Cheley Tackett and Steff Mahan in Atlanta, GA

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Sometimes the powers-that-be in the Nashville music industry have blinders on when deciding who gets a record deal and who doesnt. Whether it’s their lifestyle choices or that they don’t fit the gene pool clones Music City regularly churns out, Cheley Tackett and Steff Mahan are two songwriter/performers who definitely deserve more attention from the industry than they currently receive. Both are exceptionally talented writers, musicians and singers whose stage presence – both individually and together – is commanding as they support each other with backup harmonies and guitars.

The two brought their show to Steve’s Live Music club in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta, GA, where they performed their songs for a packed house of fans. They told the crowd about the stories behind the songs, many of which were emotional tributes to past loves and family. Music News Nashville was on hand to capture the evening in photos.


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