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Radiohead’s Spectre is the Song We Wish We Heard in the Movie

December 2015 was rife with anticipation for the new Star Wars movie. Lovers of the franchise were beside themselves with excitement to the point that Christmas was reduced to playing second fiddle as a holiday. Yet amongst the hype, an actual Christmas miracle occurred. Thom Yorke assumed the role of Saint Nic himself and dropped a present into the lap of the music...

Leslie Cours Mather – That Was The Whiskey

Country songs about drinking hard and making a spectacle of oneself are usually performed by male artists. Sure, Gretchen Wilson and Shelly West may have sung about throwin’ a few back, but the guys are the ones who normally sing about getting embarrassingly hammered. Leslie Cours Mather, though, is ringing in 2016 with “That Was The Whiskey,” a tune about alcohol-fueled barroom...

Legends Celebrated Via Wide Range of Releases

Music lovers have a wealth of new releases to celebrate including David Bowie's inspired "Blackstar" and a number of new multi-format titles now available. Artist: David Bowie. Album: Blackstar (Columbia). You might like if you enjoy: David Bowie, Radiohead. Tell me more: David Bowie celebrated his 69th birthday on January 8, 2016 with the release of his 25th studio...

Richard Cuthbert Gets a Perfect 10 for Swimming Pool

Australia has a knack for producing fantastic musical talent especially when it comes to indie rock. There is no point listing off as about three to five artists have already come to mind, am I right? This production of talent never ceases. At the rate these bands are popping up you could say we are a factory line for creating artists every 30 seconds then sending them off to take...

Mia Rose Lynne: From Follow Me Moon to Chicago

Being likened vocally, instrumentally and compositionally – and justifiably – to artists like Joni Mitchell and Patty Griffin is one thing, and a hard comparison to live up to. But when the recipient of such praise actually makes part of her living in musical theatre, it’s pretty obvious that a formidable new talent is on the rise. new talent is on the rise. Nashville transplant Mia Rose...

The Walking Who - Lewiside

December was a good time for surprise new music. Radiohead did it with their brilliant single Spectre, but local boys The Walking Who upped the ante considerably and dropped their sophomore album basically without warning. Following their win in FBi’s Nothern Lights comp, the three-piece shifted their headquarters to Iceland, one of the many places they hunkered down...

Big White’s Top 10 Songs of 2015

We’ve been big fans of Big White for a fair while now. The Sydney-siders are fine purveyors of New Wave-inspired jangle pop with big bold vocals and plenty of sunny guitar work. They’ve been going from strength to strength in 2015 with two singles You Know I Love You and I Can’t Tell making a pretty big splash early on in the year.

George A. Paul's Top 10 Albums of 2015

In 2015, many music consumers were busy purchasing or streaming albums by Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Maroon 5 (all of which came out the year before) or actually going into stores to buy physical CDs by Adele. The latter's "25" has already raced past the 7 million mark in just over a month's time. But several truly daring and original releases came from...

Darts’ Top 10 Tracks of 2015

Melbourne alt-rockers Darts have had a brilliant year. Kicking off with a signing to renowned Sydney label Rice Is Nice, who put out the band’s debut record Below Empty and Westward Bound, praise soon rolled in for the band for their razor sharp, 90s-inspired rock. With a bunch of massive sell out shows, supports slots withAlpine and Bully, and a huge set at Bigsound under their...

George A. Paul's Best Live Albums of 2015

On some live albums, you can tell some studio tinkering was involved after the fact. Then there are others where the raw energy of the concert performance shines through and hasn’t been polished to perfection. Such is the case with my picks for the best of 2015. Neil Finn + Paul Kelly, “Goin' Your Way” (Omnivore/EMI) - In 2013, two of Australian alt-rock and...

Billy Currington - Summer Forever

Billy Currington is a prototypical bro country specimen with his boyish good looks, infectious charm and smooth voice. However, he has avoided being thrust into the negative stereotypes of that group. This is largely because his songs avoid the harder edges of the sub-genre. Though Currington has been known to drink a beer or two and chase the ...

Book Titles Shed Light On Seminal Studios, Guitars and Music Icons

Last year saw the release of a slew of noteworthy new books focused on much-loved corners of the music universe, including British recording studios, Southern California-based Taylor Guitars, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and more. Here is an overview of a number of the most essential titles now available. Title: The Great British Recording Studios (Hal Leonard Books)...

Die! Die! Die! - What Did You Expect?

There are some great things to discover in New Zealand. Most of them used to be found on that New Zealand’s Finest Youtube video (here’s part of it), but ever since that got taken down they’ve been harder to unearth. Well, er’rryone’s in luck, because Die! Die! Die! have made themselves heard, furiously tapping away at the glass ceiling that hangs over the Land of the Long White ...

World Champion - Avocado Galaxy

World Champion’s EP Avocado Galaxy sounds inspired by a chilled out Australian summer’s evening. The tracks have a trippy bounce to them; the music comes on like waves building up to a steady rhythm and a hope that the sun stays up a little longer to experience more. The Sydney two-piece, made up of Julian Sudek and Will Campion, are alumni of esteemed electronic music connoisseur...

The Ragpicker String Band - Self-Titled

Back in the day we had so-called supergroups, bands of big-name musicians jamming together, producing big-selling albums and reaping huge financial rewards for their collective efforts. An era now seemingly long gone and partly forgotten. The Ragpicker String Band breathes interesting life into that previous historic theme with a decidedly acoustic, 1930s...
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