Bedhed and Blondy – Down South

By Dan Harr

Over the past several months, we’ve had some really cool indie albums come to us that are genre defying, or – perhaps more appropriately – genre defineing. Such is the case with Bedhed and Blondy’s new project, Down South. It’s what I would call Eclectic Country Folk with a pinch of alt-pop and a couple good dashes of blues thrown in for flavor.

One really positive aspect of being an indie-pendent artist is that you can create projects that don’t fall into the defined boxes that major record labels create, which has a consequence of making many of their artists sound the same. Bedhed and Blondy definitely don’t sound the same as others, which is a serious asset for them. They have a unique sound with strong songwriting and vocal characteristics that are all their own.

From the first track, “Loving You,” through the final cut on the 9-track album, “Lullabye,” I found myself truly enjoying the stylings of Jay Studdard (Bedhed) and Fran Jackson (Blondy). For me, one standout song is track 3, “This Time Tomorrow,” with great rhythms and some blues riffs that fill in perfectly. But, when I say “standout song,” I don’t mean to imply that the other eight songs are any less appealing. Down South is full of songs that have good lyrics and strong melodies, all of which have been very well produced.

I want to say the production is, in a way, “minimalistic.” That is, to say, it’s not over-produced. There’s not too much in the way of pounding guitars, sixty instruments filling in spaces, a wall of sound to detract from the music, etc. Like Goldielocks and the three bears, I think this one is just right. It’s a good blend of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, exactly what a band should have to support strong vocal leads and harmonies shared by both Bedhed and Blondy throughout.

I say BUY IT, enjoy it, and add it to your growing collection of indie bands who are defining what the next generation of music will be in years to come. I can’t wait to hear what’s next from Bedhed and Blondy.

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