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Glass Skies – Lemonade

What do you get when you combine the sounds of Queens Of The Stone Age with Lime Cordiale? Why, just ask Glass Skies. If you wanted to re-visit the groovy 60’s without leaving the comfort of our modern day naughties technology, my suggestion would be to drop acid, have sex with many strangers and talk about peace. Failing that, you could always listen to Glass Skies, which will take you some of the way there. The band is a 7-piece hailing from Radelaide and are fine...

Marianne Allison - Till It Breaks My Heart

Based in Mississippi, Marianne Allison turned a lot of ears and heads earlier this year with the release of "Till It Breaks My Heart." Reminiscent of what Norah Jones might have sounded like as a traditional based female vocalist in the 1980s. The song showcased a very powerful and moody vocal, and garnered the songstress some well-deserved attention. Now, with a full album, there is evidence that there...

Danny Riddle - Crying Out To Me

“It is my prayer that as people listen to each song that I sing that the songs will always be more than just words and music. I want the songs to be a reflection of God’s love,” says Christian artist Danny Riddle in a past interview with PCM Magazine. That is certainly the mission of his latest CD from his music ministry, “Crying Out To Me.” This Central Florida performer has a hand in writing 11 of the 13 songs on the album, and whether it’s Sunday or any other day...

Veterans and Newcomers Featured on Outstanding New Releases

Summer 2014 continues to yield musical pay dirt thanks to the far-flung talents of singer-songwriter Morrissey, heartland hero John Hiatt, Americana trio Puss n Boots and synthpop outfit Magic Man. Artist: Morrissey. Title: World Peace Is None of Your Business (Harvest/Capitol). You might like if you enjoy: The Smiths, Morrissey's previous solo albums. Tell me more: It would be impossible to find an artist as adept as Morrissey...

Les Kerr - The Americana Boogie

“The blues is spoken ‘round the world by women and by men/By anyone who’s lost a dollar, peso, pound or yen/Your lover leaves you cryin’ or your l’amour bids you adieu/Then you know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, you understand the blues” sings Nashville artist Les Kerr on the rocking final track of his latest CD “The Americana Boogie.” This O.N.U. Records release is produced by Kerr and Bryan Cumming, recorded in Music City and features ten self-penned tunes.

Sammy Kershaw - Do You Know Me (A Tribute To George Jones)

The first time Sammy Kershaw came into contact with George Jones, he was fourteen years old. The year was 1970. The singer remembers watching "The Possum" stroll in backstage of the venue wearing one of the most captivating pair of blue cowboy boots he had ever seen. However, the shoes didn't make the man. What left a lasting impact with Kershaw - and what still affects him the most forty-four years later was...

Firs- Sweet Nothings

You may remember Alister Douglas from his work as Blush Response. Now, he’s working as Firs, which he describes as Blush Response’s 80s electronic sibling”. Firs is the moniker of Adelaide multi-instrumentalist Alister Douglas (who you might remember from his other kickass project Blush Response). Firs is an enchanting reflection of dreamy 1980′s synth-pop with woozy synths and blurry vocals. Since being enticed out of his ...

The Baudelaires – Be A Baudelaire!

Want to get that awesome Baudelaires experiencewithout listening to The Baudelaires? Here’s Happy’s super useful and productive guide to doing just that! Melbourne band The Baudelaires have gladly exceeded our expectations. Their debut EP Be A Baudelaire! landed on our desk (physically – like on a CD) on Friday arvo and we’re super glad we gave it a spin. I’ve never been to Melbourne for any extended amount of time, and I have no desire to do...

Mikaela Davis - Fortune Teller

Some people are just naturals at what they do. Brett Favre knew he wanted to play football from an early age. Same with Michael Jordan at basketball. For New York native Mikaela Davis, the fire began very early as well. At the age of eight, she began to study the harp with Grace Wong, principal harpist of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. So, you know that her musical talent has always been there. But, this is a...

Wide Range of New Releases Showcase New and Emerging Artists

Fans of pioneering L.A. rockers The Doors, as well as authentic country and blues all have reason to celebrate thanks to a myriad of recent releases now available. In addition, guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson has issued an incredible live album that captures his dynamic wizardry. Artists: Todd Rundgren, Lou Gramm, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, more. Title: Light My Fire - A Classic Rock Salute...

Star Horse – Don’t Get Closer // 100 Eyes

What do you think of when you hear that a Swedish band are using boy-girl vocals? Yep, we know what you’re thinking of, and that thought is probably better left unsaid – just pretend you didn’t. Sweden has produced a whole heap of non-europop music as well, you know, and a lot of it shits all over the averageness of The Hives. Dreamy Stockholm four piece Star Horse have just released a double A side titled Don’t Get Closer // 100 Eyes. With ...

Girls, Guns and Glory - Good Luck

When you listen to "All The Way Up To Heaven," the opening cut from this disc, the last place you would think that Girls, Guns, and Glory might be from is Boston. The track has such an old school Country sound that it just doesn't mesh with the land of clam chowder. But, as are many things about this band, appearances can be misleading. And, so can first impressions. The group segues quite effectively into...

Bedroom – Grow

Bedroom is the solo work of our favourite teenager, Noah Kittinger. He’s now released his LP Grow, which is jam packed full of melancholy, electronic folk. Noah Kittinger is the 18-year-old kid from Tennessee behind the low-fi, dreamy moniker Bedroom. When I was 18, my dream bedroom involved a mini basketball hoop, a bar fridge and high speed internet. Obviously with plenty of room for activities, Noah’s Bedroom is about...

The Hello Strangers - Self Titled

Music has changed a lot to my ears over the years. When I was growing up, the lines between genres were very decided and kind of easy to decipher. Nowadays. it's not that simple. What was "Country," back in 1988 might still be Country, but it might also be known as Americana. That's where you have The Hello Strangers. Hailing from Pennsylvania, the sister duo of Larissa Chace Smith and Brechyn certainly wouldn't have been...

Joey+Rory - Country Classics

OK. The publicists were right. (As every PR rep in town picks their chin off the floor!) For a long time, the duo of Joey+Rory confused me a little. Not talent-wise - they are two of the finest singer-songwriters in the business. Not from a personal level, as you would be hard pressed to find any act who is more genuine and real than either one of them. But the name. I would get the email after a story posted saying "There is no space...
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