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Dorsal Fins - Mind Renovation

I had no idea who Dorsal Fins were, but the first time I listened to them I was hooked like a Magikarp on a super rod. This special time, when I first heard this band, was when I was just cruising around in my car. Mind Renovation, the title track of their new release, doof-doofed out of my speakers and started making me bop my head so much it was as if I’d installed...

Lëura - Creature of Sight

I’ve heard my share of sad music before, but when an album is tagged as ‘heartbreak’ on Soundcloud you know you’re in for a doozy. Such is the case for Creature of Sight, the debut album from Sydney’s Lëura. Only eight tracks long but Creature of Sight feels like it has been stretched out to an eternity. The melancholy is infectious, the vocals are...

Alison Wonderland - Run

There’s not too much that can make my 45 minute drive to uni enjoyable. I generally loathe the experience. But this Monday was a little different as I pumped tracks off Alison Wonderland’s new album Run. The deep beats definitely woke me up and the pounding bass took some of my focus and boredom away from the uninteresting kilometres of empty...

Contrast - Sidewalk / Construction

Look down at your feet. If you’re not wearing boots, put some on because Melbourne four-piece Contrast have just dropped their foggy shoe-gaze 7” Sidewalk/Construction, released through Moontown Records – a label renowned for focusing on the weird, wonderful music that comes out of Australia and then releasing it on vinyl and cassette. The band...

Nantes - Limbo

Blending cold post-punk and alternative rock Sydney four piece Nantes deliver their best material to date on their new mini album Limbo. Comprised primarily of core members David Rogers (bass/vocals) and Josiah Eastwood (keys/ guitar/vocals) Nantes begun after a few bedroom recordings sessions amongst friends drew some attention of triple J Unearthed listeners. Things quickly...

Gang Of Youths - The Positions

Since 2012, Sydney’s Gang Of Youths have been a somewhat elusive figure in the Australian music scene, slowly circling and stalking, ducking out of view and creeping back in, waiting for just the right time to unleash all they’ve got upon us. And that time is now. Although they have a relatively short career behind...

Sarah Mary Chadwick - 9 Classic Tracks

There’s something incredibly heart-wrenching about a person sitting in front of an organ baring their soul through music, and this is exactly the image conjured up by Melbourne’s Sarah Mary Chadwick: a lone woman, sitting at a Hammond in a dark room, trying to excavate something deep and not entirely meant for us. It’s a brutally beautiful image, reserved ...

Club K - Let M Shake

Let M Shake is the third release from Swedish band Club K, and their first with Malmo-based record label Small Bear Records. Starting out as a Frank Zappa-inspired high school project between Anton Linderoth and Samuel Johansson in the small town of Kristianstad, Club K emerged onto the Swedish music scene in 2011 as a seven-piece jazz funk...

Black Yaya - Self-Titled

Carefully crafted and ripe with promise, Black Yaya’s self-titled debut album is a warm throwback of a record, one that handily evokes a laid-back pop-rock past while instilling a keen anticipation for the artist’s future output. While there may be occasional moments of flatness or timidity, particularly towards the record’s latter half, the tunes nevertheless hum

Seminal Artists Shine on New Releases

Daryl Hall and John Oates, Shania Twain, Ron Sexsmith and Anne McCue showcase their groundbreaking and influential artistry on new releases. Artist: Daryl Hall and John Oates. Title: Live in Dublin (Eagle Rock Entertainment). You might like if you enjoy: John Oates, Daryl...

Laurence Jones - What's It Gonna Be

The latest, third, release from young, hot-shot British rock-bluesman, Laurence Jones is a true cracker. A wonderful album of searing guitar work coupled with some deft lyrics that have a stamp of confidence and maturity about them that simply belie his relatively tender years and must speak volumes of what might yet lie tantalisingly in store for the years ahead.

Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I just Sit

The rise of Courtney Barnett is something that I’ve been keeping a close eye on. Call it a secret pleasure of mine. Not only because of the obscene amount of unique talent that she showed on her first releases, although that in itself was noteworthy, but more for how easily she was accepted and embraced by the international music community. She had achieved so...

Jim Lawrie - Eons

Jim Lawrie, former drummer of indie band Eagle and the Worm, is an artist I’m adding to my list of musicians who I wish I’d heard of earlier. We’ve all had these moments: maybe it’s when your friends introduce you to Elliott Smith for the first time or when you somehow stumble on an underground band from the other side of the...

Brian Kramer - Full Circle

This CD, from US-born, Sweden-based bluesman, Brian Kramer is already one of my personal favourites of the year. With all the material written by Kramer, and an excellent cast of supporting musicians providing back-up, it hits the spot for me with its soulful guitar-work and laid-back ragtimey-blues feel. Since its arrival, I’ve been listening to...

Mickelson – Flickering

“This is the first time I wrote songs that were 100% personal and without any motivation but to make the most expressive record that I could with whomever I wanted and however I envisioned it. This is my first honest record,” says San Francisco Americana music artist Mickelson, referring to his debut solo effort “Flickering.” As longtime frontman and songwriter...
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