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Silver Hills – Plasticine Daydream

Daydreams, they’re truly a wonderful thing. Many a Year 9 maths class I’d spend my time day-dreaming about a girl I’d met at a party the weekend before instead of learning what Pythagorus’ Theorem was. Daydreams are a way to escape the everyday and conventional, if only for a moment. But those moments can be ever so sweet. That’s what Perth...

High Highs – Ocean To City

If you’re a fan of getting lost in acoustic-laden melodies of thick and mesmerising dream pop that rolls over the hills like soft pillowy clouds, take a listen to High Highs. The indie-pop duo from Sydney are Jack Milas (vocalist) and Oli Chang (electronics). The High Highs make gently sweeping, airy indie pop that will make you float higher and...

Roland Tings – Who U Love

Smooth, flowing, and full of enough crackle and fizz in his sound to completely immerse you , Roland Tingscreates music that is nothing short of addictive. Melbourne producer and active electronic artist Roland Tings is one best described as club ready; if humans could be air dropped into a nightclub on command, it should be this human… more like a god.

The Peep Tempel – Tales

With increasing levels of gentrification in areas of Melbourne that my mum still thinks are inhabited by bikies and crack heads, I often wonder if there is anything that was lost when these suburbs were “improved”. An indescribably pleasant grit, an imperfect charm that only occurred between two people before the advent of ...

Bilby – Funderstorm

Hailing from the northern beaches, this Sydney based singer-songwriter gives a new meaning to the word prolific. In 18 short months, this artist has released a full length album, four splits and now a third solo EP, all from the comfort of his bedroom. With more songs than gigs under his belt, his latest release Funderstorm delivers...

Remi – Raw X Infinity

Upon first listening to Remi, you’ll be surprised to hear something wildly different to the harsh, strenuous nasality that you’d usually expect from an Aussie rapper. But the Melbourne-based lyricist is certainly no 360. With his effortless flow, smooth delivery and lyrical ingenuity, Remi is redefining Aussie hip-hop with a flair and originality ...
12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Andras and Oscar – Cafe Romantica

Andras and Oscar is the electronic collaborative project between two household names in electronic music, Oscar Key Sung and Andras Fox. Well, perhaps not household names as such, but definitely two artists that are making their mark on Melbourne’s chic little community of beatsmiths. Their project has spawned a mini album, a Boiler Room...

Genre Heroes Reach High Once More 

Reissues, retrospectives and much-anticipated returns have taken center stage courtesy of a parade of recent and upcoming releases. queen-foreverArtist: Queen. Title: Forever (Hollywood Records) You might like if you enjoy: Queen, Freddie Mercury, Brian May. Tell me more: Anytime fans of Queen get to hear new recordings from the legendary...

Milo – A Toothpaste Suburb

A few months ago I wrote piece on an emerging rapper from Chicago known in the hip-hop community as Milo, and at the time I lamented that I didn’t get to write about him more. Thankfully for everyone everywhere Milo has dropped his new album A Toothpaste Suburb, and man oh man, this guy has definitely stepped up his game to deliver...

James Carothers - Honky Tonk Land

In an era when country music is often compared to bad pop, there are still a few practitioners of the music out there who are true to its roots. One of these is James Carothers, an up-and-comer out of the Desert Southwest whose gutbucket baritone and old-style country sensibilities revolve around emotion and real-life situations, as opposed...

Yes I’m Leaving – Slow Release

Four LPs in four years is no mean feat. Some of the best long standing Australian bands still don’t have that many albums, and yet Sydney siders, Yes I’m Leaving , have just realised their fourth LP since 2010. One could easily go down the path of cynicism in a case like this, sighting uncertainty and desperation as the motivator for churning....

Mecca Normal – Empathy for the Evil

Mecca Normal is anything but ‘normal’. Their music is riddled with political themes, feminist sensitivities and washed out vocals that scream acid-rock. The Canadian duo, originally from Vancouver formed in the early 80s and since then, have represented those who hunger for social change. Minimalistic and raw, they blend art and music into one...

Death Has No Dominion – Death Has No Dominion

I’m gingerly sitting in my wooden hotel chair in Mendoza, Argentina. I think I’ve consumed a small calf in my time here, not to mention copious amounts of red wine and cheese. I don’t even like wine, I just feel I should indulge in the local goods, much like my Pad Thai binging in Newtown. Alas, the pleasures of my holiday have taken a toll...

Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

I staved off Radiohead for years, and I’m such a fool for it. It’s because I didn’t want to associate with those fair-weather kids at school who generally liked crap music (like Blink 182 or Thirsty Merc or that Metallica album with ‘Enter Sandman’ on it); these kids happened to go on about Radiohead, too. I’d point to Radiohead’s refusal...

Artists Celebrate Country's Groundbreaking Streak on Eclectic Mix of New Releases

Ray Price, Ronnie Fauss, Colt Ford, and Dennis Roger Reed mine country music's rich past to hit new sonic pay dirt on latest releases. Artist: Ray Price. Title: A New Place to Begin (Varese Vintage). You might like if you enjoy: Hank Williams, Roger Miller, George Jones. Tell me more: When Ray Price passed away in December...
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