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Au.Ra - Jane's Lament

Usually when people describe music as ‘transporting them to another place’ it’s because the song evokes some kind of memory or feeling for them about another time. Whilst it’s impossible for a piece of music to literally take you somewhere else, it’s extremely common to experience these flashbacks, nostalgia and made up scenarios in your head, or to revel in...

Tropics - Rapture

Tropics‘ latest release Rapture (which out now via Innovative Leisure) is a bleak yet beautifully crafted breakup album, full of hushed vocals and gentle synths. This sophomore effort from British based producer Chris Ward takes you on a melancholic journey through lost love. Utilizing sexy spaced out beats and R&B like vocals Ward has taken his ...

Doug MacLeod - Exactly Like This

MacLeod may have a Scottish Islanders name but he's actually American. Long resident in West Coast USA, Dubbs, as he's affectionately known, is easily one of the most accomplished and admired acoustic bluesmen of his generation with countless international awards to his name. 'Exactly Like This' is his latest release, an eleven...

Mariella Tirotta & The Blues Federation - Live in Concert

This is the third release from Tirotto, an Italian singer-songwriter and long time resident of the Netherlands, where this album was recorded live before an enthusiastic audience towards the close of 2014. Although her backing band appears to suggest a blues outfit, in reality this album has as much rock ...

WorshipMob - Carry the Fire

What happens when there’s no agenda, no ego, no limits and no expectations? When a disparate bunch of burned-out singers and musicians whose souls are sucked bone-dry by week-in, week-out service simply show up for no other reason but to see what God has up His sleeve?

Waxhead - Home

You know how some people are super cool without even trying? Well Waxhead are the latest chums who are blessed with this gift. Their music is just really cool. Like, really cool. Describing themselves as a “band of long-haired surfer-musician tribesmen impregnating people’s souls with their cosmic vibes”, which seems pretty spot on, Waxhead have produced some pretty soulful and gritty sounds...

Wide-Ranging Releases Celebrate a Variety of Genres

Rhiannon Giddens, Kelly Clarkson, the Lone Bellow and Mark Ronson have all released winning new albums sure to please fans of their respective genres. Rhiannon Giddens Titles: Tomorrow Is My Turn (Nonesuch). You might like if you enjoy: Carolina Chocalate Drops, Johnnyswim, Rosanne Cash. Tell me more: Few singers...

Silver Statues - Self-Titled

Sydney rock trio Silver Statues take stripped back no-nonsense rock revival to an unprecedented extreme with their self-titled EP. Formed by songwriter and vocalist Pete Rowe alongside Alasdair Belling (drums) and Brendan Fallon (bass) in 2013 the band have spent two years following the release of their initial demos gigging Sydneyside to hone...

Winterplan - Fight / Flight

Icy. Icy. I can’t possible overstate it – this stuff is cold. I’m not sure how they did it, but Melbourne four-piece Winterplan has by some strange and potent voodoo managed to craft a series of electro-dance tunes wherein nearly all human warmth and feeling has been removed with surgical precision. But hold fast before your nose turns skyward – I mean this as a compliment.

No Refund Band - Current State of Blue

The Texas-based No Refund Band is back with its second album, Current State of Blue, which is about two-thirds originals, mostly written by lead singer and lead guitarist Ricky Jackson, as well as some guitar-based covers from the classic rock era. What makes this band stand out from so many other guitar-based, sometimes-dinosaurish blues bands is the addition of horns, and the fact that they...

Furrs - More Furrs

Brisbane five-piece Furrs return to serve up bluesy psych pop on their second EP More Furrs. Spun out of a songwriting partnership between Gabriella Cohen and Jim Griffin, the band released debut their self-titled EP in 2013. In 2014 the band drew a lot of attention featuring on Triple J and FBI radio as well as running in second as Triple J Unearthed’s best...

Amy McCarley - Jet Engines

“Pretty much everything you hear on the record is live. [Recording] was magical. We just went in there and went for it,” says alt-country artist Amy McCarley in an interview with The Huntsville Times, discussing the making of her sophomore album “Jet Engines.” “We” refers to the cast of solid musicians led by the producer ...

Pearls - Pretend You’re Mine

Despite the delicate kittens-and-bubblegum aesthetic that Melbourne three-piece Pearls portray, their debut LP is nine tracks of brooding swagger, dream-like soundscapes and disco-ball melodies. Since signing to Dot Dash/Remote Control late last year, Pretend You’re Mine will be the first release from the band since their 2012 self-titled...

Jon Brooks - The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside

“I’ve already done four albums that inspire: it’s now time to offend,” says Canadian singer/songwriter Jon Brooks about his latest project -- “The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside.” Produced and recorded live in the studio by David Travers-Smith, this Borealis Records release is a 10-track acoustic collection of mostly violent, rural crime stories. The long tradition of the ...

Twerps - Range Anxiety

Twerps is one of those artists that create music so genuine and relatable that each song seems to translate perfectly across a wide range of people. Range Anxiety, the band’s second full length release, is a collection of real songs for real people with no commercial bullshit. They document experiences in such a natural way, it’s almost impossible to not have a connection to their music.
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