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Miami Horror - All Possible Futures

As Australia begins its steady descent into winter, it’s heartening to remember there will be warmth and sunshine awaiting us at the end. In the meantime, Miami Horror have taken the reins with their new album delivering 15 songs of easy, breezy sunshiney vibes. Despite All Possible Futures being a break up album...

Shantell Ogden - Ghosts in the Field

“I actually get high off of writing songs…can I say that?” asks Shantell Ogden, looking straight in the camera lens, tilting her head and wincing a little -- an endearing, off-the-cuff moment captured in her website’s brief video bio. It’s a moment as honest as her song lyrics, as real as the vocals on her fourth album, “Ghosts in the Field.” Five of the seven songs here are co-written...

Totally Mild - Down Time

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to find some toasty tunes to keep you warm at night. Lucky for you, Melbourne four-piece Totally Mild have just released the perfect tracks for your lonely winter down time. Elizabeth Mitchell’s solo project turned four-piece have a cool new look to go with their warm new sound. Adding Full Ugly and The Great Outdoors’...

John & Judy Rodman - Here We Are

What’s left for a couple to pursue when the husband has had a long, colorful career as an in-demand drummer on tour and in the studio, and his wife has written #1 hit songs for others, has had her own #1 as an artist, and has been the recipient of the prestigious ACM Award for Top New Female Vocalist (not to mention wearing producer and vocal coach...

Top-Notch Returns Highlight Crop of New Releases

Stellar returns from Blur, Otis Taylor, and Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy, as well as several outstanding reissues from Queen drummer Roger Taylor provide fuel for discerning listeners. Artist: Blur. Title: The Magic Whip (Warner Bros./Parlophone). You might like if you enjoy: Blur, Damon Albarn, The Kinks. Tell me more: Blur's highly-anticipated full-length ...

Clint Bradley - Riding After Midnight

Clint A Bradley is an acoustic guitarist, singer-songwriter from the UK with his boots firmly rooted in the plains and hills of American country music. He could as easily be in Tennessee as the South of England. Riding After Midnight is an eleven-track album of mostly self-penned country music with howling honky tonk and heartache waiting round every...

GRRL PAL - Paradise

Last week the Happy offices received a package, the kind of package that you’d wait by the mailbox for, knowing that your best friend has made especially for you. Including stickers, a polaroid, a handwritten note (in colourful gel pens) and their latest EP Paradise, Perth duo GRRL PAL know how to make a blog feel spec! We wouldn’t...

John Cowan - Sixty

Bassman Cowan hits three score years and celebrates with this fine release from Compass Records. Jam packed with Nashville slick and Cowan's crystal, soaring vocals, the guy who virtually singlehandedly reinvented and reinvigorated Bluegrass with New Grass Revival in the early 1970s, is joined by most of his revered Nashville buddies here: Rodney...

Waxahatchee - Tripp

When you first encounter a record that sounds like it’s from a certain era you’re confronted with a horrible problem. Your first reaction is to compare the record to other records from that time which is pretty much a death sentence because if you’re talking about records from 20 years ago you’re only going to remember the ones that have lasted ...

Darrell & Dawn Ritchie - Backroads

When I met Darrell & Dawn Ritchie for the first time, I already knew their hearts were in the right place: focused on Christ. The husband and wife duo travel the country, sharing their musical ministry with churches and others who are in need of their services. They came to the Acworth Christian Church, where I'm a member, and performed for the congregation.

Chasm - Lose My Mind

Bedroom mixer turned brazen beatmaker, Sydney producer Chasm aka Chris Hamer-Smith is boldly going where no man has gone before. Fusing hip-hop with just about anything, his stockpile of funky beats, soulful samples and reggae artist collabs sees him push the boundaries album after album. Somewhere around the dawn...

Speedy Ortiz - Foil Deer

While remaining true to their scrappy underground roots, indie rock four pieceSpeedy Ortiz deliver a more polished and sophisticated sound with sophomore LPFoil Deer. Hailing from Northampton Massachusetts, the band was initially a solo project of frontwoman Sadie Dupuis who pulled...

Malcolm Holcomb - The RCA Sessions

With Holcombe you can always expect the unexpected. A true original, a singer-songwriter with a flair for the unconventional, searing, raw emotion and lyrics and a voice that could stop a bull-elephant in its tracks. With The RCA Sessions, he again pushes the boundaries, a man with an edge in his fretwork, voice and music at all times.

Paul Brady - The Vicar St Sessions Vol. 1

Paul Brady is one of those guys, a man always guaranteeing quality in most everything he does or has done for the past 40 years or so. More than just another singer-songwriter, he's a revered Irish institution with an astonishing knack, an ability to put together cracking support bands, great albums and top dollar live performances.

Jan Vytasek - Lost and Found

It was with some trepidation I opened this for cd review. The artist' credentials state him as an artist most recognized in Prague in the Czech Republic. But I sat at my task with as open mind as I could muster, and believe it or not I am really glad I picked it. Mr. Vytasek certainly surprises with his vocals. There is no country twang, yet he is...
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