Con Hunley – Wayfarin’ Stranger

by Chuck Dauphin

There’s little doubt in my mind that when the complete history of Music City is written that the name of Con Hunley will be listed as one of the top vocalists to ever record here. His body of work speaks for itself. Tracks like “Oh Girl” and “No Relief In Sight” are some of the best music to come out of Nashville in the decade of the 1980s.

Fortunately, Hunley is still recording, and his new disc is a keeper. His first all-Gospel collection, this set has performances that will entertain you and inspire you at the same time. Starting off with the standard “Amazing Grace,” Hunley turns in one of the most soulful versions of the song I have ever heard. That approach continues on the newer material, such as the acoustic “When I Was A Sinner,” as well as the gorgeous “A Little Bit Of Jesus.”

He also tips his hat to Martha Carson on the legendary “Satisfied” and Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord.” His version of the title cut is such a vocal workout that it could actually be taught in a voice class – though nobody could approach it. If you love Gospel Music, or if you love Con Hunley, you need this CD. It will touch your heart and soul, and those are not just words. He’s done it to me for years, especially when I hear the masterpiece “Hollow Man.”

There simply aren’t words to describe how great his voice is. So, I will quit now! For more information, log on to



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