Brigitte DeMeyer – Savannah Road

by Chuck Dauphin

brigitte-demeyer-savannahIf you read many of my reviews, one name that I cross-reference from time to time is that of 60s roots music queen Bobbie Gentry. There was something so fresh, so sexual but at the same time something so Gothic about her recordings – such as “Ode To Billie Joe” that struck a chord with many female singer-songwriters of the time – as well as those that have come along since.

Now, Brigitte DeMeyer is not a copy cat of Gentry, mind you, but she’s got something that is very reminiscent – in my opinion. Let’s just say that if Gentry and Sheryl Crow had a sister, DeMeyer could definitely fit the bill. The opening track and title cut – a tribute to Gregg Allman is a prime example of just how potent she can be on a story song.  It’s one of those songs that you can’t (or won’t want to) miss one line. The arrangement is a little bit intoxicating, and will definitely draw you in.

Other songs in this vein include the laid back “Big Man’s Shoes,” about one of man’s best friends. DeMeyer uses the track to show her unique personality – and the song is unlike anything you will hear on the radio. A little Redbone-ish, particularly with the horns – it’s a highlight. “Simmer Right” also has that bit of southern sensuality – though the lyrics talk about stirring a soup, you get the idea that there’s a few hidden meanings within the lyrics! Again, it’s definitely a winner.

DeMeyer also can hit a home run with the straight-ahead romantic ballad. “My Someday” works in this realm, as does the soulful spark of “Build Me A Fire,” which she absolutely slays, with help from The McCrary Sisters.DeMeyer’s recent Station Inn performance showed Nashville just what a powerful vocalist she is – and I think that it’s a safe bet that story is going to keep growing…and growing…and growing! And, wherever one Roberta Streeter…aka, Bobbie Gentry, is these days, I think she’ll be impressed!




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