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Not My America

After finding national recognition on American Idol, country music singer Bucky Covington had a hit song on the radio titled “A Different World.” The lyrics talk about a time when all our friends were outside where we went to play with them, rode bikes with no helmets, got dad’s belt when we misbehaved, no video games or satellites, we drank from a garden hose and every Sunday all the stores were closed.
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Guns and the Founding Fathers

Every time there is a mass shooting in the United States, immediate calls for increased gun control are heard from the politically-charged left. Cries of “no one should own these types of guns” and “the founding fathers didn’t write the 2nd Amendment to cover ‘assault’ rifles” are once again raised by the vociferous few. The most frequently claimed argument made is that “the Founding Fathers never …
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An Open Letter To Christians Who Support Illegal Immigrants

Recently, several hundred Christian pastors and other leaders signed a letter condemning President Trump’s revocation of DACA, the “Dreamer” act signed by President Obama. The Pope has spoken out against revoking DACA and talks about Christ’s love as the justification to support sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants.
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Business Etiquette 101: Communication

The title of this article sounds like a college course for MBA graduates, and yet it is something that anyone who represents a business in any manner should pay close attention to when scanning their inbox each morning. How often have you reached out to a company with a question via phone or email, only to have your message disappear into the void of …
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A Time To Kill – The Sequel

On January 4, 2017, at a time when liberals claim President Obama has not divided this country on race and hate crimes are only one-sided, four ignorant thugs in Chicago have been charged after deciding they would kidnap and torture a white, developmentally disabled man for laughs. For over 24 hours, the man’s hands and legs were taped while he was beaten, cut with knives, burned and more. During the
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STOP “Working” for Free!

Whether you are a professional photographer, DJ, musician, website builder or any number of other creative-type jobs, it is likely you’ve come up against those individuals who are not only undercutting your already rock-bottom prices, but are doing the work for free. Yes… FREE. By inserting themselves into the workforce for no pay, the “free” workers are undermining not only…
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Country Music: 1920 to 2016

(Obituary written by Dan Harr) Having survived through numerous major world conflicts, corporate radio dictations, the birth of hundreds of new and morphed musical genres and the evolution of hard-core “bro-country”, the musical style known as Country Music passed away …
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Trump-Clinton Poll

If the election were held today, Who would you vote for? Please answer our poll below and share this page with your friends. *** NOTE *** Because neither Jill Stein nor Gary Johnson have high enough poll numbers to be …
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America Needs CPR

When my wife and I travel across the country, we like to avoid interstates whenever possible. As long as time allows it, we take the back roads that wind along rivers, follow county lines and cross the open farm lands. We love to see the heartbeat of the country: the mom and pop stores, small-town diners, local businesses and more.
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NewTown – Harlan Road 

One of the best Bluegrass releases of the year so far is the new Harlan Road by the Lexington, Kentucky-based band NewTown. Solid vocal and instrumental work, combined with the songs of some great Southern writers, exemplify what this genre is all about on a collection of 11 wisely-chosen tunes.
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Genre-Spanning Titles That Rock

Live albums, reissues, an impressive debut and an inspired return from Garbage are among the field of highly-recommended titles that will satisfy music lovers from across the spectrum. Artist: Neil Young + Promise of the Real. Title: Earth (Reprise).You might like if you enjoy: Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Tell me more: Neil Young is truly rock’s most enduring explorer, challenging himself…
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Prasanna – All-Terrain Guitar

There are plenty of guitar gods that go by a single name moniker. Jimi, Eric and Eddie to name a few. But if you expand your search to the eastern hemisphere, an unfamiliar name will qualify. If you don’t know about Prasanna, prepare to be terrified,” says guitar icon Guthrie Govan of the visionary guitarist who “plays like nobody on the planet” (All About Jazz) The Indian Renaissance man is a pioneer of Indian Carnatic music. The style consists of 72 melodic cycles called ragas and seven rhythmic cycles (talas) Sound complicated?
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Owen Stevenson – Right Here and Now

Chicago based singer-songwriter Owen Stevenson has had exuberant experiences, as far as musical careers go for many aspiring artists. Fulfilling the performer role more than the artist one in recent years, he has a number of well-known venues in Chicago already under his belt, not to mention a few stints in some other states and out on sea across the world (as a cruise ship performer).
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Joe Jackson Entertains Riverside, CA

In a career that spans nearly 40 years, Joe Jackson has taken several stylistic detours, encompassing everything from classical, jazz and reggae to new wave, jump blues and beyond. The excellent “Fast Forward,” which came out last October, is the British singer/pianist’s first album to contain all-original material since 2012’s “The Duke” (a tribute to jazz master Ellington).
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Leslie Cours Mather – We Are America

As we celebrate America’s 240th birthday, there are some people out there who don’t understand the meaning of, or the reason for, American patriotism. Leslie Cours Mather wants to make sure everybody knows this is still the greatest country on earth, and she gets the message across in a big way with her new single, “We Are America.”
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We’ve reached the halfway point of another year. But, we received so much product to preview this month that we haven’t been able get through even half of the stack. Here’s the best of the batch! Many rock bands have a back story where the famous product is really only the final evolution in a series of incarnations. Such is the case with Tom Petty and the…
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Jackson Browne in Concert

Surprise! Jackson Browne is 67 years old. Unsurprisingly, he looks and sounds much the same as when he was a pivotal figure in the 1970s California soft rock movement. His instantly recognizable tenor is both gentle and authoritative at once while the musicianship remains overly capable. The Pittsburgh show marked the return of the full band. Lead guitar ace Val McCallum played …
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Cassadee Pope – Summer EP

Cassadee Pope’s new release is officially called “Summer EP.” But upon a full listen, one wonders if the working title was “taking the road more Often Traveled” To say that the third season ”The Voice” winner played it safe is a bit of an understatement. She penned three of the songs, including the obvious title track and the autobiographical “Alien.” Elsewhere, the songs are about a summer…
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Sixties Sounds Celebrated in the 21st Century

A slew of the Sixties’ most enduring and celebrated rock artists are highlighted via outstanding recent releases, while singer-actress Doris Day’s wonderful 1967 collection “Love Album” has been reissued as a deluxe edition with bonus tracks. Artist: The Monkees. Title: Good Times! (Rhino) You might like if you enjoy: The Monkees, Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, XTC. Tell me more: The magic that…
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Trashcan Sinatras In Concert in San Juan Capistrano

Whenever Trashcan Sinatras unveil a new album and tour America, it’s a special treat. Formed in the late ‘80s, the Scottish band made its initial mark Stateside with the jangly guitar pop of magnificent 1990 debut CD Cake (a Desert Island Disc for this writer), which spawned modern rock hits (“Obscurity Knocks,” “Only Tongue Can Tell”) and was a mainstay at such influential Los Angeles FM…
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