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Fazerdaze – Self-Titled EP

I’d be lying if I said that some sector of this music critic’s shriveled heart doesn’t love the name Fazerdaze, because I really do, but what’s more is that, like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, my heart grew three sizes while listening to the music of Amelia Murray. Coming out of New Zealand, home of such excellent things as Flight of the Conchords, Lord…
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West My Friend – When The Ink Dries

“I once sat here in the crux of this tree/Watching fruit reach out in front of me/I sat there, holding my fear to my heart/Watching fruit fall one by one ‘cause I refused to take part,” sings Eden Oliver, member of Canadian group West My Friend on their beautiful song “Ode to Silvia Plath.” Described as chamber folk meets indie roots, this four-piece band based…
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Buzz Cason – Troubadour Heart

“I’m all over the map as far as songwriting methods go,” says Americana artist and songwriter Buzz Cason. Talking about his latest album “Troubadour Heart,” released on the Plowboy Records label, he also confesses, “I’m letting the songs dictate how I sing the songs. That’s how I’ve always been,” and so his performance style…
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Tora – Eat The Sun

With chilled out sounds that will have you wishing you were sitting back sipping a few beers or ciders on the beach, Tora are back with their EP Eat the Sun. After finishing their very first Australian tour in April that took them down the east coast, Tora have been writing for their much anticipated next release. Unlike their previous EP Tora, which…
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Odesza – In Return

Beat makers Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (aka BeachesBeaches) are the dreamy electronic duo behind the sounds that have you covered this summer. After winning us over with their irresistible electro dreaminess, Seattle chillwavers ODESZA are back with their second album In Return – the perfect accompaniment…
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Groundbreaking Acts Excel on Latest Entries

While the end of the year typically is all about new holiday releases, several groundbreaking artists have actually issued must-have studio albums during 2014’s home stretch. Artist: AC/DC. Title: Rock or Bust (Columbia Records). You might like if you enjoy: AC/DC’s “Back in Black” (1980) and “Black Ice” (2008). Tell me more: Despite the departure…
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The Rider – Songs from Side A

Sydney psychedelic alt-rockers The Rider have offered up a new extended play release, although this term has been stretched to the broadest term possible, as Songs from Side A only includes two tracks. At only three dollars, it’s a tasty entrée, and leaves you hoping for an eventual Songs from Side B before the main course of a delicious LP is served up…
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Music DVD Gift Guide at the Ready

Looking for some perfect gift ideas? A number of bona fide classic rock legends are featured in new releases available on DVD and Blu-ray. Artist: The Rolling Stones. Title: From the Vault: Hampton Coliseum – Live in 1981 (Eagle Rock Entertainment). You might like if you enjoy: The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger…
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Beach Slang – Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street

Beach House, Beach Fossils, Ghost Beach, Dirty Beaches, The Beach Boys. Like bears and crystal, the ‘B’ word tends to get a pretty good look-in when it comes to naming a band. Most of the aforementioned groups (notwithstanding the first and the last) have become more or less synonymous to me: interchangeable names on festival…
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Black Swift – The World Howls

Serious question: what do you think of when someone mentions Taylor Swift? Nashville? The cute and quirky persona with bouncing blonde hair and oh so silly cat ears? That less than desirable song of hers where she makes a fool of herself dancing, thus sending a wave of cringe across the lands? To be honest I’m not sure where this discussion is going…
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The Delta Riggs – Dipz Zebazios

This week I’ve been tasked with writing about a band ostensibly named after an old-school English actress and an overproduced crud-pop Australian singer*. The Delta Riggs seemingly are on the way up: their new album,Dipz Zebazios, was the featured album this week/last week/whatever on triple J; they just came back from a tour of…
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You Beauty – Jersey Flegg

If you love a good concept album, or simply love ya footy, then pub rock four-piece You Beauty’s debut LP Jersey Flegg is just for you. Coming from a bunch of well-established Aussie bands like Absolute Boys, Mere Women, Hira Hira and Home Travel, Will Farrier, Flyn Mckinnirey, Joshua Phuah and Kino Verzosa recently channeled their
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Sunbeam Sound Machine – Wonderer

As a person whose very essence is made up of wiry anxiety there are very few things that can relax me; puppies,lightning and the xylophone usually work. But as I write this very sentence I can’t help but feel eerily at ease. No, I’m not cuddling a xylophone playing puppy in a thunderstorm. There are these wonderfully breezy melodies flowing from…
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Magic Hands – Let Me Hold You While You Fail

Melbourne’s Magic Hands are a dream-pop duo inspired by traditional music cultures, modern electronic music and 1970’s psychedelia. Their debut album, aptly and snicker inducing-ly named Let Me Hold You While You Failis the product of twelve months spent writing and recording. The 10 track LP opens in a slow hypnotic…
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Great Good Fine Okay – Body Diamond

Great Good Fine Okay are everything their name suggests and more and the Brooklyn based electro-pop duo have just dropped their debut EP Body Diamond. Their EP Body Diamond was released on October 3rd, and showcases their unique craft in the dance / pop world. Whilst GGFO are quite fresh to ears of Australian listeners with…
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Jack Carty – Esk

Born and raised in the hell fires of Belingen, Australia, Jack Carty has got it goin’ on. Well okay, maybe his entrance into this life isn’t that dramatic (I hear the rustic town of Belingen is absolutely lovely and completely remote at this time of year), but everything beyond that point is nothing but fireworks. He deserved that…
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Normanton Street – Much Respect

When I was a kid I thought soul music was for people who didn’t have souls. Weird, I know. Of course I was wrong. There’s something so inherently sad yet hopeful about it; a quality that seems to inspire people. I guess that’s what the soul is all about – the ability to feel inspired and in turn inspire others as well on a level that is neither physical…
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Max Quinn’s Onomatopenis – Self Titled Debut

For over two years now, Ballina native Max Quinn has been living in the big city – its smoggy air permeating his lungs, its greasy thai food satisfying his stomachly desires, its Darlinghurst darlings populating his peripheries, all whilst the conveniences and inconveniences of the urban experience are juggled gracelessly above…
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Red Bird Sky – The Unravelling

Red Bird Sky is a U.K. band whose music is driven by the lyrics of the songwriting duo Bernie Maguire and Mike Seal. Their sophomore effort, The Unravelling, kicks off with “She Ain’t Lookin’ Back”, a song reminiscent of the lovely effortlessness that Fleetwood Mac’s music is well known for. This breezy 70’s vibe carries on into the…
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The Good Sports – Mandarin Time

Want to go on a laid back psychedelic ride in the comfort of your own backyard? Well, strap yourself in cos The Good Sports will take you there. Pumping out plenty of lo-fi garage vibes since last year, the East Brisbane band give you lazy backyard beats you can chuck on any time you wanna veg out with your mates.
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