Dolls On Fire – Ladies & Gentlemen

by Chuck Dauphin

For years, the battle of the sexes has raged on and on. Has either gender been able to gain the upper hand? One can debate that, but few have put the ongoing war into the musical format as interestingly as this harmony-laden debut EP suggests.

There’s a swagger that vocalists Zach Hodson and Rachel Jaggard presents that cuts right through the lyrics. Emotionally, they seem to be rolling the dice and going for broke – especially on “Give Me A Reason To Love” and “Hosanna (On The Radio),” which are two of the major highlights here.

What works well here does so winningly. I love the sensual vibe that Jaggard applies to “Minotaur,” and the ultimate battle described in “Jem Vs. The Volcano,” but I didn’t really get into the strange “GFY (300 Hands)” as much. However, the album ends on a striking note with the cool vibe of the interestingly-titled “No One Will Love You Unless You’re A Man.” I don’t know about that, but it does make for an interesting musical thesis!



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