David Corley – Available Light

by Janet Goodman 

david-corley_available-lightBefore saying it’s far too late to shoot for your dreams, you ought to listen to Americana artist David Corley’s debut album, “Available Light.” This collection of ten tracks by Corley, recorded in Wolfe Island, Ontario and Brooklyn, New York and produced by Hugh Christopher Brown, is a dynamic introduction to this 53-year-old Indianan singer/songwriter. Whatever his reasons for not releasing something sooner, they fade upon the first few bars.

His is a rough-hewn voice and artistry that are quickly being compared to timeless musicians like Lou Reed and Tom Waits, with their gravelly half sung/half spoken deliveries of poetically-woven lyrics. Corley’s raw phrasing is a bulldog that won’t let go, creating a blues rock experience that’s felt in the bones.

Opening with the stunning camera metaphor of the title track (“Yeah, I can see life running in the big lens/The frames just flickin’ by”), Corley and Brown create an easy blend of acoustic and electric throughout. Swathed in a soulful organ groove, Corley lays back under the stars and reflects in “Beyond The Fences”: “People are not fools, she said/I think she paraphrased someone/I don’t know who yet/She taught strangers religion/She shook respect/And then she put it to bed.”

“Easy Mistake” is his perfectly imperfect little “wow” song about self-forgiveness, where he shows the range of emotions from disappointment to rage to understanding. There’s something to be said about wisdom coming with age, and what this artist has to say and how he sings it has been well worth the wait.

Visit Corley’s website www.davidcorleymusic.com



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