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Sui Zhen - Take It All Back

Melbourne-based artist Sui Zhen (pronounced Su-ee Chen)’s music leans far into the future; acknowledging, reciprocating and shining on that pocket of ambient and dreamy electro-indie-pop (or as defined on her Facebook page, previously-bedroom-pop-turned-eathereal-Japanese-post-punk-down-tempo-dreamy-balaeric-bossanova).

Moses Gunn Collective - Mercy Mountain

Brissy psych rock five-piece Moses Gunn Collective have let loose a monster debut album. Transporting us to a cosmic psychotropic fantasy land, Mercy Mountainoffers everything from dreamy chillers to soulful rockers. Showered in toxic guitar riffs, woozy synths, flamboyant falsetto and a shitload of glitter, this album is downright epic.

Twinspeak - Breakwell

“It’s official, guitar music is dead! EDM won and is smashing guitars on stage for the express purpose of breaking them, not being cool! Even our lord and saviour Kevin Parker has forsaken us!” It seems this kind of sentiment is uttered every five minutes by all those who still worship at the alter rock n’ roll. And to be honest, it sometimes feels like...

Day Ravies - Liminal Zones

Liminal Zones could be blasted out of your Chevy Biscayne rolling down Beach Boulevard on some parts, on others, listened to lounging on your couch in half-slumber, and then again in moments rocking out at a house party. Feeling spoilt for choice, or perhaps just a little confused? Be the former, and then some.

Ronnie Reno - Lessons Learned

Ronnie Reno may be familiar to tens of thousands of people who have never purchased one of his albums or downloaded any of his songs. He is the host of the long-running TV show, “Reno’s Old Time Music,” that pulls in more than a million viewers monthly on RFD-TV and earned him the title of “IBMA Broadcaster of the Year” in 2013.

Roots and Blues Fans Can Celebrate via Three New Releases

A crucial reissue of the B.B. King & Eric Clapton collaboration "Riding With The King," as well as new albums from Lindi Ortega, Whitney Rose and Blinddog Smokin' are sure to please fans of blues, roots and funk music. Artists: B.B. King & Eric Clapton. Title: Riding With The King (Audio Fidelity). You might like if you enjoy: Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Robert Johnson

Natasha Borzilova - Wilder Days

“2013 was an unpleasant year for me. Nothing terrible happened, but it was full of small disappointments and petty losses…I even decided to quit making music. Once the decision was made and the pressure was off, I experienced a sudden surge of creativity,” writes singer/songwriter and folk artist Natasha Borzilova in the liner notes of her fourth solo ...

Devotional - The Sun Also Rises

There’s noting like a good road trip to gain some perspective. There’s something about leaving the life you know behind; forgetting your distractions to discover yourself. It can be a make or break the experience. Journeys like this test character, it can set you on a new path and open your eyes to truths about yourself you weren’t aware of. Likewise it can...

Lanks - Banquet

Melbourne artist Will Cuming has only been performing under the moniker LANKS for just over a year and yet has already made a name for himself as one of the most passionate musicians in the current Australian scene, injecting himself and his raw emotions into every part of his craft. Now the enigmatic singer-songwriter is back with a sophomore EP to rival his previous successes.

Tame Impala - Currents

We may be hitting a rich seam of irony here, but I’ll say it regardless: I’ve got no time for fuddy-duddies. Yes, only the fuddiest duddy would ever use a phrase that’s older than hipster-bashing and Tom Cruise jokes, but here I find myself irresistibly compelled. The reason is that Tame Impala’s Currents is the kind of album that brings out the duddy in some...

Slow Turismo - Self-Titled

Sunny indie pop always catches the ear. There is something about clean, tight production and upbeat rhythms that automatically demands attention, even if just for a second. But that’s usually the problem, it’s ephemeral. Bands get so caught up in creating something ‘listenable’ that they disregard complexity for digestibility, and you generally get all you can...

Sans - Adolescence

Like me, if you’re seriously over these cold and grey winter days and on the hunt for some sunshine then luckily Melbourne indie pop rockers Sans have come to the rescue. Back with their sophomore EP Adolescence, the four-piece have set off a volcano of fast and loud synthy jams exploding with all the sunshine you need to shake off those winter blues.

Angharad Drake - Water

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Angharad Drake. The young Brisbane folk singer released her last EP Swing about a year ago. It was a contemplative body of work; gentle, tender and rich with melodies of heartbreak. For those who are familiar with Drake’s work there is a humility to her which is quite...

High Tension - Bully

It takes a truly special breed of sound to send tingles down the spine and drive one’s consciousness into the ground. Such a band only comes around every blue moon, so for those looking to indulge in some sweet, sweet ear candy prepare yourselves for an unearthly experience which is armed with enough brutality to make brute deodorant seem...

J. Carl Smith - The J. Carl Smith Project II

What girl wouldn’t love getting a humbling mea culpa like this: “So if I’ve lost my mind, forgive me/And if I’ve wasted your time, forgive me/If I’ve bruised your pride, forgive me/That just wasn’t my intention.” Nice guy J. Carl Smith sings just that in the chorus of “Forgive Me,” opening track of his latest EP, “The J. Carl Smith Project II.” This six-pack written by the artist is recorded in Nashville...
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