Eric Dodge – Since I Let You Go

by Gracie Muldoon

Eric Dodge, a very talented vocalist, has a solid gold Country CD of some great music with a variety of different tempos and themes. The CD titled “Since I Let You Go” a song written by Phil Theobald, is a great song for the CD title pick. Melodic and pretty, a reflective song about love lost, that Eric performs soulfully. He definitely sounds like a pro, pluckin’ at your heartstrings.

Eric’s singing ability is really the focus on these great songs, and he emotes with sincerity & feeling. After listening to the title track first, which is the norm for me, I also chose it as the best song on the project. While none of them disappoint, some shine brighter than others. The other songs, that clicked with me were My Best and When I Was Your Age, (modern technology theme). It Ain’t Gonna Happen, is a song, that throws ya off for a second at the beginning, but it is song about failures pursuing that dream, whether it be a lover, or a career, some things just “ain’t gonna happen”, and we all can relate to that.

Up A Creek, What Would Elvis Do, and What a Concept are three fun songs. What a Concept , with it’s social message of just letting the small things slide and trying to get along better with our fellow man, is inspiring, as well as The Dash, (both written by Kirsti Mamna & David Kent) being a serious song, provokes inward soul searching. Deep thinkers only!

New Country dance fans can boogie on down to a couple of the songs on Eric’s project, like Mama Never Told Me and Up A Creek. Nice mix of fast and slow, classic and new country styles, fun and seriousness, I hope this CD gets Eric noticed by the Music Powers That Be. He deserves the attention. Great job, Eric!
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