Breelan Angel – Dirty Little Secrets

by Chuck Dauphin

breelan-angel-dirtyListening to the music of Texas born and bred Breelan Angel, and you instantly realize she’s one performer who has an undeniable passion for what she does – and she has a lot o fun doing so. That is evident on up-tempo cuts on this disc as the well-written “Double Standards” and “Workin’ On It,” which is about a late-night party that had tended to linger a little longer then originally expected. Angel particularly shines on the tempo numbers here – with “Walk Of Shame” being strong proof of just what she can do as an artist.

On the other end of the spectrum, Breelan Angel can also wring the emotion out of a ballad. “Halfway To Wasted” is a sterling example of just how radio-ready the singer is, as is tracks like “It Ain’t Easy Loving Me,” where she shows her undeniable range, and the heartfelt “One More Song,” which is the most traditional based cut on the album. There is nothing even remotely second-rate about this cut, as she hammers it out of the ballpark. Radio needs to jump on this one – and soon. It could very well serve as an introduction to an artist who has the potential to be the next Lambert or Womack – and those are words that just don’t get thrown around everyday of the week!





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