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Hollow States – Darkness Is Laughing

Hollow States is gathering attention through a hard working performance mentality in Sydney. The group has now released their debut EP Darkness Is Laughing, and with a relatively strong first crop of tunes they are only looking up from here on out! If I Have to Grow Up is the opening track from the Sydney...

Misun – Superstitions

Female vocalists in bands are a little rare nowadays. You can see the attraction to try and make it work, but after a few band jams, they usually fizzle away and amount to the pricey sum of falling out with a hot girl who used to like you, but now is writing ferocious slurs on Facebook about how she thought she was too good for the group anyway...

Ring in 2015 Watching First Class Releases   

Before bidding 2014 farewell, make sure to check out a number of fantastic releases featuring the celebrated likes of Bob Marley, James Brown, Jack Bruce, and Monty Python. All are available now and would make for a great excuse to put those Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy holiday gift cards to work. Artist: Bob Marley. Uprising Live! (Eagle Rock Entertainment)...

Low Life – Dogging

Much like math rock, ‘space punk’, as named and practised by local Sydney band Low Life, is quite a misnomer. There’s nothing remotely space related with this band; no concept albums about black holes or the Mir space station, nothing. There’s not even a punk cover of Space Oddity. Rather, the ‘space’ in space punk instead should probably read ‘spaced-out’.

Number Station – Back Seat

Cruise along in the front and backseat these holidays with a band that promises slick summer dance vibes. As refreshing and untainted as the air you’ll be breathing along your carefree road-trips, Number Station will be a must have station riding the radiowaves, as you’ll want to crank them up to cool down and blow off unpleasant steam. You’ll be...

Americana Masterworks Sparkle Anew

This year has seen the reissue of four bona fide Americana masterworks. Anyone looking how to spend those valuable holiday gift cards should consider the deluxe and expanded reissues from Old 97's and the Jayhawks. Artist: Old 97's. Title: Hitchhike to Rhome (Omnivore Recordings). You might like if you enjoy: The Jayhawks, Wilco, the Bottle Rockets...

Bloods – Work It Out

Monday mornings got you down? Too many beverages last night? On that third coffee on a Thursday afternoon pluging random values into a spreadsheet at work in a vain attempt to not go mad? What ever the reason is for your general lack of pep, I recommend a high dose of Bloods, the Sydney pop-punk trio I guarantee will improve your day more than a...

Oliver’s Army – Nothing Ever Really Stays the Same

Time yet again to duck, dodge, weave, and ultimately contemporary dance through the fast paced, existential, atmospheric and coma inducing music that is synonymous with the contagious band known as Olivers Army. Hailing from humble Barossa Valley in Melbourne, the sound produced by indie folk singers Ryan Oliver and Sam Walsh, guitarist Gina Somfleth, pianist...

Stegosaurus – Masked Marvel

Stegosaurus are a band from New Brunswick (Saint John to be exact) in Canada. I haven’t been to New Brunswick, I’ve actually only been to two Canadian provinces, but I imagine New Brunswick is something like country Victoria in the grand scheme of Canadian things. Y’know, a storied and quaint region where not much goes on except wood chopping...

Fazerdaze – Self-Titled EP

I’d be lying if I said that some sector of this music critic’s shriveled heart doesn’t love the name Fazerdaze, because I really do, but what’s more is that, like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, my heart grew three sizes while listening to the music of Amelia Murray. Coming out of New Zealand, home of such excellent things as Flight of the Conchords, Lord...

West My Friend – When The Ink Dries

“I once sat here in the crux of this tree/Watching fruit reach out in front of me/I sat there, holding my fear to my heart/Watching fruit fall one by one ‘cause I refused to take part,” sings Eden Oliver, member of Canadian group West My Friend on their beautiful song “Ode to Silvia Plath.” Described as chamber folk meets indie roots, this four-piece band based...

Buzz Cason – Troubadour Heart

“I’m all over the map as far as songwriting methods go,” says Americana artist and songwriter Buzz Cason. Talking about his latest album “Troubadour Heart,” released on the Plowboy Records label, he also confesses, “I’m letting the songs dictate how I sing the songs. That’s how I’ve always been,” and so his performance style...

Tora – Eat The Sun

With chilled out sounds that will have you wishing you were sitting back sipping a few beers or ciders on the beach, Tora are back with their EP Eat the Sun. After finishing their very first Australian tour in April that took them down the east coast, Tora have been writing for their much anticipated next release. Unlike their previous EP Tora, which...

Odesza – In Return

Beat makers Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches) are the dreamy electronic duo behind the sounds that have you covered this summer. After winning us over with their irresistible electro dreaminess, Seattle chillwavers ODESZA are back with their second album In Return – the perfect accompaniment...

Groundbreaking Acts Excel on Latest Entries

While the end of the year typically is all about new holiday releases, several groundbreaking artists have actually issued must-have studio albums during 2014's home stretch. Artist: AC/DC. Title: Rock or Bust (Columbia Records). You might like if you enjoy: AC/DC's "Back in Black" (1980) and "Black Ice" (2008). Tell me more: Despite the departure...
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