DONATE to the Troops

Music News Nashville is uniting with Operation Troop Aid to provide our servicemen and women with entertainment to help alleviate the emotional strain of being overseas, away from their loved ones.  We are also assisting those who are recovering in hospital beds at VA Hospitals around the U.S.

We are collecting new and used music CDs and movie DVDs to send to the troops as part of the Operation Troop Aid care packages.  Everyone has those piles of CDs and DVDs laying around that you’ve watched and listened to, but are now collecting dust.  We ask that you send them to us so we can pass them on to those who need them now.  As the saying goes… pay it forward.

If you would like to donate CDs or DVDs, please EMAIL DAN for mailing instructions on where to send them.  This is going to be an ongoing project, so please keep them coming.

Thank you for your help.

For more about Operation Troop Aid, visit