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David Park - Until I’m Done

Who doesn’t like Southern Rock? I’d all hands go up in the air. I mean, while Singer-Songwriter, which by the way kind of emerged in the late 60’s and 70’s with the arrival of artists like Lynard Skynard, Blackfoot, Days of the New, ZZ Top and even the Allman Brothers. They represented a close and personal artistic snapshot from the artist in question. The music tended to be at times nitty gritty, gripping, loud and powerful. Many feel this style of music has lost its way evolving into overly...

Feral Media – Summer EP

Full disclosure here: I’m a winter person. I like fireplaces. I like dark ale. I like not having to put up with the awful sound of thongs against concrete. So bear this fact in mind while I take you through the third installment of Feral Media’s amazing Seasons series of EP’s, the latest being – yep, you guessed it – the Summer EP featuring Bon Chat Bon Rat, The Townhouses, friendships and Tim Fitz. Opening the four track exploration of the sights, sounds and emotions...

Contrast – Self-Titled EP

New kids on the post-punk dream-pop rock block, Contrast, have just thrown down a heavy hitting debut EP on the back of their latest single Pipe Dreams. Whilst taking on plenty of influences, they’re KO’ing the shoegazey handbook and bringing the scene a shitload of new energy and depth. Forming as recently as 2012 makes the achievements of this release all the more impressive. With their lineage in Melbourne, the four lads began touring the local circuit...

Ronnie Dunn - Peace Love And Country Music

.I started in the business in the spring of 1991. Around that time, I remember a new voice that hit the airwaves - Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn. There was something about that sound that just made you know you were in for something special. Since then, time has proven me right. "Neon Moon"..."She's Not The Cheatin' Kind"...."My Maria"...."Believe"....and even "Play Something Country." In the hands of a lesser...

Erica Sunshine Lee - The South Will Rise Again

Erica Sunshine Lee is a country / blues based artists located in the Southeast who just released her latest CD entitled “The South Will Rise Again” (2014). Her sound is an entertaining hybrid of contemporary classic country with rock n’ soul and a bit of modern day blues-pop. With her 2nd album's single "You Won't Get to Me" gaining spins across the south, midwest and west coast, Sunshine toured through Europe, Central America, and the US, landing in Las Vegas, where...

The Death Set – Soar Away

The Death Set are a punk rock band that formed in Sydney in 2005. After the success of their debut EP, they moved to The States and have pushed out a steady stream of releases, tours and sold-out shows ever since. However, I hadn’t heard of them until today. Maybe because in 2005 I was underage, listening to a mix of T-Rex, The Beach Boys and JoJo, and had by head buried in my free-with-purchase Dolly diary. They had their first shows at 77′s Bang Gang...

Jimmy Junk Heart - Self-Titled

Oh man. Yum. Yumyumyumyumyumyum. James Hanson aka Jimmy Junk Heart, please marry me. Stop whatever you are doing, and listen to this guy's EP. Did you do it?? Then you’re welcome. Jimmy Junk Heart is the Tame Impala / Bleeding Knees Club influenced love baby in one manly form. An indie rock and roll bundle of a human. The Melbourne artist is a lone ranger in the writing/creation process but drags some friends along for a full band when performing a live set.

Wink Keziah - Cowbilly

I'm going to start this review off in maybe the strangest way I have ever done - Wink Keziah is not the world's greatest singer you will ever hear. There's not a lot of polish to this project, and I doubt that Keziah has ever been called "evocative/" But, in his case, neither of these things are actually bad things. Nobody ever talked about...

The Sidleys – Bittersweet

“It was definitely a pivotal time in our relationship and also in our musical relationship in terms of defining a sound for us,” said Steve Sidley in a Rockwired radio interview last summer. He was asked about the making of the album “Bittersweet” by The Sidleys, a D.C. area duo consisting of Sidley and his wife Annie. Released on My Money Records, this collection of fourteen of their co-penned tunes began while the longtime couple was separated. Writing about ...

Bad Sav – Buy Something New

Today, I was struck by the least unexpected of news. Two chicks and a dude who all work at the coolest bar in New Zealand’s coolest city released a cool sounding song. The band are called Bad Sav and their single is called Buy Something New. It’s a dark, fuzzy little number reminiscent of Warpaint‘s swirling, choral singles and a distorted bass that sounds so nineties, you can almost feel the flannel against your skin. Oh wait, I am totally wearing a flannel shirt right ...

David Cortes – Time Away But Home Again

Houston, Texas based singer / songwriter / musician David Cortes just released his latest CD 20 years in the making entitled appropriately enough "Time Away But Home Again” in 2012. I say appropriately because this music took 20 years to get here. Perhaps life’s sjurney can creat opportunities to write powerful songs. When they finally reach the ears it can be like coming home. In his own words: "This is my first step in creating the music that I love so much. I have...

March Titles Showcase Old And New

From the '50s rock 'n' roll-minded cult classic "Untamed Youth" to a celebration of R&B and soul featuring a trio of legends and the latest LP from a pioneering cello rock outfit, March is racking up an eclectic wealth of sonic riches. mystery-science-theatre-3000Title: Mystery Science Theater 3000: XXIX (Shout! Factory). You might like if you enjoy: Eddie Cochran, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Tell me more: Want to watch Hollywood attempt to tap into the explosion of early...

Michael W. Smith - Hymns

For well over three decades now, Michael W. Smith has been one of the dominant singer-songwriters in Gospel Music. On his latest project, the veteran performer teams up with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for a collection of some the greatest Gospel hymns ever recorded. A collection of fifteen time-honored classics, each of...

Scott Coner - Feels Like Friday

Indiana native Scott Coner isn't a fly-by-night newcomer who is singing lyrics of which he has no idea the meaning of. He's definitely lived the lyrics of each of the seven songs on this introductory EP. Whether it be on the uptempo fare, or the ballads of loss and heartbreak, you get the idea that Scott Coner is about as real as th'sey come. Take, for example, the exuberant title cut. Coner sings the track with such...

Grand Prismatic – Footscray and Fancy Free

Taking their name from a large hot spring seems quite fitting as the Grand Prismatic’s latest effort Footscray and Fancy Free is a big pool of warmth to immerse yourself into and float away. The Melbourne-based four-piece offered up their first EP Sad Seagulls and Sleaze-Gaze (a self-appointed genre styling) back in 2010, a compilation of low-fi pop with shades of psychedelia, drawing comparisons to Augie March, Wilco and The Drones. They followed it with their...
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