Christian Rockers Third Day Go Back To School

Mac Powell

Christian rock band Third Day frontman Mac Powell and bassist Tai Anderson went back to school today at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, as guest speakers of the Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program.  The music program, under the direction of Bruce Burch, brings in artists and others to talk with class members about what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Powell talked with the class about being an artist in today’s industry and how it’s changed in the 20 years since Third Day formed.  When asked why he would want to talk with a class of college students, Powell responded, “I’m a former student at KSU, and now being able to come back and share the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained over the years with this class is something I believe will help the program’s members.  Hopefully, something we say to them today will cause a light bulb to go off and give them the motivation and drive they’ll need to make it in the industry.”

Tai Anderson

Anderson, described by Powell as “the band member with more business sense even though he’s younger than the rest of us,” spent a portion of the 90-minute class talking about the business structure of a band and using a graphic he provided to show the various aspects needed to make it work. “It’s like any other business in many ways,” he told the students, “but the most important factor for any artist or band is having good management to back them up.  You have to surround yourselves with the right people.  Once you do that, it becomes easier to delegate responsibilities and take a lot of the pressure off you, the artist.”

Bruce Burch, director of the program, described the benefits for students participating in what is quickly becoming a nationally-recognized music business program.  “We started it a year ago with 50 students and it has quickly grown to a point where we’ve had to add additional sessions to accommodate more than 150 students participating today.  Atlanta is rapidly expanding in the music and entertainment industry and our goal is to help prepare tomorrow’s business professionals by providing them the information they’re going to need.”

(l-r) Mac Powell, Bruce Burch and Tai Anderson

Burch went on to describe how the program makes use of local and national touring artists, actors and industry professionals to help pass on the knowledge they’ve gained to his students, who then utilize the information to take part in internships with various industry businesses.  “We bring people like Third Day in to talk to the class members, then we send the students out into the field to experience what we call ‘externships’, which are mini-internships of about six to ten hours a week.  Through those ‘externships’ the students get quick hands-on experiences which really helps them understand what they are learning in the courses. We also offer the full summer internships as well.”

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Tai Anderson and Mac Powell address the students



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