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Erica Hoyt - Love Me For Me

Just like the Lone Star state where she's from, newcomer Erica Hoyt has a wide open sound and vocal range, to boot. Take one listen to "Lovin' A Wild Thing," and you will see what I mean. She has a vocal style that is very much refined and polished. In fact, the song is the definition of the term "Radio Friendly," with a ton of vocal...

David Newbould – Tennessee

“I may go for days where my guitar takes me / That’s just what I do/I may fly away on a western bound jet plane / But I’m always coming home to you,” sings Americana artist David Newbould on the rolling opening track of his latest album, “Tennessee.” “Always Coming Home” is one of 12 tracks recorded in Music City and helmed by Ben Strano, who gives productions here an organic, live feel. Newbould is a Nashvillian by way of Austin, New...

John Oszajca - Elephant Graveyard

Over the years we’ve seen rock, pop, and even hard rock slowly erode into over-commercialized, corporate puppet shows providing music that is extremely sing songy, predictable, popish and highly corporate. I hereby call this new breed of music “Poser Rock” and I want to personally thank all the corporate giants for successfully transforming “Sex Drugs & Rock n’ Roll” into “Yoga, Vitamins and Nikelback” Of course millions of musical lemmings...

The Oak Ridge Boys - Boys' Night Out

There's nothing quite like the excitement of an Oak Ridge Boys show. However, the legendary quartet has never released an album documenting that experience - until now. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the line-up of Golden, Allen, Sterban, and Bonsall that we all know and love, the group has chosen fourteen of their biggest hits to give the live treatment to. As is the case with live albums, you tend to know what...

Nick Verzosa & The Noble Union - Love In Principle

Over the past decade and a half or so, the Texas Music world has given us some very talented singer-songwriters. One act that looks to be quickly making a name for themselves on that list is Nick Verzosa and the Noble Union. But, don't necessairily think this is the same old Texas music that you hear time in and time out. Seriously, there's more to life - even in the Lone Star state than drinking, armadillos, and proclaiming...

Various Artists: Working Man's Poet - A Tribute To Merle Haggard

As evidenced by his recent win of the Crystal Milestone Award from the Academy of Country Music, Merle Haggard's music has made - and continues to make an impact on newer generations of artists and fans to this day. You might not hear it on the radio, as much of what is played on the airwaves these days is far removed from....

Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir - Glorify

There’s nothing quite like a church choir to stir the spirit within. The collective voice of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, the 30-year-old, 150-member Cornerstone Sanctuary Choir, has finally released their debut album “Glorify” on the Difference Media Group label. Produced by Michael Sykes and Bradley Knight, this collection of 12 praise and worship songs was recorded in Cornerstone’s hometown and in Nashville. Known...

PawnShop Kings - Self Titled

Listening to the music of brother act The PawnShop Boys will take you back in time a little bit. Their sibling harmonies are very much influenced by the sounds of Don & Phil Everly - as are so many duets that have come down the pike since then. That being said, that is just a comparison of their vocal stylings, as there is nothing dated...
Robert Kinsler & TJR

Music Worth Buying: Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars & Shelby Lynne Thanks

Orange County Register (CA) music critic Robert Kinsler and his co-host, TJR review new CDs. This week we look at the new release by Johnny Cash Out Among The Stars & the recent EP by Shelby Lynne Thanks.

Deer Lodge - George Jones

Tribute records are nothing new in Country Music, but this set - which pays homage to the 'Possum' is one of the most musically diverse and interesting sets that you will hear this year - 0r any other. Deer Lodge is an independent label based in Portland, OR. It's owned by Bert Sperling and Ezra Meredith, who are both huge Jones fans. OK, everybody says that. But, the two prove their admiration for Jones via the track selection...

Grayson Gilmour – Infinite Life

The latest offering from Wellington musician Grayson Gilmour is his fifth solo record, Infinite Life!. It’s one that he has whipped up in between So So Modern band duties, frolicking in the film word, creating soundtracks, hanging out at Red Bull Academy. Day to day tasks really. New Flying Nun addition Grayson Gilmour has released his loopy, moody album number 5, Infinite Life! Being a one man project, Gilmour uses...

Sarah Davidson - Self Titled

Audiences have warmed up to Georgia native Sarah Davidson for her participation in the TNT series "Private Lives Of Nashville Wives" this spring. That being said, there's a lot more to the stunning songstress than just that TV show or her former marriage to Nashville songwriter Dallas Davidson. Sarah possesses a warm and tender voice that is sure to find a devoted fan following. The set's first single, "Drink You Up," is very warm...

Legendary Ladies Shine on Americana Releases

The latest studio efforts from Carlene Carter and Suzy Bogguss, as well as a splendid collection of Linda Ronstadt's duets are essential for fans and the uninitiated. Artist: Carlene Carter. Title: Carter Girl (Rounder Records / Concord Music Group). You might like if you enjoy: June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill. Tell me more: Carlene Carter, the daughter of June Carter Cash and granddaughter Maybelle Carter, has been performing ...

Don Williams - Reflections

The music of Don Williams is just like an old pair of shoes that has been sitting in the corner for quite a while. You know exactly what you're getting. There isn't going to be a lot of fancy frills or wild guitar licks with lyrics about tailgates or Betty Lou. It's as comfortable of a fit as an old friend. For Williams' second disc for Sugar Hill...

Slumberhaze – Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance Pt. II

Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance Part II is (you guessed it) the second installment in Sydney band Slumberhaze‘s three part series of EP’s. Picking up where the first EP’s fusion of ambience and hip hop left off, Part 2 consolidates some of what made the first EP so tasty, while also trimming down their sound into a more coherent bundle. From track one of this EP, Slumberhaze make it clear where they’re going with this installment, making it no secret that someone in the band...
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