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Martina McBride in Concert in New York

It has been said that Martina McBride would draw well singing the phone book. Fans proved that on last year’s sold out “Joy Of Christmas” tour that featured 120 minutes of public domain songs. On this year’s “Everlasting” circuit, she takes on some of the best songs ever written. The album is a collection of R&B and soul covers originally performed by legends like Aretha Franklin, Etta James and...

Planning Your Album: Get Permission for Art, Text, and Cover Songs

If you’re sitting down to tackle making an album, there’s a lot to think about; from clearing the rights for your cover songs to converting the cover art to the right format. These issues can trip you up, or cause the album to take a lot longer than you’d expect. Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan, authors of The Indie Band Survival Guide, have revised our popular Planning Your Album From Beginning To End guide. The...

Prepare Yourself and Your Music for Music Licensing

Music licensing can be a great way to make money with your music, but you have to be organized, flexible, patient, and educated. Here are five things to help you prepare. Music licensing is a very lucrative business with no shortage of placement opportunities. Everywhere you turn there’s a company or product that utilizes music to some extent. As an independent music creator, you have the ability capitalize, but you have to be organized, flexible, patient...
Keith Urban

Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge in Concert in Alpharetta, GA

Country music came to the Atlanta area with a bang as Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge made a stop on the Raise 'Em Up Tour at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA. Performing for a sold-out crowd, the three entertainers raised the roof with their high-energy show and played the hits for everything to sing along. Up first, rising star Brett Eldredge...

Four Reasons Songwriting Talent Isn't Enough

I’d like to begin this article by saying that I’m not a cynic. On the contrary, I’m a big believer that if your dream is to have success with your music, then, in time, you will find that success. However, I am a realist. There are rarely shortcuts in our line of work and being a talented songwriter, in my experience, simply isn’t enough to guarantee success. It takes a combination of factors including patience, perseverance and ...
Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams, Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald and Toto in Concert in Atlanta

A night of good classic rock always makes for an enjoyable experience, and last night with Toto and former Doobie Brother Michael McDonald was no exception to the rule. The two acts are co-headlining their tour and made a stop at the historic Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta, where they brought their hits to the sold-out crowd in the southern capital. Alternating as openers throughout the tour, it was Toto's turn...

Social Media for Artists: Post. Love. Hate. Repeat.

I have a love / hate relationship with social media, and I’ve learned to embrace the cyclical frustration along the way. My mood swings back and forth when I interface online. I have come to accept these ups and downs as part of the daily game. When it brings me down, I just pick myself up, and post, post, post again. For example, it goes something like this: “WOW, look HOW MANY hits that post generated! This exposure is great for my art business. I feel ...

9 Ways to Increase Your Follower Base This Summer

Don’t let summer get in the way of follower growth! – I know you want to hit the beach and the back porch with your friends, but it’s important to keep building your follower base. It’s always surprising to me when clients I work for at Cyber PR® tell me how they’re frantically attempting to amass more and more potential followers and/or supporters while not focusing on the followers and supporters that they already have. Followers aren’t things you collect...

Why Email Newsletters Are Still a Vital Marketing Tool for Musicians

“Email newsletters, an old-school artifact of the web that was supposed to die along with dial-up connections, are not only still around, but very much on the march.” That quote is from a recent New York Times article “For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated”. We thought it was a good time to reiterate why we think email newsletters are still one of the most effective promotional tools for musicians today, which is also why we continue to...

Vid O The Week: Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest

If you haven’t heard of The Black Angels, then you’re coming in at the right time. A band named for The Black Angel’s Death Song and undoubted bearers of the latest wave of droneadelica, these dudes have left their mark in the sounds of every band from Melbourne to Malacca who aspire to be on the next Bond soundtrack. In my humble opinion, last April’s Indigo Meadow was not only the best Black Angels release, but also one of the best of the...

Tomatrax Interviews Date Night At The Museum

Tomatrax returns to Happy for the first time in ages with an interview with indie pop-up-and-comers Date Night At The Museum. You can catch them launch their single Flashing Lights tonight at The Espy or tomorrow night at Spectrum. TRAX: How did the band form? DATE NIGHT: Johny and I went to high school together and played in different bands before he told me that we needed a singer with a killer voice and a little sass to top it off. Sure enough...

Protecting Your Best Marketing Asset: Your Voice

No matter how exquisite your songwriting is, you can't show it off to its best advantage if your voice is damaged. Whether you sing your own songs professionally or you're making a demo so other singers can use your compositions, your voice is the medium for your compositions. Just as with physical exercise, we often put care of our voices on the back burner. But if songwriting is your passion, protecting the means...

Confessions of a Music Supervisor Pt. 2

So as I said in Part 1 of my “confession," I love to say that I’m the "anti-music" music supervisor - although that really isn’t true as I love music. I explained that I take the approach as a music supervisor to focus on fulfilling the vision and purpose of a film, not in showcasing music. I’m grateful every day that I get to play in this game of entertainment instead of getting the proverbial “real job.” Although the job has its serious side with a lot at stake – from millions...
Brad Paisley

Time Well Wasted with Brad Paisley

It seems these days that country songs have blended into a mix of lyrics involving beer, trucks and girls. Though some of Brad Paisley’s songs fall into this category, his unique voice and ability to shred a guitar like no other country star sets him apart and keeps the fans wanting more. The 41 year old country star attracts all age groups and types of people to his shows. With a nine year old boy on one...

5 Bloodsucking Vampire Rock Songs

Bloodsuckers are running a close second to zombies as the cool ghouls de jour, with True Blood about to kick into its final TV season and The Strain already sucking in viewers. There’s also the Twilight phenom. But when it comes to comparing the lifespan of the undead, vampires have a much richer and longer history, with literature and lore dating back to Assyria and ancient Greece, plus — more important! — a slew of great rock songs.
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