David Maxwell – Blues In Other Colors

by Chuck Dauphin

David Maxwell has been doing what he does – and doing it well – for four decades now, and his latest disc is one of his greatest artistic triumphs yet.

On this disc, he fuses his traditional blues stylings with many other genres – including some from other countries. The resulting factor is one of the most stirring instrumental albums I have heard all year.

For fans of pop-leaning sounds, they will no doubt be attracted to cuts such as “Big Sky” and “Blue Dream,” which contains a little bit of a Celtic sound – at least to my ears. All along the musical journey here, there are nods to West African, Indian, Turkish and North African styles of music, and Maxwell shifts between them with an uncanny degree of ease.

He gives a nice nod to R&B on “Heart Of Darkness” and “Just The Blues,” and on the opening “Movin’ On,” there’s there’s somewhat of a Country / Bluegrass feel. All over the place it is, but it’s a pretty good place to be for the listener!

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