Brownsville Station – Still Smokin’

by Chuck Dauphin

As the band behind the classic 1970s rock hit “Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room,” Michigan-based Brownsville Station saw many of their dreams come true. The group stayed together until the end of the decade before disbanding, with the band members going their separate ways. Each went on to successful endeavors, including radio and record production. Cub Koda, the band’s ever-so-peronable vocalist, passed away from kidney disease in 2000. However, guitarist Mike Lutz and drummer Henry “H-Bomb” Weck have reunited to make another album together.

Rather than trying to re-create the past, this album is simply about having fun, which these guys know a lot about. The guitars are turned up loud and proud on the opening “Shakin,” and continue to be a focal point throughout the album. “Rock And Roll Is Better Than Music” is a neat track, as well – one that is one of the most cool Rock & Roll history lessons that you will find.

Though they do give notice to their own history on “Long Time Gone,” and opt for a little bit of social commentary on “Make A Difference,” the bulk of this disc is just pure unadulterated fun. Cuts like “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,” and the Country-tinged “Busy Guy” just seem to have a cool vibe to it that says they’re not out to change the world…but to rock it real loud, and they sound just fine doing that!

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