CatsMelvin “Wrong Side” Picked Up By Online Gamers RockBand

Joining storied bands including Evanescence, Tina Guo, Gary Dean Smith and others, Lincoln, Nebraska-based rock group CatsMelvin have just had their song “Wrong Side” licensed for use by online gaming giant Rock Band Network. Through the use of games, songs, leaderboards, battles and forums, Rock Band Network provides exposure to millions of new potential fans via online sales as a valuable, viable distribution platform.

CatsMelvin are set to embark on a national ten-city tour (dubbed the “Rock Band Nation Tour” in honor of their new deal with the online gamers) along with Lincoln band-mates Freakabout (see full itinerary below). Watch a live performance from the band’s 2010 tour here.

CatsMelvin has spent the last few years honing their high-energy sound and touring many major cities as opposed to concentrating on the local market like so many groups do. The band’s goal remains to bring their music into bigger markets, thereby gaining a better feel of the big picture.

The band has been booked into venues in major cities such as New York, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Denver, St. Louis, Austin, New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta,¬† Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many more. Described as “hardcore folk,” the group’s vintage feel is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin the Grateful Dead and Black Sabbath, but also more modern groups like Rage Against Machine, Pearl Jam, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. CatsMelvin began recording¬† last December with producer Michael Beck (Abigail Williams, Knights Of The Abyss, Paisty Jenny, Split The Enemy) of SoundVision Recording and plans to soon complete a six-song EP at Fuse Recording in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Three songs were picked out to start the sessions with three more recorded this past February. Rock Band Nation, the video game, has recently offered the group a licensing deal on the title song. “Wrong Side.” Release date for the CatsMelvin Rock Band game is June 2012.

CatsMelvin are Mike Amend (vocals, guitar loops, and effects); Tim Kechely (rhythm/lead guitars); and Jason Morris (bass). Joining the band on for their upcoming  tour is FreakAbout drummer, Dr. Z.



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