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3 Successful Kickstarter Music Campaigns You Can Learn From

Since launching in early 2009, over 12,000 music projects have been successfully funded through Kickstarter. One of the largest and most popular crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter is a powerful platform designed to assist artists to raise funds for the creation of independently-curated and owned projects. Kickstarter is rapidly becoming a hub for upcoming and established musicians looking to shape the way people think about and interact with creative projects as well as the...

20 Ways To Play Guitar Better

Getting better on guitar is all about learning. You may think you’re doing fine, but all players can improve with some thought about what they’re doing. Here are 20 practical and conceptual tips to help you play better. Of course, “better” is subjective. Is Yngwie Malmsteen a “better” player than Neil Young? It depends on your taste. But rest assured that both Malmsteen and Young themselves have followed some of these tips. 1. Play With Other People. It’s obvious. No two people play...

14 Apps For Live Producing and Performing on iOS

We’ve all heard the declarations that the age of physical hardware or controllers is at an end in the production world, and that mobile devices and tablets like the iPad will become the primary way that musicians make music and perform it live. But how realistic is this claim? Today, we’ve asked an expert in the iOS live production and performance world – Rheyne – to share some of the apps that make jamming on an iPad more fun and significantly cheaper than buying a ton of analog hardware...

The 7 Attributes of Younger Music Fans

They may never buy your album, yet they'll live-stream you eating breakfast. It's the ever-changing, younger music fan of 2013, and the focus of a just-released report from MTV Research. Here are 7 attributes of this young, still-emerging, and radically different audience group often dubbed Millennials. Depending on who you are, this may be just a part — or 100% — of your fanbase. (1) They Crave Mundane Intimacy. "Millennials crave intimate glimpses into the mundane daily activities of their...

Are Indies Getting Shafted by iTunes Radio?

You know the drill right when it comes to indie label licensing, right? Well, it goes something like this: a major music service does a bunch of major label deals leading up to launch, and saves the independent labels for last (who often get an inferior deal). An indie label consortium named Merlin then conjures up some outrage, clamors for parity, and everyone works something out. But is that about to happen with iTunes Radio? So far, the sealed deals we know of only include the major ...

101 Ways to Make Money as a Musician

There are a ton of different ways to make money as a musician. I’m not suggesting that everyone can make money with each of these ways. But I can promise that you can make money using at least one of these ways. I present to you 101 ways to make money as a musician. Help add to the list by leaving a comment below. 1. Teach Live In-Person Lessons for a Record/Music Store – The Bounty Music store in Maui, Hawaii employs music teachers who teach lessons in-store. Have you inquired ...

Slam The Door On Your Fear Of Asking For Money: A Music Crowdfunding Tip

One HUGE hurdle that you must overcome before attempting a music crowdfunding project lies in convincing yourself that it’s okay to ask other people for their money. Somewhere along the line, you’ve likely had thoughts similar to these - “As an artist, it is hard to ask for money. Especially when you’re playing a show and the people who are there have already paid to get in, maybe bought a t-shirt, and are ...

Psychedelic Guitar in the Modern Age

Psychedelic rock had a huge impact on its immediate surroundings in the ‘60s, and the shockwaves continue to resonate today. When we think of psychedelic music I guess we most readily jump straight to Jimi Hendrix — for good reason — but there was so much more happening in ‘60s psychedelia. Some of it was overt and some of it was tangential. For instance, Frank Zappa touched on psychedelic rock often in his early career, even if he was at odds with the psychedelic mindset. Carlos Santana...

Lady Antebellum’s Strategy for Song Selection

It’s been only five years since Lady Antebellum released its self-titled debut album, which propelled the group toward millions-upon-millions of album and single sales, seven Grammy Awards and six CMA Awards. In 2009, Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott solidified their superstar status with the crossover appeal of the power ballad “Need You Now,” which they’d written with Josh Kear. And their newest album, Golden, debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart.

How to Get Free or Affordable Legal Help for Your Music Project

So you've created your own opportunity by starting a business yourself and things are going great. So great that it's getting serious and you've decided you need a little legal help. Whether you need an independent contractor agreement, want to know what type of business entity is right for you, or you just have some legal questions, obtaining the help of an attorney can be pretty expensive. What's an aspiring music industry professional to do? Luckily, there are some great organizations out there...

Indie Artist Spotlight: Indie-Music Reveals June Artist Reviews

Artist reviews are back at! The June 2013 Indie Artist Spotlight is now online, and features a variety of seasoned and lesser known independent musicians ready for their close-up. City and Colour, decker. and Mission South lead a strong group of reviewed material in Indie-Music’s return to its roots this summer. June’s Indie Artist Spotlight features reviews of City and Colour “The Hurry and The Harm” (folk/rock), decker. “Slider” (modern folk/Americana), Mission ...
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Concert Review: Tom Petty In Pittsburgh

Tom Petty recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he did “not want to become a jukebox” by playing greatest hits set every night. His goal was to showcase deep cuts and less familiar material. Luckily, Pittsburgh got the best of both worlds last Thursday. Petty hadn’t played indoors in the steel city since 1995’s “Wildflowers” when the iconic Civic Arena was still standing. Devoid of hockey, the new Consol Energy Center played host to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and one of the best American...

Arlen Roth on Learning Fingerstyle

I cannot stress enough just how important finger-style guitar is to developing your true overall approach to the guitar. If I didn’t play with my fingers in addition to using the pick, I would certainly feel like I only had a “half” ability on the instrument. More than that, finger-style is the only true way you can really “control” the 6 strings of your instrument. The blocking, dampening, muting and overall touch you get in this way totally helps define your tone in a much more complete way than just using a flatpick.

Keith Richards’ 10 Coolest Guitar Riffs

When it comes to The Rolling Stones’ signature riffs, Keith Richards has always been the band’s big daddy – especially during their golden era of the 1960s and ’70s, when various Gibson Les Pauls, ESmodels and Hummingbirds were often his instruments of choice. Here’s a rundown of the Stones’ coolest riffs. They’re all part of both the Richards canon and rock ’n’ roll history. Richards says this song’s epic three-note riff came to him in his sleep. If that’s the case, maybe he should get more...

Joe Satriani On His Five Essential Albums

For nearly 30 years, Joe Satriani has reigned as one of contemporary music’s most admired and accomplished guitarists. His dazzling six-string work and compositional skills have garnered legions of followers, and indeed the current guitar landscape would look quite different if it weren’t for his pioneering ways. Countless players would no doubt cite Satriani’s albums as essential, but which albums does Satriani himself hold in similar esteem? Below, the 56-year-old guitar great answers....