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Soak - Before We Forget How To Dream

When you’re in your teens there are plenty of things to deal with. The turmoil of school mixed with an influx of hormones, those damn pimples and the stress of getting your license – it’s a lot for one to juggle. Add to that a massive break in the British music scene with two EPs that were written and recorded within a year plus an album on the way and you’re living the life of SOAK.

Telling - New Love

A lot of people are saying rock is dead, so it’s all good and well that there’s a load of new exciting electronic talent pouring out of Australia. It’s the sort of forward thinking about the future of Australia that 90% of our (mostly career) politicians fail to exhibit. Through the misty malaise that is a mining boom being pissed up the wall, has stepped Telling, a Melbourne-based duo...

Elwood Myre - Self-Titled

Elwood Myre is a young singer songwriter duo from the central coast of New South Wales and have recently released their self-titled debut album. The soft and airy folk sound is great to listen and unwind with and delve into a relaxed state of mind. The impassioned vocals are great to tune into while driving along, whether it be...

Love of Diagrams - Blast

The 90s, for all its faults, is one of the most enduring eras of music to date*. Recently we have seen hordes of bands inspired by shoegaze, grunge and Brit-pop making tracks in the Australian music scene and overseas. Blast, the new album from Melbourne rockers Love of Diagrams, is an amalgamation of a whole lot of things that were good about music in the 90s.

Kagu - Self-Titled

Kagu is the solo project of Sean Heathcliff, formerly of Snakadaktal fame. Whilst Snakadaktal disbanded in March 2014, Heathcliff continued writing and recording under his new moniker, unveiling his first track Shadow of the Wind online late last year. Atmospheric and melancholic, Shadow of the Wind combines acoustic guitars...

New Music DVD Titles Are First Rate

A number of new DVDs (several also available on Blu-ray) celebrate the far-flung corners of the musical universe in essential, bonus material-loaded packages. Artist: Kansas. Title: Miracles Out of Nowhere (Epic Records / Legacy Recordings). You might like if you enjoy: Kansas, Rush, Queen. Tell me more: Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Kerry Livgren, Robby...

Gabriella Cohen - Updated Regurgitated Sever

There’s always been place for bittersweetness in music; it resides in that space where happiness and sadness collide, and despite an innate sense of emptiness you can’t help but smirk. Gabriella Cohen's music encapsulates this feeling perfectly, and never more so on her brand new EP Updated Regurgitated Sever.

Sarah Brusco - The Woven Whisper

There is a type of music that is a backdrop for unrelenting focus on God. Sometimes featuring words, sometimes not… “soaking” music. Music that floats and drifts, and coaxes you from a world of clashing sounds, emotions, and demands into a world where spirit, soul and body meet at the intersection of heaven and earth. Sarah Brusco’s album weaves a heavenly mix of...

Eternal Death - Self-Titled

Without hearing any of their music, you expect Eternal Death to produce some sort of hardcore, death metal… well at least I did. But their music is actually quite the contrary. Their LP Eternal Death is a combination of modern pop with very strong electronic and synth influences. Swedish duo Johan Angergard and Elin Berlin, with the help of Labrador...

Sports Coach - The Ballads of Coach Lazy Eye

I don’t know exactly who Sports Coach is. I do know however that he just released a new album, The Ballads of Coach Lazy Eye. You can download it for free on his Bandcamp page. You should, its great. Sports Coach who also goes by the alias Coach T-bone said that he wrote The Ballads of Coach Lazy Eye whilst watching snow fall from his window...

David Corley - Available Light

Before saying it’s far too late to shoot for your dreams, you ought to listen to Americana artist David Corley’s debut album, “Available Light.” This collection of ten tracks by Corley, recorded in Wolfe Island, Ontario and Brooklyn, New York and produced by Hugh Christopher Brown, is a dynamic introduction to this 53-year-old Indianan singer...
Robert Kinsler & TJR

Music Worth Buying: The Lone Bellow and Elvis Costello Tribute

Orange County Register (CA) music critic Robert Kinsler and his co-host, TJR review new CDs. This week TJR and Robert look at the The new album by The Lone Bellow And Then Came The Morning and Beyond Belief A 3 disc tribute to Elvis Costello.

Love and Theft - Whiskey On My Breath

Generally, independently releasing an album is viewed as entrepreneurial. For Love and Theft’s Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, it was a necessity. The duo is proof that the chart summit is not all it’s cracked up to be. After hitting No. 1 with 2012’s “Angel Eyes,” they were dropped by RCA Nashville last year when their follow up singles flopped. With their final album for the label shelved and unable...

Masterworks Arrive Under the Radar   

Amazing Irish outfit Pugwash, Nashville singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt, Canadian rocker Pat Travers and Houston's genre-defying Buxton are giving music aficionados plenty of reason to cheer via their latest releases. Artist: Pugwash. Title: A Rose in a Garden of Weeds: a Preamble Through the History of Pugwash... (Omnivore Recordings). You might like if you...

El Grande - Get Done

If you’re looking to be dipped and swerved into a sultry world of scatterbrained guitar solos, feverish vocals and ‘far out’ stone foxes, look no further then the tremendous blues-rock duo El Grande, who have given us a modern take on a genre that made panties drop, and minds expand in the progressive days of the 60’s and 70’s.
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