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Brian Pharaoh - Sorry

Half measures don’t work. The men and women who find success in the music industry as artists and entertainers reach that lofty peak through the sheer dint of obsession. Oklahoma native Brian Pharaoh wrote his first song, about fishing, when he was five years old and has maintained a passion for music throughout his life. He released a debut full length album in 2003 entitled Gettin’ My Feet...

Saint Henry - Silverback

A Silverback. While the urban definition is typically applied to a dude with a high ego that lifts weights, this insult holds a deeper meaning that derives from our ancient predecessors: Gorillas. For those who aren’t an expert with their primate species, a Silverback is “a mature male mountain gorilla, distinguished by an area of white or silvery hair across the back, and the dominant member...

Jesse Redwing - Crawlin’ Up The Walls

Returning to the original seed of rock and roll, stemming from the pure roots of the blues, Jesse Redwing and his crew (Nick Meredith on drums, and Brendan Clark on bass) have been nurturing the souls of many at packed-out gigs around town as of late. The Sydney-based trio of blues hustlers are creating some contagious grooves, with a soft rock and roll edge that fuses together...

Summer Flake - Hello Friends

It’s an unusual feeling to be both comforted and unsettled by a piece of music but somehow this is the feeling Summer Flake’s latest release exudes. Laden with rich compositions and the ambling voice of Stephanie Crase, Hello Friends presents us with a sound that’s just as delicately dream-like as it is raw and cutting.

Night Gaunts - Conversations with Creation

When nighttime comes around, the urge to party lurks in the shadows. You need a sound to fill the silence and get the party started. Auckland’s Night Gaunts is a 5-piece band of lads with Paul Jonassen on lead vocals and guitar, Hayden on bass and backing vocals, Simon Jonassen on drums and backing vocals, Jacob O’Brien on sax and backing vocals and John Faulding on guitar, keys and...

Musical Veterans and Indie Supergroup Excel Anew

Cheap Trick, Pet Shop Boys and Willie Nile have returned with exceptional albums, while indie rock supergroup East of Venus amazes via a sterling debut. Artist: Cheap Trick. Title: Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello (Big Machine Records). You might like if you enjoy: Big Star, Cheap Trick, The Move. Tell me more: Cheap Trick's highly-anticipated return is not limited to the band's induction into the...

Kendrick Lamar - Untitled, Unmastered

In a world of click bait, viral videos and an online mania that can die just as fast as it rises, Now we’re all over the shock of Kendrick Lamar’s surprise album, did it live up to musical expectations? new alum Untitled Unmastered was dropped into the scene with not one bit of pre-release hype. Kendrick Lamar shocked the world when he dropped Untitled, Unmastered with...

Toby Walker - Mileage

New Jersey-based Toby Walker started out on the road many moons ago under the moniker Little Toby Walker, a title he’s long outgrown. With this latest release, ‘Mileage’, he again shows just how astonishingly talented he is. Easily one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the blues and roots world, he simply grows stronger with every album.

RJ Comer – Nightly Suicide

RJ Comer’s gritty debut EP Nightly Suicide, combines his upbringing of campfire singing and with the power of Americana Rock, moving away from his flamboyant blues days as the lead singer of 7-piece band the Dance Hall Pimps. This LA city boy ‘with swamp water in his veins’, croons his way through addiction, failed relationships and redemption, in a search for salvation that is closely...

Good Boy - No Love For Back Home

A bunch of boys from Brissy called Good Boy have impressed many with a few singles they’ve released over the last two years. Transparency, Waste Days or Ease Your Temper and No Love Back Home are all killer tunes that have led the indie rock three-piece to some awesome opportunities, one of these being the Triple J Unearthed artist chosen to open the Brisbane leg of St Jerome’s...

The Gypsy Scholars - Daydream Author

Known for the exuberant life of their melodies and the vibrant sincerity in their colloquial storytelling, The Gypsy Scholars are back with a new single, Daydream Author. Far from the piratey whimsy and heart-tugging Looking Glass, we have a song that throws the band straight, along the lines of Creedence Clearwater Revival, interspersed with a 60s tinged bridge that keeps the song...

Loose Tooth - Saturn Returns

Any band that sees fit to have five breeds of man’s best friend front and centre on their new ‘me oh, my Sally-Mae that’s right darling’ press release pic deserves your vote or at least 82% of your heart strings. After getting past the blitz of canine feels that’ll dredge up all the mems from Homeward Bound, having you paw around for the closest bundle of fur to cuddle and reassure, it’s time...

Urthboy - The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat

It’s 2016 and Urthboy still isn’t slowing down, and his fifth studio album is here as proof that he’s still got it. The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat is equal parts politically charged and a loving father’s ode to his daughter. Sick of today’s political and social inequality? You’re not the only one, Urthboy spits his frustration...

Reagan Boggs - Empty Glasses

Reagan Boggs (from the album Empty Glasses available on April 12, 2016) - The characters walk from pages penned by Reagan Boggs and out into the world on her upcoming (April 12, 2016) release of Empty Glasses. The title image may be of drained drinks but the cups run over with the flesh and blood mistakes, challenges, decisions, and successes on the album, the fourth from Reagan Boggs.

Tinpan Orange - Love is a Dog

From Angus and Julia Stone to the Jackson 5, to AC/DC, nothing can beat that familial chemistry and genetic talent. Melbourne brother and sister duo Tinpan Orange are no exception, their 60s inspired indie-folk stirring up Australia’s local music scenes. With the band’s bubbling success, they’re due to strike again with the release of their new LP Love is a Dog in April.
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