C-LEB Aand The Kettle Black Deliver A Melting Pot of Sounds

Seattle natives C-Leb & the Kettle Black recently released their debut album, The Kettle Black, and have been turning heads since.  The band’s unique sound blends old blues with progressive beats, heavy synth, harmonica and slide guitar to repurpose a soul-inspiring lyrical sound for a new generation through the blues genre. Combining dance beats with a genuine throw back to the blues greats such as Lightning Hopkins, James Cotton and Muddy Waters, this unrestrained album came with ease of development for C-Leb, Jesse “Hound-dawg” Strasbaugh and Jazz Turnbow (formerly of Bens Jazz Kit) when formulating their sound; the entire album was very liberating for C-Leb. “For years I tried to get this style out and was often stymied by creative differences or circumstances,” he said.  “With The Kettle Black that hasn’t been so.”

Not new to the business, C-Leb has been running the C-Leb brand since 2008 when he released a collaborative album C-Leb & A-Bro – “Broke Downtown.” Being more of an 80’s oriented, synth-heavy style, C-Leb had started experimenting with dance/hip-hop beats combined with blues already and expanded it for The Kettle Black. Jazz has also been on the Seattle music scene, releasing multiple albums with different projects such as Bens Jazz Kit and Black Gravity before. For this group, everything has naturally fallen into place to keep a steady momentum going.

C-Leb shares his passion with a modern twist on an old idea, which seems to tap a primal vein that most people really seem to be able to resonate with. The combination of music and lyrics is sure to grab hold of a huge demographic in reference to an identification of their audience. For C-Leb & the Kettle Black, it’s much more than music. “We’re not just saying it; we’ve lived it and are living it. This is our reality, too,” said C-Leb.

Often compared to a blend of John Fogerty and Chris Cornell, or even an early Aerosmith/Rod Stewart mix and The Band, the common denominator is that C-Leb & the Kettle Black aims to write songs that are timeless and channel not just a taste for their music, but also a passion for it. And C-Leb’s powerful vocals are the perfect vehicle for those songs.

In April 2011 the band released a music video for the acoustic version of the song, “Can’t Get That Low.”  Following that, the dominoes began falling. After sparking the interest of a friend, their studio time was funded, which in turn got all of their friends on board with the album as well. “We really feel humbled that so many of our long-time friends and peers had a hand in helping make The Kettle Black happen,” said C-Leb.

For more information, please visit www.c-lebsounds.com



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