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Deep Space Supergroop – CAPS

It’s good to know that Rob here is looking out for me – when you write about music and have to find 12+ bands per week to cover, you kinda stop paying attention to things like what the music sounds like. It’s all social media links, images, multimedia embedding and the oh so wonderful endless stream of emails. Oh, and let’s not forget that all important URL permalink. Heck, I was about to write about Deep Space Supergroop‘s newest song without...

Cody Bryan Band - Wreck Me

Upon first listen - and additional research, one might just want to label the Cody Bryan Band a "Texas Music Act" and be done with it. But, while Bryan definitely is proud to hail from the Lone Stat State, there's a lot more to his sound than just those parameters. You can hear that on the wide-open title cut,which he sends into the rafters with some impressive guitar work but also some first-rate harmonies from his fellow...

Chris Monaghan - Shameless

“It’s about living the life you want and doing what you love,” says singer/songwriter Chris Monaghan in a recent interview with The Baltimore Sun about his debut release “Shameless.” The 16-year-old artist from Maryland recorded in Nashville with producer Kim Copeland and the result is a contemporary-sounding collection of seven original songs. Monaghan opens his set with some catchy radio fare –- a light, fun and youthful “A...

Throwing Snow – Best Tried In Winter

Throwing snow suggests a sort of icy sharp blast, hurtling towards its target with a steely determination. Reflective of this is the wintry whoosh of electronic tones and textures created by Throwing Snow, a production of abstract structure, electronic samples and arpeggiated tones interlaced with elements of folk and dubstep. Experimental UK producer Ross Tones is Throwing Snow. Rather than throwing snow at us (only fun if you’re the one doing...

Los Tones – Ordinary Man

Too Cool For School Warning: Lost ones Los Tones have dropped a serving of grimy, filthy garage rock in the shape of Ordinary Man. Filthy garage rock. It’s messy, dirty and ready to corrupt what little innocence you might have left. How could anyone not be a fan? If you need to add said filth to your playlist then look no further than the Los Tones’ new single Ordinary Man. Putting dirt under your fingernails, sweat on every inch of your ...

Dr Spaceman – She’s Lonely Again EP

Dr Spaceman’s latest EP reminds me of a summer BBQ soundtrack. I don’t mean those filler tracks you play in the background while everyone’s eating and downing drinks, because this Sydney four-piece is so much more than that. I’m talking about the point in the late afternoon when everyone’s getting a bit rowdy and suddenly that one song comes on which soars through the crowd and unleashes the inner singstar of even the most unwilling participants.

Winston and Goldstein – In The Eyes Of The Other

Despite any first impressions, Winston and Goldstein is not some sort of folk-duo reincarnation of Simon and Garfunkel, but the solo “alternative insanity pop” project of young musician Jacqueline Collyer. As a Dutch-Australian now based in jolly old England, Collyer dishes up a majestic mix of influences as equally vast and unique as her background, like a meat pie and fish and chips served in a clog. Cutting her teeth in Brighton-via-Melbourne tropical...

The Howler Weary - Travel On

The Howler Weary is a three-piece band that comes from Livingston, New Jersey. OK, that's the easy part - telling you where they come from. The toughest part about this band is defining their sound. In their press kit, there are terms such as "Blues" and "Folk," and discussion about their influences - which range from Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan. That sounds very eclectic - and indeed it is, but let me float a name out there...

Steve Dawson - Rattlesnake Cage

“I stuck a Neumann M49 microphone (that had been hanging from the rafters of a church in Detroit for 50 years) in front of me to yield these results. No overdubs or effects. Just some fingers, slides and guitars,” writes artist Steve Dawson in the liner notes of his latest album “Rattlesnake Cage,” released on the Black Hen Music label. On this go-round, the 7-time Juno Award-winning Canadian artist and producer has...

Gann Brewer - Peddlers & Ghosts

Somewhere along the Delta region of Mississippi today, there's a singer on the back porch who is simply strumming their guitar to the sound of their latest composition. Gann Brewer is one such artist. There's a laid back and inviting feel to this album that reminds you of such an afternoon in the south. 'Dancin' In Memphis," where the title of the album comes from, offers proof of this. It's simply modern day Folk Music - something Brewer...

Sunny Sweeney - Provoked

With her natural Texas twang, her breathtaking good looks, and her quirky and irreverent personality, Sunny Sweeney has developed quite a fan base - thanks to her hit singles "From A Table Away" and "Stayin's Worse Than Leavin." After a record label change, and a topsy turvy past few years in her personal life - with a divorce, a swearing off of marriage, and (naturally!) a new marriage, Sweeney is ready to tell her updated...

Berlin Bar Hounds – Le Rambles

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but from my semester studying French in Year 7 the word Le Rambles is quite a highly regarded word. It’s French so it has got to be fancy, right? It means the act of using one’s soul to speak the truth, by letting the tides of the subconscious mind reveal itself on its own accord – I definitely didn’t make that up. I hear you saying – “Uh, Jen it just means rambles, like random non-sensical dialogue.” Well yes I know that, but sometimes my...

Metallic Ghosts – SkyTower 2032

The year is 2032. Capitalism fell a long time ago, and needless to say pleasure is dead. This is the opening dialogue to Metallic Ghosts‘ latest EP/album/internet-only cassette tape titled SkyTower 2032. Entirely miserable, entirely ridiculous. It’s 50% a narrative, 50% a satirical look at the concept of dystopia, 100% the most enthralling piece of… media you’ll hear this week. I hesitate even to call it music. Now, it’s very difficult to write an article on vaporwave that is...

Erland - On Our Side

“I’m a big fan of bands. I love The Beatles. Something that’s collective….makes it more special for me,” says Erland Wanberg, solo-artist-turned-frontman of California group Erland, in a recent Project Greenroom interview. It was his producer –- singer / songwriter Andrew McMahon – who encouraged his brother-in-law to explore a band sound for his album “On Our Side,” and so this folk-rock band was born. Wanberg credits McMahon: “He’s really helped shape...

Kelsey Waldon - The Gold Mine

Upon first listen to Kelsey Waldon, you might be prone to think "What a great Retro Country Album." While she would appreciate the compliment, that's not the way the talented singer / songwriter looks at it. This is simply Country Music to her - the kind she listened to growing up in Western Kentucky. And, she does it very well. Kicking off with "Town Clown," you know that you are in for something special. Featuring Brett Resnick on...
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