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Wyatt Easterling - Goodbye Hello

Some things are worth waiting for. In the case of Wyatt Easterling, those words are more than prophetic. It's been four years since the North Carolina native has last released an album. A successful songwriter and executive inside of Music City, his own musical talent ceased to be a secret with the release of 2010's Where The River Goes. On this, his follow up, he makes an even deeper musical statement. There is not one...

Levi Lowrey - Self-Titled

“It’s kind of stupid to be so confessional in my songwriting, to be honest, but it works,” says Americana artist Levi Lowrey, commenting on the autobiographical frankness of his new batch of tunes on his sophomore Southern Ground Artists label self-titled release. This Georgia native has a hand in penning fourteen of the fifteen tracks, and after crafting his debut album and several Zac Brown Band cuts, which earned him a CMA nomination and a Number 1...

Tiny Ruins - Haunts

Hollie Fullbrook has a really sweet voice. I wish I had something clever or informed to say about it – I honestly couldn’t intelligently form any opinion on who or what her voice sounds like. It reminds me of old records my parents never played me because I was born in the 1990′s. Is it Blues? Is it R&B? Is it Jazz? What is singing? All I can say is that the vox on Haunts might be the most disarming, siren-like sound you’ll hear today, perhaps even all week. If you’re a...

Andrea Desmond – Open Spaces

Local vocalist Andrea Desmond just released their latest work entitled Open Spaces (Spectra Records) in 2013. Her Songs of Freedom Competition. She was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Artist in Music Awards, for which she also performed at the Nomination Ceremony / Red Carpet Event in Hollywood. Now with her powerful backing band, the White Lights, they made it to the finals of the Seattle Jammin' Challenge...

Jenna Torres - A Woman's Touch

Hailing from the Big Apple, you might not exactly have Jenna Torres that high atop a list of potential Country Music singers, but that's the magic that sometimes comes from a place that you're not expecting. Torres definitely delivers on her latest release, serving notice to the musical world that she is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it be a power ballad or a up-tempo rocker, Torres succeeds quite often on A Woman's...

Waza – Love Is A Battlefield

This morning I heard (for the first time) the sounds of Waza, a Sydney based producer. His mixtape, Love Is A Battlefield, is a narrative told in 7 acts, all of which track the glittery, starry-eyed, silver screen’s accounts of that lovin’ feeling. Full of romance and 1950s nostalgia, undercut with such a slick contrasting injection of tight hip hop rhythms, the mixtape uses samples from Moon River by Audrey Hepburn (Act 3), Drive covered by Julie Anthony (Act 5), and one of my...

Celtic Rock, Britpop and Post-Rock Celebrated On New Discs

Celtic rockers The Young Dubliners gear up for St. Patrick's Day with a fantastic new LP, while England's The Feeling returns to full force courtesy of "Boy Cried Wolf." Rounding out a winning trio of new releases is Solander, a Sweden-based group that mines a soundscape as magical as fellow far north troupes Sigur Rós and Of Monsters and Men. Artist: The Young Dubliners. Title: Nine (Young Dubliners). You might like if you enjoy: The Alarm, the Fenians, the Pogues...

Cathy Hung - Watercolors

I recently checked out the latest CD from pianist Cathy Hung entitled Watercolors. Hung comes to us from New Jersey. The band: No musical accompaniment or band - just Hung on piano. I would say Hung clearly possesses above average to advanced piano paying abilities. She’s classically trained but I can hear Jazz and Blues holding back a bit – I could be wrong. This album comprises of 15 piano original composition music. It is a musical journal traveling...
Robert Kinsler & TJR

Music Worth Buying: Temples and Paul Rodgers

Orange County Register (CA) music critic Robert Kinsler and his co-host, TJR review new CDs. On the newly-posted episode of Music Worth Buying, we review the British rock band Temples'Sun Structures and singer-songwriter Paul Rodgers' The Royal Sessions.

D.D. Dumbo - Tropical Oceans

Arising out of practically nowhere and sending Australian music bloggers into a frenzy, is D.D Dumbo. This unique name is given to an even more unique man, Oliver Hugh Perry. Originating from Castlemaine, Victoria, Perry’s music is a combination of experimental blues and folk rhythms. He has been labeled as Castlemaine’s next big thang and he’s definitely one to look out for! Being a part of the Australian music scene for over a year,,,

The Grease Arrestor – What Was, Is

I’ve taken my sweet ass time in getting around to reviewing the debut full length release from Sydney’s premier jam band/acid cult The Grease Arrestor because every time I chuck their record on, I get lost in it. What Was, Is. might only be eight tracks long, but the heady cocktail of droning rhythm, rock and roll riffs and jangle jams on this record are more than enough to knock the strongest DiG! scene fan right outta their campchair – or at least make them forget...

Breaking Southwest - Take a Moment

Dallas, Texas 3 member country band Breaking Southwest just released their latest 8 song EP effort entitled “Take a Moment”. Their catchy sound is rooted primarily in Country and Rock and colored by their own powerful observations about the good things in life. I can even hear Country, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, folk and soul. If you can spout off these genre, one of these 3 members has probably played it. The roots are planted deep in country music...

Moody Bluegrass: A Nashville Tribute To The Moody Blues Reviewed in Country Standard Time

Once a band has been around for about 50 years, they invite, and often celebrate, experimentation with their legacy. Old wine in new skins has been found to charm the masses enough to enjoy the old songs one more time around. When The Moody Blues played with a full orchestra in the 1990s, it was something of a musical event. The lush singing and trippy lyrics meshed perfectly with a band of dozens of layers/players. But could it work...

Soop – Buffalo Buffalo

Soop is the bambino being pushed out by three friends. After bouncing tunes off each other in their apartment for a number of years, this Melbourne based trio just released their debut 5 track EP, Buffalo Buffalo. Now, if you’re going to be putting sounds into drawers, then their music can be placed into one that holds experimental genres covering mash-ups of progressive pop and psych-pop. Ostrich of War is a funkalicious track which leans towards a more alternative...

David G. Smith - One House

David G. Smith (he obviously uses this name because there are a million Dave Smiths out there) is a singer/writer/picker who splits his time between the Mississippi Valley area of Eastern Iowa and Nashville, where he has gained the attention of many accomplished artists who play on his new CD, One House. Some of these friends include the likes of Americana legend Mary Gauthier, harmonica monster Jellyroll Johnson, and former India Arie...