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Bob McCarthy - Trouble in Mind

A wonderful seven track disc from one of the USA's sadly lesser-known acoustic guitar pickers and singer/songwriters. McCarthy has sure paid his dues as a pro-musician for many decades, gigging and working with countless major figures including Jorma Kaukonen, Pentangle, Tom Paxton, Roy Book Binder and many more.

Magic America - Self-Titled

In the wake of the release of Tame Impala’s Currents last July there is little question that Australia has been plunged into a rabid frenzy for just about anything psych. But with Kevin Parker’s nuanced production and catchy riffs bombarding us from the airwaves, as well as a seemingly endless number of rock bands strategically rebranding to meet...

Katie Wighton - Oh-Dark-Hours

Melancholy is like a warm blanket. It’s soft and impressionable, it wraps around you and begins to obscure the world outside. The longer you spend under it, the more accustomed to it you become and it becomes harder to leave. It’s a comforting warmth that you use to fool yourself. Yet at the same time when you share that blanket with...

Reissues Revisit Essential Rock LPs, Soul Singles

This year has seen a burgeoning number of wonderful reissues and deluxe collections celebrating bona fide musical riches. Among the most highly-recommended titles are those celebrating the groundbreaking debut album from Garbage, a trio of singer-songwriter-guitarist Peter Frampton's releases, a reissue of The Sneakers' late '70s EP, and an outstanding collection of '60s and '70s soul rarities.

Flowertruck - Dirt

If Sydney’s Inner West is famous for anything, it’s producing a high calibre of musical talent. Having spawned a ridiculous number of kick-arse bands in its time, the hashtag #innerwestisbest is definitely not a misnomer. And with name drops like Newtown, Paramatta Road and Camperdown, Flowertruck is one ...

Ali Barter - AB-EP

With an opening like the intro to a 90’s cult classic film, if Ali Barter’s new EP were a movie, it’s one we’d like to see. Heavy with summer and teenage daze, AB-EP is evocative both lyrically and in its instrumentation. The third EP release from Ali Barter, AB-EP brings together a now regular band of musicians to support Barter’s vision...

Andrei Eremin - Pale Blue

At a quick glance, Andrei Eremin’s name may appear to be reminiscent of a classical composer or conductor… or there’s the chance that it’s just me because I’m stubborn and refuse to wear my glasses, and I’m possibly thinking of Andre Rieu. Let’s not go down that road. If I wanted to think about an insane looking man flailing his arms around “conducting”, I’d go and ...
richard-lynch_soundpress-net Sights and Sounds of Note

This month our sack has been abundantly filled with some sweet and spooky tunes. We've sorted through the lot and this is the best of the best -- no candy corn filler here! It may be a trick to Ritchie Blackmore fans that the guitarist still prefers to play folk rather than hard rock but for followers of the band Blackmore's Night a new ...

Ocean Alley - In Purple

Ocean Alley are going from strength to strength after the release of their new singleMuddy Waters. Now they’re set to make a splash with the release of their brand new EP In Purple. Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and taking influence from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley, Ocean Alley ...

Royal Headache - High

Following a tumultuous break-up in 2013 Royal Headache come together one last time to deliver dark and romantic garage punk on final LP High. Emerging in 2008 alongside a wave of other Australian underground bands such asEddy Current Suppression Ring, Deaf Wish, The UV Race and Straight Arrows, Royal Headache’s music was...

The Stiffys - Art Rock One

Our favourite coolboys are back with an art rock record they made after a couple of drinks. Loaded with catchy loud tunes that make you want to do kickflips, The Stiffys’ third EP Art Rock One is a great time for everybody. Always up for having a nice time, the Melbourne art rock duo have been busy boys over the past year. Taking...

Alabama - Southern Drawl

With all the belly aching about country music not staying true to its roots, maybe instead of a new entry into the landscape, it is time for a re-entry. Many hoped that Alabama’s latest, “Southern Drawl” would be the cure to what ails the traditionalists. But the iconic band tried to walk a very fine line on its first release since 2001’s “When It All Goes South.”

Gold Class - It’s You

Someone once suggested that post-punk was “Less a genre of music than a space of possibility”. And that idea is particularly true of Melbourne’s Gold Class, whose debut album It’s You is heavy with atmosphere that lurks in the pauses of a pared back sound. Laden with the implications of what is left unsaid and ...

Tim Wheatley - Cast of Yesterday

There is always something special about an artist who branches out on their own and toughs it out through the hard yards. Instead of taking the easy route like being able to name drop or live through the shadow of a famous parent or relative; pushing yourself through the dirt and struggles then making it on your own is so reflective within your music. This is the case...

Rab Noakes - I'm Walkin' Here

A wonderful double album from one of Scotland's true treasures and unsung musical heroes. Noakes traces his musical pedigree way back into the heady sixties and as a member of Stealers Wheel in the seventies worked alongside the late Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street, with that fabulous Sax solo) and frequently recorded and played with Rod Clements of ...
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