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MoeDeLL - Local

In an era where a professionally made song, which needed an experience engineer to produce fully, can be concocted in the ones and zeroes of computerised programs like GarageBand or ProTools, it is easy to get swayed by such convenient tools and forget about organic analog instruments that built the roots of modern music.

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead fall into the pseudo-deified class of bands hailed as musical geniuses. Famous for their eclectic, ground-breaking musical arrangements and stunning vocal talent, the beacons for the misunderstood headed by Thom Yorke have decades of success, industry respect and strangeness associated with their image. Unfortunately for bands with such stellar credentials, the curse of astronomical expectation hangs heavy. Two weeks ago the band flew off the grid, erasing their social media presence online and...

Jamie Suttle - This is My Story

The American country music scene never ceases to produce top-end music deeply rooted in the country’s roots and the artists always have the challenge presented to them to bring new life to the genre that always sounds the same, but still sounds like home for Americans. Kentucky-based artist Jamie Suttle doesn’t try to be above it all and step out of her comfort zone as I have observed ...

Japam - How’s my EP

What is it about chaos and sonic violence that keeps us coming back for more? Perhaps the cathartic release of ten-tonne riffs and hailstorm drums are sending us down a path of emotional freedom; even some scientific studies agree. Regardless of the why, Japam have the how down pat in their new EP How’s My EP?
Metheny unity cover art

Pat Metheny Returns with Two New Projects

If there’s one thing that jazz guitar legend Pat Metheny can always be expected to do, it’s the unexpected. On two new excellent (as always) releases, Metheny continues to never be satisfied with what he did last year or the year before, always stretching the boundaries of recorded art in general and jazz in particular. On The Unity Sessions, Metheny and his Unity Band play...

Southern Halo - Self-Titled

“Little White Dress,” the opening track of the self-titled debut album by Southern Halo, begins with 16 seconds of a cappella singing, establishing right off the bat what this group is all about – great vocals. This trio of teenage sisters – lead singer Natalia Morris and her harmonizing younger sisters, Christina and Hannah – conjures instant comparisons to SHeDAISY or the Dixie Chicks. Add in...

Major Leagues - Dream States

Since their debut EP Weird Season back in 2013, ripe Brisbane quartet Major Leagues from have been mashing up some indie slacker surf jams true to the Queensland mantra of leisurely living. After unwavering support from Australian local radio for Weird Season across 2013 and 2014, and a year of constant touring in 2015 with stints alongside the likes of San Cisco and ...

Tanzer - Four Love Songs

Hayley Tanzer is a musical force, the type of artist who storms through her career with guns blazing – guns that shoot technicolour laser beams. She’s a commander, wielding a vocal style that demands attention – the type of singer who would be equally comfortable soundtracking a Baz...
richard-lynch_soundpress-net Presents Sights and Sounds of Note May 2016

Spring is a season of eclectic and colorful variety as is the latest batch of CDs to arrive at the offices. Starting off the musical mix this month is one unlikely reunion that we were happy to see take root. Santana's ( latest IV reunites the early 1970s lineup of Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (keyboards, lead vocals), Neal Schon...

Solidities - I Is, You Is, We Is

Solidities is the solo project of Sydney producer Harry Burgess – a moniker that he works under creating sophisticated and complex electronic arrangements. I Is, You Is, We Is, Solidities’ debut effort, is an absolutely flooring sensory experience that boarders on psychedelia, despite having few of the hallmarks of the genre scattered across it. The EP is more akin to a dream...

Callie Twisselman – Party Lights

It’s summertime again, and California country-pop singer Callie Twisselman has a song ready-made for those barbecues and guitar pulls in the back yard. With “Party Lights,” the single from her EP of the same name, Twisselman has written a fun and flirty sing-along number about playing music and singing with her friends over a few cold ones that a...

Coachella and Stagecoach Veterans Display Brilliance on New Albums

My recent treks to the Coachella and Stagecoach festivals reminded me yet again about the never-ending joy of musical discovery. In this column I feature the latest albums from several artists I caught in Indio this year, as well as masterworks from Coachella 2012 headliner Radiohead and Stagecoach 2012 standout the Jayhawks.

Half Deaf Clatch - Simple Songs for These Complicated Times

Half Deaf Clatch is an English blues player with a strong love of traditional, 1920s and 30s US southern music. This is his second release in under a year, following on from the success of the truly remarkable 'Life & Death of AJ Rail.' Again, Clatch turns back time, setting his sights firmly in the feel of the past, with downright old-style, loose and free banjo picking and resonator guitar work...

King Gizzard and Lizard Wizards - Nonagon Infinity

Melbourne’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard not only give us a mouthful of a name, but an earful of music. Channelling the weird and the wonderful as only the Gizzard and Wizard can, new album Nonagon Infinity is an ode to the gents who will do whatever they bloody want to do and do it with an untameable force that you’re bloody knocked for six and blissfully happy about it.

Mossy - Self-Titled

Hype. Hype. Hype. Hype. Hype. Hype. Everything gets hyped these days, from a 16-year-old bedroom producer with two remix tracks on Soundcloud, to the latest superhero movie that’s just a carbon copy of it’s predecessor. That’s just the devilish mastery of publicity. Every so often though, something comes along that’s worth it. There has been a lot of hype for Mossy‘s self-titled...
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