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Cull - Aloft

If you write your own music, or do anything creative for that matter, you’ll appreciate the difficulties inherent in trying to find inspiration for your next project. Sometimes it comes from the most unlikely sources, and for Cull, that was certainly the case with their new album, Aloft. Inspired by the space under a loft bed purchased from everybody’s favourite...

Angharad Drake - Sword

Purveyor of sweet dreams, Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Angharad Drake makes enchanting folk tunes. Lulling you into a peaceful state with her lullaby melodies, Drake elicits endless daydreams about love. Now, cutting deeper still into love’s highs and lows, her debut album Sword is one hypnotising listen. After releasing a bunch of EPs and playing plenty of gigs around...

Chloe Collins - 5@15

You must give the debut Chloe Collins record "5@15" a listen. Five catchy, melodic songs by a 15 year old singer/songwriter who writes with the perceptive observation skills of someone twice her age. Unlike most hit songs these days which are written by committee and then processed and sanitized by big record business conglomerates, Chloe's songs are written by her...

Bad News Barnes & The Brethern of Blues Band

A dozen tracks of complete hokum, as it clearly says on the album cover, from one of the USA's finest hoaxers and hoary frontmen. This guy is not just a comic with a challenging sense of humor, he's also one helluva singer/songwriter with an at times decidedly jaundiced eye on the skewed social and political world of modern America. I have to declare an...

Top Artists Perform On DVD Films

What do the far-flung likes of the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Elliott Smith have in common? All are the focus of newly-issued films now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital. Artist: The Rolling Stones. Title: From the Vault: Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990 (Eagle Vision). You might like if you enjoy: The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards...

Vaporized - Self Titled

Crawling out from the Sydney underground VAPORIZED! bring the noise with their aggressively primitive debut cassette. Comprised of frontman Alan Gojak, drummer Tim Nichols, bassist Andréa Mandadakis and guitarist Ishka Edmeados VAPORIZED! have been menacing claustrophobic underground crawlspaces across Sydney’s pub circuit for over...

City Calm Down - In a Restless House

Critical acclaim within the music industry may sometimes appear as though it falls only into the hands of image and the product of a well strategised marketing scheme. However no matter how much of that is true, it definitely does not get in the way of local acts aspiring to crush the idea of confined aesthetics within the industry. Each time we get to see a local ...

A Look The Velvet Underground Through the Psychedelic Scope of Tribute Album Reloaded

This year marks 45 years since the release of the Velvet Underground‘s Loaded – their final studio album with Lou Reed which saw the band exploring new means of commercial appeal and effectively producing one of their most enduring records. This week also marks the second anniversary of Reed’s death, and with it, the death of one of rock and roll’s...

Canary Take Flight with a Raucous and Diverse Sound

It’s been more than four years since Melbourne’s Canary released their debut album,Dear Universe, and with a second one in the works, it was always going to be interesting to see what might have changed musically in all that time. The answer to that question has come recently with two tracks from the band’s upcoming second album, I Am Lion, unleashed...

All The Weathers - 6 For Gold

There are some absolutely great underground bands kicking around Hobart at the moment. Tree House, Naked and Heart Beach are all weaving addictive idiosyncratic and experimental lo-fi sounds. Capturing some of the bulldozer punk and shambolic pop of their electrifying live performances on debut album 6 For Gold All The Weathers prove themselves...

Pat Chow - Are You Okay?

So often it’s all in the “angle”, that point of interest that makes music worth writing about – or at least gives you a jumping off point. And while there is a lot that I can say about Perth’s Pat Chow, I’ve realised that there is one simple point that I want to make. This time it’s not about leading a revival, or even spearheading a new wave. It’s not about...

Pete Scobell – Walkin' A Wire

Pete Scobell has lived several lives and is lucky to have survived a couple of them. He’s a former Navy SEAL and a onetime competitive skier who’s also played music for most of his life, and the dues he’s paid come through in his gritty baritone on “Walkin A Wire,” his new Country single and the title track from his album of the same name. This song about a guy trying to figure out ...

Palms - Crazy Rack

Rock n Roll for friends, by friends… and every fan is a friend. Well now doesn’t that just feel bliss? Sydney’s own rowdy rocker icons Palms deliver nothing less than the latter with their incredibly catchy and punchy breed of thrash pop. The boys have time and time again effectively delivered superlative good vibes through their ability to flawlessly capture their goofy personalities...

Bad Pony - Limbo

For a band that’s had trouble holding down a drummer, Bad Pony certainly have no trouble making you tap your foot like it’s rigged to a joyful electrical impulse. For the record, they still don’t have a drummer – not in the traditional sense, at least. They’ve inventively managed to split the kit up between various members of the band, with frontman Jarred Young managing the bulk of the beat-making.

My Own Pet Radio - Goodlum

Musical side projects can be a mixed bag. When Pixies bassist Kim Deal brought together The Breeders to record sophomore album Last Splash it was great. When Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes dropped in 2014 it was divisive. When The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger released Primitive Cool…well the less said the better.
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