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Sarah Lou Richards - The Woman Behind the Curtain

On her third album, The Woman Behind the Curtain, Sarah Lou Richards moves into territory that’s a little different from her first two recordings. It’s not that her songwriting or vocal approach have changed all that much, but with a full band and a new producer in SteelDrivers vocalist Gary Nichols, Richards seems...

Viet Cong - Self-Titled

Departing from the neo-psychedelia of their 2014 EP Cassette, Canadian post-punk quartet Viet Cong’s self-titled LP infuses bleak post-punk with experimental guitar licks to create an uncompromisingly dark and compelling sonic experience. Since the release of the 2014 EP the band, comprising of Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace (formerly of the Art Rock group...

New Albums Celebrate Original Song Craft

The Mavericks, Les Stroud, and Chris Spedding return with masterworks, while newcomer Erik Neff impresses on his full-length debut. Elsewhere, an outstanding collection from Shout! Factory celebrates the role of folk music. Artist: The Mavericks. Titles: Mono (Valory). You might like if you enjoy: Roy Orbison, Chris Issak, The Mavericks...

Columbus – Home Remedy

n 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 2015, Brisbane trio Columbus set forth and with a full wind in their sails, set out to conquer the demanding world of pop-punk and goddamn, they have bloody well succeeded! 4 track ep Home Remedy is a corker that has been on high rotation on my car’s Bose 300 watt stereo system for...

Annie Lou - Tried and True

As a musician staunchly steeped in string band, it seems somewhat unsurprising that Anne Louise Genest has only recently experienced the luxury of running water and indoor plumbing. Genest fronts Canadian roots band Annie Lou. After 20 years in the desolate Yukon drawing from one of the oldest genres in history, she...

The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

American indie rock band The Decemberists are storytellers: whimsical, historical, light-hearted but above all clever storytellers. With fourteen years of musical existence under their belt, the five-piece have honed the craft of formulating music that dances between moments of embracing the present and all it has to offer, and bittersweet nostalgia for the past. Fans and...

Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again

Man, if aliens ever visit Earth then Pond’s sixth psychedelic rock album Man It Feels Like Space Again should be the first thing they hear. A warped adventure into kaleidoscope pop, could it be the perfect icebreaker between us and outer space? Perth buddies Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson and Joseph Ryan have never been...

Kelley Hunt – The Beautiful Bones

“[The] album is about acknowledging, embracing and remembering our universal roots, not shying away from some tender truths, seeing the beautiful in the everyday-ness of the world, and celebrating the power of the heart of things,” says soul music artist Kelley Hunt, describing the theme of her 6th album, “The Beautiful Bones,” released on the 88 Records label. Having...

Hey Lady! – My Head, My Heart

Confidently vibing Tegan and Sara, Hey Lady! are equal parts the Black Keys with a dash of the fictional Clash at Demonhead. These two self-attributed babes from Newcastle have a lot of great elements going on in their music, spearheading the popular two piece grunge-blues aesthetic that has risen in popularity in recent years, and splicing in some carefully decided ...

The Sidekicks – Runners in the Nerved World

I listen to a lot of music. A LOT of music! However, I still miss out on a lot of bands as there are only so many hours in a day I can listen to tunes! Thankfully, a lot of these bands crop up on my radar eventually, like Joyce Manor did last year. And so to 2015 and already I’ve had the aural pleasure of The Sidekicks’ new long player, Runners in the Nerved World.

Top-Tier Artists' Sorcery Showcased on Latest Efforts   

Genre-defying artists Andrew McMahon, The Decemberists, Steve Earle & The Dukes, The Church and Dengue Fever keep moving ahead on latest releases. Artist: Andrew McMahon. Title: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (Welk Records). You might like if you enjoy: Jack's Mannequin, Fun., Passion Pit. Tell me more: Orange County, CA-based Andrew McMahon...

Geotic – Sunset Mountain

Sunset Mountain isn’t some getaway in the Whitsundays renowned for its spectacular beaches, beer-growing palms inhabited by beer-delivering species of butler monkeys and semi-naked matriarchal, cricket-playing and very accommodating native people*, it is in fact a new album by Will Wiesenfeld – a.k.a., Geotic. Sunset Mountain is the second of a three...

Ark Patrol – Voyager

Its not often an artist can take a genre and bring it back to its roots whilst still enabling room for experimentation and layering. Ark Patrol has definitely hit the nail on the head with his new debut album,Voyager. Born in Oahu, Hawaii, the nineteen-year-old producer has a real passion and drive for music. Just completing his first year in the Berkley College of Music with...

Craig Bickhardt - The More I Wonder

“I may begin from a point of darkness, but I usually end up writing towards the light because, for me, hope is the thing worth singing about,” states singer/songwriter Craig Bickhardt on his website. This writer of four #1 country hits left Music City for his native Pennsylvania, returning to his lyrical folk roots, as well, on his third solo studio album “The More I Wonder.” Recorded...

Sia – Revisiting Healing Is Difficult

“I think I’ll write about…me!” echoes the ponderous voice of a little girl on Insidiously, the closing track on Sia‘s sophomore album Healing Is Difficult. The guest vocals of the young girl appear frequently throughout the album, spouting innocent albeit seemingly random lines. But then in the final moments of the album this one line gives all of these vocal...
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