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A Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For 2015

It’s a new year and a clear slate is in front of all of us. The turning of the calendar from 2014 to 2015 is an ideal time to set your goals. I see a marked difference between artists who set finite goals and those who do not. Ask yourself: Is this the year I want to make a difference for my musical career? And if so – what difference and how?
Bob Seger

Bob Seger and The J. Geils Band in Concert - Duluth, GA

When you talk about 1970's and 80's rock 'n roll, there's just no way to discuss the music of the era without the name Bob Seger figuring prominently into the conversation. With a career spanning five decades in the music industry, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and millions of records sold, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band have been a mainstay...

Aerosmith's Joe Perry Talks Influences, Guitars and More

Hard to believe, but nearly a half-century has passed since Joe Perry partnered with Steven Tyler to form the songwriting core of Aerosmith. Forty-four years later, the group has lost none of its edge, as evidenced by its recently wrapped “Let Rock Rule” tour. In a revealing new memoir, ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith, Perry chronicles his life story to this point, giving fans an inside ...

NAMM 2015 Roundup

The NAMM Show returned to the Anaheim Convention Center last week and was bigger than ever. Held annually in Southern California, the National Association of Music Merchandisers event drew a record 99,342 registrants and 1,621 exhibiting companies (a six percent increase over 2014) from around the world. There’s such a dizzying amount...

Vid O’The Week: Freeds – Mango Squarez

After watching this music video, you will want to situate yourself on a cliff’s edge overlooking the water. If blissful smooth rap with a pop flavour is what you’re into, then Melbourne’s hiphop/rapper, Freeds, will fit nicely with this scene that you’ve actualised, or imagined because you’re still stuck in your bedroom daydreaming.

The Gig Kahuna: Just Say No To Overgigging

At the risk of being the messenger who gets shot, this article is about a cold, hard truth that has gotten me more haters than almost anything else. You wouldn’t believe how many bands I’ve seen get angry over this subject, then after splitting up, come back and tell me I made the right call, how they learned their lesson, and how they won’t make the same mistake again...

Barry Ollman in Concert

Barry Ollman epitomizes the concept of being under the radar. The accomplished singer-songwriter has been active on the music scene since the late 1960s. His first studio album, “What’ll It Be” is a diverse, folky 10-song collection. With a little help from Graham Nash, he sets the tone for a 40 minute effort worthy of a sit down listen with the gorgeously textured...

How to Deal with the Shifting Target of Your Music Goals and Resolutions

When something as pesky as LIFE gets in the way of your musical goals, don’t fight it; live it. We set grand goals for our music. Recording a classic album. Selling out a stadium tour. Getting a billion views on YouTube. Being everywhere, loved by everybody. Then life happens. Your dog Kiki gets sick. You get a promotion at work. You realize that staying in...

Music Streaming: Friend or Foe to the Independent Musician?

On November 3, 2014, Taylor Swift and her management team very publicly “broke up” with Spotify leading to the removal of Swift’s albums from one of the leading music streaming services. The reason? Royalty rates for artists and songwriters are too low, according to Swift and a chorus of many other established artists and songwriters. In fact, streaming...

Dale Watson In Concert

Even Dale Watson’s empty stage emits a hyper-masculine traditional country vibe. His custom Tompkins guitar is flanked by a single monitor atop a milk crate and a pedal steel. But the seemingly modest arsenal turns into a wall of sound behind the marvelous Lonestars band. Emerging in his signature all black garb, Watson looked like a hybrid of Elvis and the Fonz laced ...

How To Sell More Band Merch In 2015

Managing merch sales isn’t the sexiest part of your music career, so I can understand if it keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list. But with a new year approaching, it’s time to set some serious band merch resolutions! Maybe you need to get rid of that ratty old suitcase you’ve been keeping your CDs in for years and construct a better merch...

Get It In Writing: Why Your Band Should Have A Contract For Bookings

When you’re booking a gig, you can negotiate anything you want over the phone or face-to-face, but you or the other person might easily forget something that was promised or discussed. A contract will outline in detail everything that is expected from the band and the person hiring the band — plus it will have signatures from both...

Movie Review: American Sniper

They say the best anti-war movie is one that portrays reality and isn't made as an actual protest film. If such is the case, American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller hits the mark. But that isn't what makes this movie one of the best war dramas ever made, right up there with The Longest Day, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Platoon.

Four Reasons To Be Patient With Your Songwriting Career

Looking back on twenty-plus years of writing songs, it’s a lot easier for me to connect the dots now and see that the things I was doing years ago would eventually bear fruit. I can safely say that nothing ever moved as quickly as I thought it would and, yet, I’m constantly surprised at the ways that my long-forgotten efforts...

Vid O’The Week: Seekae – The Stars Below

It was in my year 7 music class that I was exposured to the most magical animated music video – Animusic’s Pipe Dream. The way the balls shower down in a stream of rhythmic excellence, triggering vibrations along the strings or chimes on the metal palettes and pipes. The concept of introducing the animated world to the real world and having them interact...
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