man who sees the woman he loves with someone else, which is the most “Country” song here.  It is a moot point, as David Fertitta and Steven McClintock have put together an album that from start to finish is a pleasure, and as a reviewer, I’m glad I got to hear this one!



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