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Robert Kinsler's Music DVD Gift Guide - Part 2

Whether you are looking for that last minute gift for a favorite music fan or simply thinking ahead to how you plan to spend your gift cards, there are a number of new titles now available on DVD and Blu-ray that will satisfy a variety of tastes. Artist: The Who. Title: Live in Hyde Park (Eagle Rock Entertainment). You might like if you enjoy: The Who...

Cloves - XIII

It is not hard to mistake the mature voice behind Melbourne-via-London’s newest singer as being older than her age of 19 years. Hauntingly soothing, the songstress croons bittersweet tales of complicated young love in a way that is beyond her years. Truly spoken from the heart, Cloves’ blues-drenched vocals are the main event in her debut EP of soft, melancholy stories.

Jaala - Hard Hold

After being dubbed one of 2015’s best new music finds, the Melbourne four-piece Jaala continue to show us why on their debut album Hard Hold. A roller coaster ride of sonic and emotional dips, dives and discoveries, their experimental bedroom punk will have a [hard] hold on you from the get-go! Recorded over one week with Paul Bender from Hiatus...

Peruvian Drums and Sexy Saxomaphones, Squarehead is a Dark Instrumental Tempest

To be completely honest instrumental music hasn’t always been a fancy of mine. Unless there are words for me to get wrong or phonetically sing to, there wasn’t enough appeal. Lately that opinion has changed thanks to a few Aussie bands likesleepmakeswaves and Majora. Sometimes lyrics can be a distraction, and the true magic of a tune lies in the instruments. And...

Pete Scobell – Walkin A Wire

Not many people just walk into Nashville and record an album good enough to deserve an immediate spot on the charts. Vocalist/guitarist Pete Scobell has done just that, though, with Walkin A Wire. Though he’s been playing music for his entire life, it wasn’t until he hooked up with Wynonna Judd and her husband Cactus Moser that Scobell found...

The Nuclear Family - Self-Titled

Green Day… probably the best band on the face of this earth. In fact Green Day are so influential they unquestionably had a direct impact on one of Australia’s best punk bands The Nuclear Family; not merely limited to borrowing their name from the much loved song The Nuclear Family, but also evidently influencing the band’s punk rock musical direction.

The Family Jordan - It Won’t Be Long

The desert is an alluring place. There is something that screams freedom when you think of dystopian desert landscapes with nothing but sand and sun and rock around you. It’s the source of some of America’s greatest musical exports, from Jim Morrison to Josh Homme – artists who have tapped into the druggy lifeblood that pumps through the desert to create...

Diverse Range of Artists Return with Potent Releases

Late 2015 has seen no shortage of new studio albums and must-have concert recordings out now. Artist: Walter Trout. Title: Battle Scars (Mascot Label Group). You might like if you enjoy: Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher. Tell me more: Acclaimed singer-songwriter-guitarist Walter Trout's amazing fight for survival that included a life-saving liver transplant in May 2014 ...

George A Paul's Holiday CD Roundup for 2015

If you’re hosting a Christmas party or just getting around to trimming the tree, here are some new releases to freshen up your seasonal soundtrack. Artist: The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Title: Rockin’ Rudolph (Surfdog). You might enjoy if you like: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Stray Cats. Tell me more: For his third studio Christmas album – and first...

Bruno Merz Soars on Set of Wings

Let’s face it, we’d all love to be able to fly. It would make holidays cheaper, we’d probably be healthier from flapping about all over the place, and every nation would probably hit its carbon emissions targets. But, perhaps not surprisingly, none of that mundane thought-process inspired Bruno Merz’s Set Of Wings. Cue the romance. “It’s about when I first met my future...

Robert Kinsler's Music DVD Gift Guide - Part 1

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to pick up some outstanding music-minded multi-format releases new in 2015. Here are some highly-recommend titles available on DVD and Blu-ray (and in some cases as a multi-format deluxe set). Artist: Rush. Title: R40 Live (Rounder). You might like if you enjoy: Rush. Tell me more: For fans of Rock and...

Playwrite - Cathedrals

The debut album is always a tough hill to get over. For Melbourne five-piece collective Playwrite the road traveled to reach their debut album Cathedrals was one walked with determination in the face of some big odds. With band members exiting the group and a dedication to strive for perfection rather than settling for average delayed the release of their debut full length...

Erica Sunshine Lee - Southern Amendment

Don’t let Erica Sunshine Lee’s seductive packaging fool you – her latest release, an EP called Southern Amendment, isn’t full of stereotypically “female country singer” charms and Lee isn’t a songwriting lightweight coasting on her sex appeal. Instead, it’s a bucket of bloody blues fistfight with few lulls and only country in the vaguest sense. There’s twang to spare and the songs are often ...

Sasha March - Don’t Go Falling

I recently found myself discussing Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess of the D’urbervilleswith a friend. If you haven’t read it it’s well worth your time, albeit a dark and harrowing time will ensue when you do give it a go. So wouldn’t you know it, I’ve found a near perfect companion to that novel in the form of Sasha March‘s debut album Don’t Go Falling; a story of loss, resentment and redemption.

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - Paper Mâché Dream Balloon

“Stuck in a daydream / under a moonbeam / head on my pillow at home,” chirps Stu Mackenzie in the opening seconds to the title track from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard‘s latest exposition Paper Mâché Dream Balloon. As flutes flutter around like birds and guitars pluck their way gently through a bed of acoustic instrumentation, it seems like no other ...
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