The Charlie Daniels Band Releases 1979 Volunteer Jam Recordings Digitally On Dec. 1

charlie-daniels_mar2013Charlie Daniels, award-winning, platinum selling music icon, is proud to announce the release of rare 1979 live recordings from the fifth year of the momentous Volunteer Jam.  The release of these recordings kick off a series of Volunteer Jam EP digital recordings to be released in the coming months, all executive produced by Daniels.  Blue Hat Records in association with MRI/RED Distribution will release seven recordings on December 17, 2013, as a sampling of the historic concerts created by The Charlie Daniels Band.

“This collection goes right down through the middle of the CDB catalog, a good representation of where the band was at the time,” said Charlie Daniels.

“I was lucky to have been there in the middle of the Southern Rock movement with Charlie and The CDB and got to experience the Volunteer Jam live, first hand, it was a special time in the history of the genre,” says David Corlew, Blue Hat Records President and Charlie Daniels Personal Manager.  “Now with the wide range of online digital music outlets that exist today, we are able to share many more of these great vintage live CDB performances from the height of the Southern Rock era with both CDB fans and fans of great music as well.”

Click here to purchase your own copy of these rare recordings. (link goes live 12/17/2013).

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