Beyond Reach – Self-Titled

By Rebecca Hosking
The cover of this album caught my attention first and foremost.  As a traveler through Patagonia, myself, I saw this and thought “hello, fellow travelers.”  Okay, so they caught my attention with their picture, but the CD starts off with a haunting, intense one-minute intro and now I’m really hooked.  Randle Chowning and Larry Lee have the ability to force you into their world whether you want to be there or not.

The CD continues with “The Drum,” a melodic Moody Blues sounding track that melts you into a journey of love.  “My Old Band”  takes you back in time through a musical time machine with great imagery of young angst and a willingness to make changes with out fear!  I almost hear a male version of Grace Slick preaching to us through a psychedelic mixture.  I just want to raise my two fingers and scream out, “PEACE BROTHER!”

The album starts taking a less intense turn on “Love Shouldn’t Treat You That Way”, and you know what, buddy? You’re right – love shouldn’t treat you like that, and ladies listen to this song closely.  Go ahead, get lost in the soft melody and tell yourself, “yeah, man I deserve better.”  These guys really spoke to me.  I am feeling every beat and melodic twist.  I’m tangled in the strings and orchestrated visions.  If you are a Blue Oyster Cult, Moody Blues, and Jethro Tull fan then this CD will reach you too.

These guys have just become my new heroes.  I think music today needs to take a turn for the better and this would be a nice place to land.  Thanks, Beyond Reach, for taking me into your dreams and visions and sharing your stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Keep rockin’ and never be afraid to trust your voice, because that voice is really speaking to me – and I hope others too!

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