Chad Sullins & Last Call Coalition – Incommunicado

by Chuck Dauphin

How would you describe the musical stylings of Chad Sullins? Well, let me tell you – you don’t. This is one of the toughest albums to classify as I have ever seen. It’s Country. It’s Southern Rock. There are several different genres and sub-genres that you could put it in, but the important thing is that it is simply good.

Sullins has lived a lot of life in his time, and it shows up clearly in his songs. He turns some of those memories to swagger in tracks like “Scratch” and the aptly titled “Full Throttle.” Needless to say, I think both of these cuts will be huge favorites with the crowds that have made this act one of the top touring acts in the Lone Star state.

But, there is a sensitive side, too. “Paris” is an amazingly written cut, as the interestingly titled “10 On 10.” One of the jewels of the album is the masterpiece “Only Girl.” It’s a love song, but it’s got some very unique metaphors in it that make it a treat. My favorite is the line “A smile that will steal your soul.” I don’t know why, but that one stops me in my tracks! “Thank God For Jack Daniels” mixes the traditional and the rockin’ side very seamlessly, and if you were to blend a Hank Williams classic like “Ramblin’ Man” with the Marshall Tucker Band, you just might conjure up the recipe for the alluring “Dance With The Gypsies.”

All in all, a very fun listen. I don’t know which direction they take this in, but to say they have a lot of options is the understatement of the year!



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