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Government-Subsidized Touring?

On the whole, US-based musicians aren’t conditioned to think about grants and subsidies when it comes to funding their music careers. Most of us don’t know where to look for them, and we don’t know how to apply for them. But as my interview with Rob Cimitile shows, there is some public (and private) money out there waiting to be claimed by US artists. In many other countries though, musicians are more aware of opportunities...

How to Produce a #1 Hit Song: “All of Me” by John Legend

There’s always a song in the #1 slot. But not all those chart-toppers are destined for true greatness – they come and then they go, entertaining millions for a shining moment before fading away. John Legend led the way the last few weeks with "All of Me". John Legend led the way the last few weeks with “All of Me”. “All of Me” by John Legend is not that kind of #1. It’s the other kind of #1 – a song that grows and grows, and then will never go. The track ...

10 Step Marketing Plan for Artists

Promotion seems to be what every indie artist struggles with the most, but it’s also one of the most important aspects of any artist’s career. Even if you are paying for PR or some type of promotion, there are things that you can be doing that will put a strong push behind your campaign. In order to help you out, I’ve put together a list of 10 steps you must take in order to make the best out of promoting yourself. A big part of your promo campaign will be...

Vid O’ the Week – Kaja Gunnufsen

Kaja Gunnufsen is an electonic pop princess from Oslo, Norway. Although, forget the sugary sweetness that that description probably conjured up. This girl is straight up, undiluted and unpretentious in the way she presents both herself and her music. She’s got the solo female with a piano act down, similar to Sia I guess, if she’d been born in Eastern Europe. I found Kaja’s video to Au today, which was filmed entirely in black and white on the number 12 train...

Songwriting and Writer’s Block: 11 Tips to Help the Songwriter Get Unstuck

What do you do when you can’t remember how to write a song? Here are tips from experienced songwriters to help you overcome writer’s block. 11 tips to overcome writer's block. Iconic songs come in all shapes and flavors: from Kermit the Frog’s plaintive rendition of “The Rainbow Connection” to AC/DC raging with “Back In Black,” from Thelonious Monk’s wistful meanderings on “’Round Midnight” to John Lennon’s utopian dreaming...

How Do I Get My Stuff Featured on Music Blogs?

Grassrootsy, the grassroots marketing for independent artists, regularly posts questions from indie artists who seek answers on how to better create, promote and sell their music Below is a recent question asking how to get music featured on music blogs.. THE ARTIST: Anonymous. THE QUESTION: Hi Grassrootsy, Earlier this month I released my debut song and sent out emails to hundreds of bloggers and people who openly accept artist submissions...

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in Concert in Atlanta

When you're still performing on stage as a singer after 54 years and selling out venues across the world, you must be doing something right. For the legendary Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons, it's obvious after the first minute they come on stage why they've sustained and had continuous success for over five decades. After all, as someone recently said, he's FRANKIE VALLI!!! As Frankie explains, growing up as an Italian kid in the First Ward of Newark...

Who Are You Without It?

I met an amazingly talented songwriter this week who was telling me how his family and friends were so encouraging about his songwriting talent, while also very discouraging about his pursuit of it. They were unsupportive of his expenditure of time and money on it. (Though they DID insist he perform his new songs, and their old favorites, at every party they threw and ask for copies of them!). This was causing him a lot of confusion, even depression. He saw his creative energy...

10 Tips From A Musician For Better Band Photos

I just did my second band photo shoot for our Solveig & Stevie updated EPK, for the cover of our new EP/CD (whatever it is going to be), and for our redesigned website and social media banners. Argh. This was not my first experience with band photo shoots. I’ve done band promo shoots, several music videos, and sat for professional family photo portraits and for business head shots numerous times before as well. You would think I could get this right...
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18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money On Bandzoogle

One of the biggest challenges facing musicians is generating income. Gone are the days when a band could rely solely on music sales and touring to earn a living. Part of the reality of being a working musician today is the need to diversify your revenue streams. Although sales of recorded music have gone down significantly in recent years, there are new sources of income available to musicians. A mix of traditional and more modern income...

Why Indies Should Still Care About Radio

Whether you’re an independent artist or signed to an independent label, you’re sure to have a lot on your plate already. Between booking shows, debating merch, planning your next big marketing move, juggling social media-insanity, oh yeah, and writing new material, the last thing you want to add to your plate is a radio campaign. Indies have all but abandoned this once-career-establishing source. Some say it’s because their audience...

Crafting A Story For Your Music The Fans And Media Won’t Forget

One band’s story - “We were a band of white boys from Ohio that hitch-hiked our way to New York to try and make it big. Needless to say, by the time we arrived we were completely broke. We had nothing but the gear we hadn’t pawned yet and the clothes on our back. So when it came to finding a place to stay we were limited by the budget of what we were able to scrape together by busking in front of Yankee Stadium and ‘donating’ plasma.

Vid O’ The Week: Babe Rainbow’s Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

We know you clicked through because the title said Babe Rainbow’s Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Luckily, you’re in for a pretty amazing Vid O’ The Week. What remains of our knowledge of the western world’s most celebrated decade is, I would assume, a pretty biased picture, skewed towards the carefree and the senseless rather than the Vietnam draft and the constant fear of global thermonuclear exchange.

How To Get Your Music In TV, Movies and More

In 1997, a 15-year old album by a previously obscure (at least in the US) German techno band received a rush re-release in order to sate a sudden surge of demand. Why was the public suddenly clamoring for a recording that had been totally off the radar for a decade and a half? Because that long after it peaked at #33 on the Billboard Dance charts, the song “Da Da Da” by Trio was used in a Volkswagen commercial. Traditionally most musicians don’t exactly...
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NEEDTOBREATHE and Foy Vance in Concert at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Too often these days, when I go to a concert I hear a band that wants to push limits with controversial lyrics, off-stage antics that capture news attention and more. Sure, the old addage "sex, drugs and rock and roll" was a mainstay of my era and had its place in music history, and some bands continue trying to keep the stereotype alive. But, to be completely honest, that lifestyle gets old quick and can result...
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