Callie Twisselman – Party Lights

by Rick Moore

callie-twisselman_party-lightsIt’s summertime again, and California country-pop singer Callie Twisselman has a song ready-made for those barbecues and guitar pulls in the back yard. With “Party Lights,” the single from her EP of the same name, Twisselman has written a fun and flirty sing-along number about playing music and singing with her friends over a few cold ones that a lot of listeners are sure to press the “repeat” button on.

With an infectious chorus and a delicious melody that goes places you would never expect it to, “Party Lights” is the kind of song that will pack the dance floors before the end of the first bar. The upbeat production seamlessly blends mid-‘80s drum and keyboard sounds with retro country pedal steel and reverb-heavy guitar, all the while maintaining a high-spirited down-home celebration vibe that screams for line dancers. Twisselman’s voice and style bring to mind Kelsea Ballerini, or Carrie Underwood on some of her more fun material. And as a songwriter, this gorgeous young blonde certainly understands how to craft a hooky country-pop tune.

“Party Lights” is going to liven up the dog days of summer for a lot of people this year and will no doubt be blasting loud and clear at many back yard get-togethers. Check out this song, and other great tunes from Twisselman’s Party Lights EP, on your favorite streaming service or at



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