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Berlin Bar Hounds – Le Rambles

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but from my semester studying French in Year 7 the word Le Rambles is quite a highly regarded word. It’s French so it has got to be fancy, right? It means the act of using one’s soul to speak the truth, by letting the tides of the subconscious mind reveal itself on its own accord – I definitely didn’t make that up. I hear you saying – “Uh, Jen it just means rambles, like random non-sensical dialogue.” Well yes I know that, but sometimes my…
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Metallic Ghosts – SkyTower 2032

The year is 2032. Capitalism fell a long time ago, and needless to say pleasure is dead. This is the opening dialogue to Metallic Ghosts‘ latest EP/album/internet-only cassette tape titled SkyTower 2032. Entirely miserable, entirely ridiculous. It’s 50% a narrative, 50% a satirical look at the concept of dystopia, 100% the most enthralling piece of… media you’ll hear this week. I hesitate even to call it music. Now, it’s very difficult to write an article on vaporwave that is…
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Erland – On Our Side

“I’m a big fan of bands. I love The Beatles. Something that’s collective….makes it more special for me,” says Erland Wanberg, solo-artist-turned-frontman of California group Erland, in a recent Project Greenroom interview. It was his producer –- singer / songwriter Andrew McMahon – who encouraged his brother-in-law to explore a band sound for his album “On Our Side,” and so this folk-rock band was born. Wanberg credits McMahon: “He’s really helped shape…
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Kelsey Waldon – The Gold Mine

Upon first listen to Kelsey Waldon, you might be prone to think “What a great Retro Country Album.” While she would appreciate the compliment, that’s not the way the talented singer / songwriter looks at it. This is simply Country Music to her – the kind she listened to growing up in Western Kentucky. And, she does it very well. Kicking off with “Town Clown,” you know that you are in for something special. Featuring Brett Resnick on…
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Mason Summit – Absentee

“I never took a look around, no/Mostly I looked at the ground/Till I got to know her/Now I see the gentle faces/Buildings, parks and pretty places/Since I got to know her,” sings Los Angeles singer/songwriter Mason Summit on “Better Half,” one of twelve self-penned songs on his debut album “Absentee.” Produced by this 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist, recorded in Echo Park, California, along with veteran musicians, and released on the…
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MacLear & Waters – Self Titled

There are a ton of talented new acts out there, which kind of makes it frustrating because you know there’s not a slot for everybody. That being said, I would definitely clear a place at the table for this very talented duo comprised of Tom MacLear and Heather Waters. They possess a harmony blend that definitely has a little bit of a Pop / Rock edge, but make no mistake, this is definitely Contemporary Country, as…
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Graveyard Train – Takes One To Know One

“I thought it was a Modest Mouse song that I hadn’t heard before”. That was my mate Tom’s short and sweet bio for some band called Graveyard Train. This article on Graveyard Train will really make you want to listen to Modest Mouse. But don’t do that just yet – check out Takes One To Know One first. He never gave me the name of the song in question, but he was probably referring to the title track for the Melbournian six…
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Roman Ruins – Source of Pride

Some dads are cool. Graham Hill is a father, a musician, architect and a composer who grew up in rural West Virginia. In 2001, Hill moved to California and started playing drums with Beach House and Papercuts. Lately he has worked on his solo outfit, Roman Ruins while raising his second child. Roman Ruins is psychedelic dance pop at its best. All the ingredients are there, vitally a slow tempo and qualities of smooth…
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Lynda Dawson & Pattie Hopkins – Traditional Duets

Sometimes, things are exactly as they appear to be. In the case of Lynda Dawson and Pattie Hopkins, that turns out to be the case. The name of the album is Traditional Duets. And, from beginning to end, that’s exactly what you get. These songs have been part of the American consciousness for years, and the talented duo wisely sees no need to try to reinvent the wheel. Songs like “Long Time Gone” and…
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Amy LaVere – Runaway’s Diary

Michigan native Amy LaVere has quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed artists on the musical landscape as of late – and with good reason. She sings and she writes from a place that is very much real – drawing on her own experiences for inspiration. In fact, several of these songs were drawn from the singer’s past, where she and a friend rode a bus from Detroit to Chicago. You can hear some…
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Dale Watson – The Truckin’ Sessions

Dale Watson is one of those singers that is identifiable from the moment you first hear him sing. His music is for that audience that feels that Country Music has changed. In fact, if you were to ask Watson, he doesn’t even label himself as a “Country” performer anymore. Rather, he calls the style of music he does “Ameripolitan.” For his current project, Watson has assembled two of his previous discs -The Truckin…
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Loumar – Avril EP

French producer Loumar has mished and mashed a whole bunch of electronic genres together to make a superb EP. The secret ingredient? Love. For many of us, the first artists that come to mind when French electronic music is mentioned are heavyweights like Daft Punk, Justice, or artists on the Ed Banger label – creators of sample-heavy, funky, dancefloor-ready music. This kind of music is where the name Loumar has so…
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Grime Kings – Honeymooning

Grime Kings remind us of our edgier past lives. Photograph courtesy of Ottawa Wig Emporium and Ming Wu, apparently. Fancy a honeymoon to the cemetery for a beautiful living funeral? There’s the sense that we are farewelling a group of musicians who’s sound evokes a life that was fulfilling and yet equality brutal. Don’t worry this isn’t a literal funeral, no one died, so don’t waste your time crying over nothing.
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John Hiatt – Terms Of My Surrender

Question – What do Kenny Rogers, Rosanne Cash, Paula Abdul, and B.B. King have in common? The answer is they have each recorded a song from the ever-flowing well of John Hiatt. The Indiana native’s talent has touched many over the years – as both a tunesmith and as a performer. Hiatt returns with a new album that is sure to leave his fan base satisfied, and could also serve as an introduction as to…
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The KVB – Out Of Body

Boy-girl duo The KVB like lurking in the dark corners of London shoegaze. But, they’ve recently escaped the smoggy city and ventured into the damper Berlin backstreets to summon the forces of an even darker haze. Goth couple Nicholas Wood and Kat Day describe themselves more as an audio-visual project than a band. Basically it’s because they like inducing hallucinatory states by mixing their spaced out sound with pixel-infested videos. Go to their gigs or watch…
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Carissa Leigh – The Blackbird EP

Spend any amount of time with newcomer Carissa Leigh, and you will come away enchanted with her playful personality, stunning good looks – and her vocal talent. The Canadian has been making waves as of late with her seductive single “Bad Boy,” which definitely alludes to that playful side. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg to this woman’s amazing charisma and vocal talent. The rest of this EP – recorded at John…
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DIIV- Oshin

No, it’s not what you’re thinking: DIIV actually isn’t a new Sydney producer with an aptly electronic sounding name. In fact, DIIV are a wildly indie American four-piece. The band released their debut album Oshin in 2012 and have been touring all over the place since then. They seem to be following in the footsteps or even alongside bands like Best Coast or Beach Fossils. In fact, DIIV’s bass also toured in Beach Fossils. Nice.
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0point1 – Clean Dirt

New ambient electronic music from 0point1 is so fresh. Definitely worth a play, or two, on repeat, all day, everyday, for the rest of your life. Melbourne-based artist Bob Streckfuss is gaining traction with his ability to meld nature and technology into a synergistic whole, like the Captain Planet of music production. Under the guise of 0point1 he has released several impressive pieces in the past, and now June has unearthed his …
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Indi – One Half of Doprah

Hey so sometimes we’re a little slow off the mark. Given how much music there is we can be forgiven, but what’s almost inexplicable is that the ethereal, sweet, quixotic, New Zealander Indi had not been brought to out attention until today. In preparing for this review, there were several times where I listened to this musician in my car. This, I am reasonably sure, constitutes driving under the influence. Hushed drones, light ethereal touches, and slow…
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The Pfeiffer Twins – Nobody’s Puppet

Wow. I don’t know if I have ever started a review off with simply one word before. However, in the case of the Pfeiffer Twins, it applies. I will forewarn you. This is one of those reviews where I gush. There’s no flaws about this record. The vocals, the writing, the instrumentation – it’s all ‘through the roof’ good – whatever that means. Comprised of sisters Lindsay and Carrie, this album is chock-full of air tight harmonies…
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