Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio Have Felt Warmly Welcomed

nashville-tv-logoThe ABC drama films on location a lot in Nashville and actors Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio say they have loved getting to know the people in Nashville. “There is really something to be said for Southern hospitality,” says Clare. “We’ve been welcomed into this town so beautifully and the appreciation of other people’s art has been a really poignant part of this adventure for me.”

Sam agrees that it’s the people that have been his favorite part about filming in Nashville. “Like Claire says, it’s the welcoming nature of everybody here. From the local community to the music community here to the songwriters and we’re here as actors with these music skills, I guess, and we’ve been sort of welcomed with open arms into these music circles, which is really exciting.”

Sam has also been pleasantly surprised to know how broad and rich the music scene is in Nashville. “I think the melting pot of music here is so cool and that’s not quite what I expected it to be, I think. So it’s all good.”



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