Billy Currington – We Are Tonight

by Chuck Dauphin

billy-currington-weOne listen to the latest album from hitmaker Billy Currington, and you know that the motto that he and the producers must have went by sounded something like “Don’t worry.Have fun.” The singer seems to be in an overall positive place these days, as evidenced by the overall tone of this album. There’s nothing real heavy or negative here, just some music that features some nice grooves, and subject matter that keeps it simple and to the point – usually about the love between a woman and a man.

“Hey Girl.” the first single – which is steaming up the charts as I write this, is a great example of this. It’s simply a fun song about the attraction that happens between two people, and Billy plays the seductive card rather convincingly. Other cuts in this vein include “Closer Tonight” and the simmering title cut.

Willie Nelson guests on the humorous “Hard To Be A Hippie,” which will put a smile on your face with its’ irreverent lyrics, but he can also go the other way – such as “23 Degrees And South,” the most poignant performance on the album, and definitely a high water mark here.

For my money, the most enjoyable cuts are Jack Johnson’s “Banana Pancakes,” which is pure fun, and “Wingman,” where Currington – definitely one of the genre’s leading heartthrobs – is content to be sidekick to another girl magnet. It’s single material, for sure.

Sometimes, music is simply something that takes us away from our problems and worries for about three and a half minutes. Currington does that ten times here, and does it very well.

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