Cracker Barrel / Grand Ole Opry Series – Our Kind Of Country

by Chuck Dauphin

The Grand Ole Opry has been a force within the musical community since 1925. A quick look at some of the names that have been members reflects the greatness of Country Music – Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Ernest Tubb, Webb Pierce, Patsy Cline, Jim Ed Brown, Porter Wagoner, Larry Gatlin, and Garth Brooks. Of course, that just names a few. As part of the ongoing Cracker Barrel collaborative series with the Opry, this set takes a look at the more recent members of the show and their contributions to the charts and the continued success of the show.

Unlike the other collections in the series, this is a set of studio recordings, but collectively it makes an arguments for the work that the current staff has done in making sure the show stays vital to today’s business scene. The longest-tenured member on the disc is Reba McEntire, who was inducted by longtime announcer Grant Turner in 1985. Other members that are included are Diamond Rio (“One More Day”), Carrie Underwood (“I Told You So”), Trace Adkins (“Ladies Love Country Boys”), and one of the most recent inductees, Blake Shelton (“Austin”).

This set stands as a reminder of the link that the Grand Ole Opry continues to share with the best in modern-day Country, regardless of what era of the format it is.

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