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Sans - Adolescence

Like me, if you’re seriously over these cold and grey winter days and on the hunt for some sunshine then luckily Melbourne indie pop rockers Sans have come to the rescue. Back with their sophomore EP Adolescence, the four-piece have set off a volcano of fast and loud synthy jams exploding with all the sunshine you need to shake off those winter blues.

Angharad Drake - Water

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Angharad Drake. The young Brisbane folk singer released her last EP Swing about a year ago. It was a contemplative body of work; gentle, tender and rich with melodies of heartbreak. For those who are familiar with Drake’s work there is a humility to her which is quite...

High Tension - Bully

It takes a truly special breed of sound to send tingles down the spine and drive one’s consciousness into the ground. Such a band only comes around every blue moon, so for those looking to indulge in some sweet, sweet ear candy prepare yourselves for an unearthly experience which is armed with enough brutality to make brute deodorant seem...

J. Carl Smith - The J. Carl Smith Project II

What girl wouldn’t love getting a humbling mea culpa like this: “So if I’ve lost my mind, forgive me/And if I’ve wasted your time, forgive me/If I’ve bruised your pride, forgive me/That just wasn’t my intention.” Nice guy J. Carl Smith sings just that in the chorus of “Forgive Me,” opening track of his latest EP, “The J. Carl Smith Project II.” This six-pack written by the artist is recorded in Nashville...

Authentic Americana & Roots Highlight This Week's Reviews

Lovers of authentic Americana and roots music, funk, pop, Southern rock and dance music, as well the late Grammy- and Academy Award-winning composer James Horner all have reason to celebrate thanks to an outstanding crop of highly-recommended 2015 releases available now.

Art of Sleeping - Shake Shiver

A heroine is the woman of the hour*, someone with great courage, strong morals and positivity that radiates. However this isn’t necessarily the case in Art of Sleeping’s upcoming release. She’s described as a lover, a saviour, a friend, but also a heartbreaker, a puzzle and even a witch doctor. She pulls you up to the highest highs before plunging...

July Offers an Eclectic Celebration of Rock

From the ’50s rock ‘n’ roll-minded cult classic flick “Daddy-O” featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and a stunning look back at The Rolling Stones to the final release from power-pop champions The Knack and an ambitious look at the Continental Drifters, July has racked up an eclectic wealth of sonic riches. Artist: The Rolling Stones...

Ouch My Face! - Bunyip

I said it before and I’ll say it again, there are some great musicians who have never had a lesson in their life. They just picked up an instrument and thought “I’ll give this a crack”. Others like The Cat Empire, Art vs Science and Jasia have had years of musical study, allowing them to excrete mountains of beautiful and original work on command.

Helen Shanahan - Finding Gold

There are some of us that unfortunately don’t have a musical bone in our bodies. When we sing it is enough to bring tears (not those of joy) to anyone in a close enough proximity to hear it, and don’t even think about letting us touch an instrument. There is a 98% chance it will be broken within five minutes. It is this lack of talent (it would be a sad world without...

HYLA - Fever Calls Late

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Perth know how to produce a damn fine rock band. It has to be something in the water, and the bread, and the beer, because each of these bands have a ridiculous knack for pumping out quality tunes drenched in the sweat of grunge and prog rock without feeling stale or contrived. This issomething HYLA have done well...

Flowermouth - Cassette Single

I like it when I have to learn new stuff. So thanks to four fellas from Perth, I now know what urethane is. Cheers guys! That’s because Urethane is exactly the name of one of the songs of Flowermouth’s brand new release, Cassette Single. Cassette Single also contains a cover of Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag, and I already knew about them because...

Robert Bidney - It's All About The Love

“Making this first album was a pure labor of love…Maybe, just maybe, my songs will make a difference,” writes Fort Lauderdale-area singer/songwriter Robert Bidney, in the liner notes of his debut CD, “It’s All About the Love.” Produced by Fernando Perdomo and recorded in Southern California, this collection of original songs, of which Bidney has a hand in penning all nine, reveals an...

Anthonie Tonnon - Successor

There’s something absolutely sweet when listening to Successor, the debut album from Anthonie Tonnon. His easy going vocals, the twangy guitars, the peppering of pop sensibilities. All very endearing elements to the listener. It’s one of those albums that feels like stories from your home town told by a stranger that knows too much. Think of this album as the...

Grenadiers - Summer

We need to change our national slogan (if we don’t have one already) to “Fuck it’s fucking cold“, because you can’t start a conversation or scroll through your social media feed without coming into contact with the phrase. We’re sun worshippers, always have been and always will be. These chilly mists just don’t agree with our beach going, barbecuing...

Hank Woji - The Working Life

A 13-track album of impassioned acoustic Americana from a Texas-based East Coaster, this marks the third release from a guy with a clear empathy for the troubles and struggles of the working man. The dedication in the cover with thanks to the late Pete Seeger gives more than a hint of this guys thinking in general. Backed by his big 12-string acoustic guitar...
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