Cooper & The Jam Rock Out Nashville

by Jamie Hernandez


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In Printer’s Alley, located in Nashville, there is a bar called Bourbon Street Blues & Bar. Most Friday nights there is a delight that is vivacious, resonant, and dynamic that wows the audience; this band is none other Cooper and The Jam. They consist of front woman, Cooper, and her band members who are an eclectic group of musicians. The dynamic between them is lively, and her interaction with the audience is very playful. She draws the crowd in with her alluring voice, which song that she performs has a story behind it.

As she and her performs, there is an element of Motown, Blues, and Rock and Roll. The brass, along with the bass, gives the music a groove that can make anyone dance. Cooper is very engaging with her audience. Towards the end of her performance, she asks two bartenders to help her out and do a fire trick, that consist of Fireball whiskey and fire, while she is performing “Light My Fuse”. Cooper & The Jam released their new album Motown Suites.¬†

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