The Charlie Daniels Band: Off The Grid

by Chuck Dauphin

cdb-daniels-dylanBack in 1969, Charlie Daniels was one of the session musicians on Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skyline disc. His guitar playing impressed the legendary singer-songwriter so much that he ended up working on two more Dylan projects. Though the styles of Daniels and Dylan might not be compared by many, both men have a strong conviction of what is right or wrong – which has always been a hallmark of both men’s music.

Neatly five decades later, Daniels tips the covers hat to Dylan on this impressive collection of some of his top works.  Starting off with “Tangles Up In Blue,” it’s a set that allows Daniels to cover Dylan his way. He didn’t try to copy Dylan’s style in any shape or form. It would have been unwise to do so. They are too different. Rather, when Daniels take to the mic on songs like “Times They Are A-Changing” “Gotta Serve Somebody,” or “I’ll Be Youe Baby Tonight,” they sound like they could have came straight from the unofficial mayor of Mt. Juliet, TN’s mouth. So, it’s a natural fit. After all, it takes greatness to know greatness, don’t you think?

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