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Casinova - What I Need

From New York comes soulful singer Casinova who just released his latest single effort entitled “What I Need” released in 2013. I would describe Casinova is a young up and comer soul singer. Impressing many listeners and critics with his solid powerhouse vocals and charismatic presence, Casinova delivers a sultry mix of pop songs set to unique R&B, house, disco and funk inspired beats. When I was growing up I remember listening to iconic greats like ...

Gary Chapman – The Truth

Contemporary Christian singer Gary Chapman has long been one of the most respected singer-songwriters in Nashville. He has enjoyed a successful singing career in the Gospel field, and has written hit singles for acts such as Kenny Rogers and TG Sheppard in the Country realm. Fans might also remember Chapman for his...

Willie Nelson - To All The Girls

Starting in 1962 with a song called "Willingly," Willie Nelson has recorded with more duet partners than just about any other artist. His first duet was with a woman named Shirley Collie, then-wife of Biff Collie, one of Country's greatest disc jockeys of all time. Since then, just about every major Country (or otherwise) act in the business has cut at least one duet with Willie Nelson. His latest project pairs him with some of the top female voices of music, and the results are pretty much impeccable...

Brad Hoyt – Far Away From Everyday

“It’s been an extremely humbling experience so far…With all the work and the amount of time it’s taking, it feels like I’m working on a Star Wars movie,” said musician/composer Brad Hoyt in the fall of 2012 while in the midst of creating his third album project, “Far Away From Everyday.” It’s a massively ambitious effort that has taken three years and a dizzying display of thirty world-class musicians to record fourteen of his original compositions in studios located all over the globe, and...

Cass Dillon Releases I Love You Single

Cass Dillon is an amazing artist based out of Brooklyn. After years as a student of music, film, and life on the road, Cass Dillon is releasing his first solo EP “Late Night Mornings”. This is a love song plain and simple inviting a listener to experience and relate to the depths and levity of the loved soul. Dillon is also a member of the band The Hunt Club, which has released its debut record “Hello Futures”. The alternative-bluesy-rock band consists of Cass Dillon and renowned guitar...

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers - Lonely Comes Easy

He's a singer, a songwriter, and a guitarist - and by listening to his show on Sirius / XM - Chris Jones is one of the most widely heard voices in Bluegrass Music. His latest CD with his group, The Night Drivers, shows this to be a fact. Bass player Jon Weisberger, banjoist Ned Luberecki, and mandolin ace Mark Stoffel combine their talents once again to create a disc that shows what has been great about Bluegrass, and...

Darin & Brooke Aldridge - Flying

Darin & Brooke Aldridge have made quite the name for themselves in Bluegrass Music over the past few years, and when you hear the opening notes of "Maybe Just A Little," the first cut on this disc, you will likely think nothing much has changed with their style. But then, around the time of the chorus - you hear it. The drums! OMG, the purists are not going to like this one bit! I say that completely in jest...

The Blind Boys Of Alabama - I'll Find A Way

There's a saying in our business about an entertainer having "It." What that ingredient is isn't really defined, but they say that you know "it" when you hear "it." If that is true, and I believe it is - the Blind Boys Of Alabama most definitely have "it." Led by the incomparable Jimmy Carter, the Blind Boys deliver an album full of soul-stirring performances. From the opening strains of the standard "God Put A Rainbow In The...

Jon Airdrie – Locks And Cogs

On his website, Welsh folk singer/songwriter Jon Airdrie explains the cover photo on his latest album, “Locks And Cogs,” a posed group picture taken during a celebration years ago: “And why on earth does someone choose to have a 21st birthday in a rubbish tip?!? (translation: garbage landfill) Because the point of my 21st then was to be unique, not conformist, to have a venue no one else had thought of…” I could be wrong, but my guess is that the young, purposeful non-conformist has ...

Chase Rice - Ready Set Roll

As one of the writers of Florida Georgia Line's mega-hit "Cruise," Chase Rice will forever be associated with one of the biggest hits in Country Music history. But, that's just one side of what the Carolina boy can do. He has been working on his craft as an artist for quite some time, and his newest release is a fine example of what he has been up to in the studio. The title cut has that Country-meets-Hip Hop feel that is working so well

Kellie Pickler - The Woman I Am

One of biggest injustices of Country Music the past couple of years was the fact that 100 Proof did not make Kellie Pickler a household name with Country Music fans. Radio deemed the album "Too Country," denying fans a chance to gain access to one of the strongest albums of the past few years. But, thankfully, that decision didn't hurt Pickler's overall marketability - as she inked a new deal with Black River and stayed...

Jupiter In Velvet - Shut Off Your Mind

The latest album from Jupiter in Velvet “Shut Off Your Mind” has received some pretty good exposure shortly following its release this year. I see it as a modern mix of Muse, The Door Cinema Club and The Libertines and various other artists with a contemporary English twist. Jupiter in Velvet’s music is a fusion of pop, rock, gothic punk and everything else in between. However, the style of music is all his own, creating an authentic, delightful out-of-the-box sound I haven’t heard...

Concert DVD Titles Help Fans Revisit Magical Performances

A trio of excellent new DVD releases courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment offer up a wide range of magical musical experiences in all their sonic and visual glory. A trio of excellent new DVD releases courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment offer up a wide range of magical musical experiences in all their sonic and visual glory. Artist: Morrissey. Title: 25Live (Eagle Rock). You might like if you enjoy: The Smiths, Morrissey. Tell me more: The James Russell-directed Morrissey 25Live offers a front row seat...

Kara Grainger - Shiver & Sigh

You know it feels when you walk into a jazz bar on any given night, and the female singer simply has the crowd eating of the palm of her hand? That's how I felt listening to the latest CD from Australian-born Kara Grainger. She has such a sultry and soulful vocal talent that you just can't help be drawn in. She sometimes goes straight for heart - or sometimes tickles the imagination just enough that you're on the hook - not that...

Hugh Laurie - Didn't It Rain

It's likely you know Hugh Laurie best as Dr. Gregory House, the wise-cracking yet brilliant surgeon on the television show House. But what you might not know is that Laurie is also an exceptionally talented musician and singer who has just released his sophomore album, Didn't It Rain. And what an album it is! Oft times, actors use their income to fund vanity projects that would better be left in the dusty corners of their minds. However, Hugh Laurie is definitely an exception to that...
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