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The Ocean Party - Light Weight

Five albums in three years. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but The Ocean Party have managed to pull it off. Their latest release Light Weight is a fully-formed album, dripping with great tracks and sweet melodies — a super solid pop-rock recording. It might take a couple of listens to get into the spirit of things, but once it hits you, it will hit you good.

American Music Greats Focus on Top-Tier Albums

American music is front and center on the latest albums from indie alt-country rockers Supersuckers, singer-songwriter Peter Case, Southern rock giants Lynyrd Skynyrd and songstress Danielle Nicole. Artist: Supersuckers. Title: Holdin' The Bag (Acetate Records). You might like if you enjoy: Old 97's, Steve Earle, Johnny Cash.

Hannah Cameron - Blow My House Down

The folk genre gets a bad wrap, as soon as an artist decided to unload introspective lyrics on us while an acoustic guitar gently strums in the background it gets tagged with that label and no deeper thought is given. It’s where you may be seeking to place Blow My House Down by Hannah Cameron upon first rotation of the album, but giving it a second spin allows for the record to...

Jeffrey Halford - Rainmaker

Remember that street-corner musician that captured your imagination? You found him strumming an old beater, with a guitar case laying open at his feet. His singing somehow connected with a familiar and comfortable place in your brain. You stayed for a moment longer than you really had time for, then you dropped the loose change from your pocket into his...

Raindrop - Crowded Brain

For a single genre, psychedelic music offers up an enormous congregation of influences and combines them into various flavours and textures ranging from the soft and warm to an all-out fuzzy assault. Sydney psych band Raindrop manage to insert seamlessly between the two extremes on their second EP, Crowded Brain. An ocean of vivid sounds and textures...

Nicholas Allbrook - Warlus

Listening to Nicholas Allbrook’s Walrus EP is like staring at a painting of Dali. Trying to understand it is vain. What is important is to sense the creator’s genius. All the sounds mixed together are not supposed to result in something delicious, but magically, it do. Back from a string of solo shows around Australia and Europe, and a co-headline tour with...

Rooms - Fig

Last month we had the pleasure of premiering the insanity that was Rooms‘ video for Fig. It was a wild fever dream of a video, even now I have difficulty comprehending what transpires in those four minutes. If one had to use words to describe that video (rather than the natural screams of shock), then manic, epic and intoxicating would feel right. As it...

Majora - Iridescent

Within the world of post-rock there is no shortage of talented artists pushing the boundaries of musical creativity. But amongst the many artists of this experimental genre there are only a rare few with a knack for striking the balance between nuanced instrumental compositions and music which can appeal to popular taste. While international genre heavyweights...

Musical Variety Is Displayed on New Titles

If variety is indeed the spice of life, look no further than a wide range of recent releases from Dave Gahan & Soulsavers, Rage Against The Machine, composer Danny Elfman, as well as retrospectives celebrating Denny Lile and Billy J. Kramer to satisfy a diverse group of music lovers. Artist: Dave Gahan & Soulsavers. Title: Angels & Ghosts (Columbia)

Erica Nicole (with Jamie O’Neal) – Like I Do

Opening with an attention-grabbing melodic piano intro, “Like I Do” is a concisely-written duet ballad performed by two of the best voices in Nashville, indie record-breaker Erica Nicole with Grammy nominee Jamie O’Neal (“There Is No Arizona”). In this dialogue between two women who are in love (or something like it) with the same man, each...

Ainslie Wills - Oh The Gold

With the release of her latest EP Oh the Gold its easy to see how the Melbourne singer / songwriter Ainslie Wills is gaining more and more of a following. For those not familiar with her music, it can be best described as indie with a jazz and progressive-pop flare. She has been quite busy throughout the year whilst releasing singles that have come together...

Tiny Little Houses - You Tore Out My Heart

Tearing your heart out again and again with its deeply melancholic ooziness, Tiny Little Houses’ debut EP is beautifully miserable. A collection of nineties inspired lo-fi tunes recounting tales of finding and losing love, You Tore Out My Heart is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Setting the airwaves ablaze with their fuzzed out recordings, the Melbourne...

Best Friends - Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane

Lewis Sharman, Tom Roper, Ed Crisp and Jonny Gaymer are best friends. They’re also Best Friends, a garage pop band from the United Kingdom who are just as lovable as your old childhood buddy and probably twice as memorable. Now I’m not saying you and your BFF didn’t share some special moments over the years, but it’s pretty...

Jeremy Neale - Let Me Go Out In Style

According to various sources, Brisbane’s Jeremy Neale has had quite a life. With early memories of seeing his twin brother jettisoned into space, dangerous stunts and, more recently, medical emergencies, it is reassuring that for his latest EP, Let Me Go Out In Style, Neale has turned to more familiar ground. Written around the lingering heartbreak and confusion...

Dustin Tebbutt - Home

Dustin Tebbutt hit us hard with the release of The Breach EP two years ago, a breathtaking and sublime statement that resulted from a two year hibernation in Sweden. It perked a lot of ears and gave us a new scenet to follow, anticipating with baited breath as to when it would happen again. Well, it’s happening again. His new...
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