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Flogging Molly with Skinny Lister and David Hauser in Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles-based Celtic punk band Flogging Molly brought their 2013 tour to The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta, GA. The band performed a 24-song show for the sold out crowd, many of whom came dressed in kilts and other Celtic regalia. Opening for Flogging Molly was singer / songwriter David Hause and U.K.-based band Skinny Lister. Taking the stage first was David Hause, a singer / songwriter who performed solo and warmed up the audience with upbeat songs and encouragement for them to crowd surf...

Tech for Guitarists: What’s New, What’s Changing in Digital Guitar Tools

Who says guitar technology isn’t advancing? Joe Gore is a guitarist who’s unafraid of the bleeding edge, so he was a natural to report back to us from the hallowed halls of new musical instruments, NAMM. He takes a look at what’s new and what’s evolving through a guitarist’s eyes. And this stuff is interesting, indeed, with effects and controllers that might inspire gear desires in instrumentalists of all stripes, not just guitarists. We guitarists tend to be a technologically conservative bunch, yet there was no shortage of forward...

Stop Making Them Wait And Give Them The Music

Right then, you’ve been writing and performing for a while now, you’ve got a nice notepad scribbled with lyrics and a hard drive full of demos and a fanbase that hits a few cities. So you might be fooled into thinking now would be a good time to take some time out to write an album, right? Nope. You’ve spent all that time building yourself up, faced all the challenges of getting people to connect and you want to take 6 months to year out to write music, only posting “Exciting things to come, can’t wait for you to hear it” on...

Three Pillars of Music Fan Engagement

It’s important that musicians interact with their fans. But how often should this be done? And for how long? Can managers, labels, or interns handle fan engagement for you? In this post, we’ll go over 3 important things to keep in mind when developing a strategy for fan engagement. The 3 Pillars of Music Fan Engagement. 1. Authenticity. First and foremost, communication with your fans must come from you, the artist, in your voice. Not your manager, label, or intern. People aren’t interested in...

Twitter Vine For Musicians Adds Music To Social Media Site

As of a few days ago, you can now add 6 second videos to your tweets to spice them up a little bit. The start-up company Vine makes it incredibly easy to create and share bite-sized videos that have a lot of potential in the music marketing world. Through their press release, the vice president of product management at Twitter said, “Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”
Click above to view photos from the Ringo Star and His All-Star Band concert

Sights and Sounds: Ringo Starr, Noel Gallagher and Dawes

Wow, lots of news about some of my favorite artists has been released today...I'm sharing some of the media releases below! Ringo Starr is a living legend whose contribution to the roots of rock and roll is immeasurable, not only as a Beatle, but also through his prolific and successful solo career. In gathering a new group of iconic rockers to play as the All Starr band each tour, every configuration offers a new and memorable moment where we get to experience songs we all know and love. Ringo At The Ryman, filmed ...
Photos courtesy of Bob Steshetz

Live Review: Ron Sexsmith Live @ The GRAMMY Museum

There are few venues as intimate and outstanding as the Clive Davis Theater, located inside the GRAMMY Museum at L.A. Live. Since opening a few years ago, the venue has hosted the celebrated likes of Ringo Starr, John Mellencamp, Los Lobos and more than 200 other famed artists for public programs that combine interviews and performance. On Thursday night (Jan. 30, 2013), it was Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith’s first chance to visit the 200-seat theater, where he spent an hour or so discussing...

Coachella Promising Artists & Modern Music

With the line up for the 14th Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival set, now is the time to start becoming more familiar with some of the promising artists scheduled to perform at the annual event. The double-weekend event (April 12-14 and 19-21) boasts its share of celebrated legends and promising young acts, all of which help make the annual music fest such an essential destination for modern music lovers. As an introduction to a handful of my some of my favorite acts bound for Coachellafest, here is a list of albums worth a listen.
Craig Campbell

Live Review: Craig Campbell in Pittsburgh

Craig Campbell is at the forefront of a refreshing trend in country music. His showcase of songwriting skill and traditional instrumentation represents a much needed return to the genre’s roots. There was plenty of pedal steel and fiddle filling the 90 minute show. The songs were about drinking, solid core values and, of course, “Fishing.” He came out to a thunderous bass drum with “Keep Them Kisses Coming.” Somewhat surprisingly, he played only four songs from his self-titled debut in the 16 song set, equaling the...

Inside The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit 501(c)(3) state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and production facility. In its sixteenth year, with the very newest technology and gear, the Bus continues to be dedicated to providing young people with tours of the studios and participation in free songwriting and multimedia production workshops. With the assistance of three on-board engineers, students learn how to write, perform, record, and produce original songs, produce and shoot music videos and ...

Hear Me Now: 10 of Rock’s Greatest Guitar Intros

Whether it’s an amazing solo, an unforgettable riff or simply a power chord that hangs suspended in the air, a great guitar intro can set the tone for an entire song. Rock history is loaded with great examples – the ten below rank among the very best. Alice Cooper“School’s Out” – Alice Cooper. Founding guitarist Glen Buxton came up with the ferocious opening riff for this classic long before the complete song was actually ...

Daniel Bashta Records The Invisible for a Generation Sick of Singing Songs

Perhaps best known for penning the modern worship anthem “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion),” recorded by David Crowder Band, newsboys and others, Daniel Bashta, a missionary kid who grew up immersed in ministry all around the globe, speaking life and hope into a dark world has been his life-long passion. Educated at the Worship Institute of London and heavily influenced by the ministry of Soul Survivor...

5 iPad Apps For Producing Quality Music

Back in the day, producing quality music requires a lot of work to do. You have to go to a music studio to record your songs and mix them altogether. You even have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get things right. Nowadays, we now have the iPad that just does the task, and little to no costs. All it takes is one simple download from the iTunes store and you’ll get useful apps that will help you produce your music with the same quality as the ones those popular music idols produce. Here are those apps...

Three Must-Know Music Licensing Contract Points

Many musicians find the legalities of the music industry scary or, according to some research from my blog and newsletter, haven’t even looked at a contract. In fact, the music industry itself has made a point to tout it’s legal strength anytime someone tries to do something inventive and effective in the music space, rather than trying to learn from or emulate the result (zing!). The fact of the matter is that yes, you do need a lawyer to review your contracts and licenses. However, you don’t need one in order to understand the...

Collaborating With Other Songwriters (But Not Co-Writing!)

I'm not talking about co-writing songs. I'm referring here to getting other songwriters to help you evaluate your work. I am a big advocate of songwriting groups such as NSAI. Here you can meet with other writers, learn something valuable about writing from an industry pro, and take some time to listen to each others songs and offer constructive criticism. If you've never done anything like this, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. It's one thing to play your songs for an audience of mostly non-musicians, with the only feedback being the ...