CD Reviews


Hailer – El Cosmico

Whether intentional or not, El Cosmico is a statement on the vagueness of modern music, unavoidably oversaturated by past influences to create something never seen as living up to the ‘original’ – a social construct in and of itself. Also it sounds good. It’s cool when we get sent things. Like physical things – CD’s, tapes, vinyls, cases of beer, t-shirts, boxes of live bees – it makes us feel like what we do in internetland has some connection with the corporeal world. This week, we...

The Love Junkies – Flight Test

The Flight Test EP might just prove that Perth grunge rockers The Love Junkies aren’t just a one trick grunge pony. The Love Junkies have been following a pretty solid formula in making cool tunes. Play musics, sing words, then at a time previously agreed upon with fellow music making fellows, step on whatever pedals you have, bash your skins and strings like there’s no tomorrow and scream your freakin guts out. Like we said, it’s a tried and tested method but a whole album...

Gypsy Lumberjacks - Pulling Upon the Strap

Gypsy Lumberjacks are a Minneapolis based Americana band with a sound consisting of a mix of World Beat, Flamenco, Caribbean, Gypsy Jazz and Bluegrass. With such a range of influences, there is something for everyone to latch on to in the music. Known for never performing with a set list, Gypsy Lumberjacks prefer to rely on each other’s leads and changes. This isn’t to say that the songs fall into a set pattern. Who doesn’t like Folk Rock? I’d all hands go up in the air. This...

White Caves – Dig

Surprisingly deep, wall of noise stuff from White Caves, the dreamy solo project of Kisschasy frontman – we hope Dig is a suave taste of things to come for the artist. During a battle with insomnia in the winter of 2012, Darren Cordeux gave birth to a dream pop wonder child known as White Caves. Cordeux, who you may recognise as the front man for Kisschasy, spent months in his Melbourne home toying with his guitar, effects pedals, and tape machine, while fuelled on caffeine and...

Whiskey Myers - Early Morning Shakes

I will start off this review by saying that I don't know if I have ever heard a song that lives up to its' title any more than the title cut of the latest disc from Whiskey Myers. As busy as it is musically, "Early Morning Shakes" definitely sounds like one might expect to feel in the early morning after a night on the town. That's not a knock on the track - as much as it says this band knows exactly what they are talking about. They can also...

Gregg Allman Tribute and More Rocking The Shelves

New releases are rocking the store shelves and download links, including All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs and Voice of Gregg Allman, The Both, Johnnyswim and Deep Purple. Various artists: The Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks, Jackson Browne, Keb' Mo' and more. Title: All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman (Rounder). You might like if you enjoy: Gregg Allman, Zac Brown Band, any of the artists on the collection. Tell me...

Deborah Bonham - Spirit

I recently checked out the latest CD from English based Female singer Deborah Bonham the sister of late drummer John Bohham (Led Zeppelin) entitled Spirit (SPECTRA RECORDS). I would say this band as a whole possesses advanced to elite playing skills. Bonham herself commands an advanced to elite singing and songwriting ability. You will find a musical personality that is hooky yet bluesy and quite simply - takes no prisoners. Timing is spot on within all 12 musical...

John Fullbright - Songs

Oklahoma-bred John Fulbright has made quite the name for himself since 2012's Grammy-nominated From The Ground Up. He has a direct and simple way of getting right through to the heart of the emotional matter. For his follow-up, he (thankfully) doesn't change a thing. Kicking off with the well-written and witty "Happy," Fullbright mines quite a collection here. I personally love the breezy feel of the opening cut, complete...

The Loomis Fargo Gang - The Prettiest Shade of Blue

“We try our best to be unique. We just want to be ourselves and make music we like and are proud of,” says Winky Nash, member of The Loomis Fargo Gang, in a soundparlor interview last summer. This Norfolk, Virginia-based indie folk rock band has released “The Prettiest Shade Of Blue” – their sophomore collection of eight tracks, all written and produced by these five musicians. Kooky, quirky and carefree, their overall sound is like winter’s cold finally being left behind them, and all...

The Evening Cast – Questions

The image fronting The Evening Cast’s 2013 Lake EP shows two slender white arms reaching upward from the dark surface of, presumably, said lake. It’s unclear as to what’s going on here. Below the surface things are blurry, and those arms could either be celebrating life or fighting for it, either raising the proverbial roof or clinging panic-stricken to the rafters. This is The Evening Cast, and this is their debut release: a seven-track recording of beats with glowing surfaces and...

East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Seven Drummers

Despondent, familiar and wholly unique, if you only manage to listen to one Australian album this year, make it East Brunswick All Girls Choir‘s debut. We’ve been kicking up a bit of a fuss about this little band. Why? They confuse us. What are they? Who are they trying to be? Why do I get the feeling that they’re not trying at all? In a climate where everyone in Australia wants to sounds like someone else, it’s almost disarming to find a band that sounds as unique as EBAGC.

Randy Rogers Band - Homemade Tamales

For well over a decade, the Randy Rogers Band have provided some of the finest moments in and outside of the Texas Music sub-genre with songs like "Tonight's Not The Night For Goodbye," "Fuzzy," ""Kiss Me In The Dark," and "Trouble Knows My Name." The band documents moments like those with this new comprehensive collection that features 2 CD'S and a DVD of all the excitement that is a RRB show. For their...

The Great Socio – Find the Time

Electro Rock Band “The Great Socio” is a new sound to me called "Astro Rock. This latest EP called “Find the Time” captures the energy and foundations of this new sound. This new style of music has hooky vocals, thumpy beats, crunchy guitar, and heavy bass lines, that will make you dance, sing, and beg for more. What’s more these lads have been compared to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors and Rage Against the Machine.

Chuck Mead - Free State Serenade

Going back to his days as a member of BR-549, I would dare say that Chuck Mead can count the number of negative reviews he has had on one hand. He simply hasn't had many, due to his high artistic integrity that shines through on each and every project that his name has ever been associated with. And, don't look for me to add to that short list. This is an intoxicating project - filled with traditional Country sounds, rockabilly...

Glass Animals – Gooey

Gooey; not a term usually or easily personified by a song. However, upon first hearing the latest single from Glass Animals, the title feels instantly apt. The slinking, seductive tune forms the foundation for their latest EP of the same name, which will have you stuck on its rich textures, salacious vocals and quirky innuendo. The Oxfordshire-based Glass Animals broke in 2012 with their debut EP Leaflings, first establishing their brand of lofty, eclectic, soulful, psychedelic synth-pop