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3 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About Your Music

Music blogs are a powerful part of the music industry, and getting covered by those blogs can be a big boost for the career of any independent artist. Without the budget to hire a PR firm, most independent artists have to build exposure for themselves. The advantage of using publicists is that they have contacts within the industry and know how to pitch them for a particular story. The problem is that most artists don't have a budget for a publicist. Even if that's the case, you'll...

Social Media Mixology: Which Networks to Use Together

Different sites have different audiences, favor different types of content and require different kinds of humor. But like a fashionista pairing spots with stripes, sometimes a little mixing and matching with your networks can give you an edge. Being master of all the networks is a godly feat, but knowing how to use Tumblr to up your Twitter game, for example, takes you to a whole new level. Here are some of the easiest ways to pair your social networks together to grow your audiences...

10 Ways To Improve Your Band's Online Marketing In 2014

As we approach the end of 2013, we thought we’d share some tips with you that will help you tune up your online promotion efforts in 2014. Read on for some advice on how to improve your website, e-newsletters, Facebook presence and more. 1. Ensure you have a great site. Yes, it’s easier (and cheaper) to set up a Facebook page than build a website, but there are several advantages in creating a strong site: It marks your band out as a professional, serious outfit...

7 Ways To Increase Your Success In The Music Business in 2014

You’re an artist, you want to succeed, you recorded music. What do you do next? Below is a blueprint that, if you apply over the next year to six months, should increase your chances of success. Some of you may already be doing/have done many of these things, and should start where it makes sense. Others may need to start at step one. The goal is to encourage you to measure and track your activity with respect to reaching fans so you can better define what is working, and...

Indie Artist Spotlight: 13 Editor Picks From 2013 - Part 1

During the summer of 2013, Indie-Music introduced a revamped reviews section to the website: our new “Indie Artist Spotlight.” In years past, this section had evolved from anywhere between 10 to 50 reviews per month; at the time, social networks weren’t dominant, we weren’t able to embed streaming videos and audio links, and album artwork could jam and slow up website performance. All the bells and whistles that are commonplace today, weren’t so common way back in 1999.
Gregg Allman

All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice of Gregg Allman

It was a once-in-a-lifetime mashup of musical stylists, all getting together to honor one of rock-n-roll's most revered singer, songwriters and musicians, Gregg Allman. Country, rock-n-roll, blues and more were represented as a host of artists took to the stage in a tribute concert to the legendary Allman Brothers Band founding member. With more than four decades of musical history behind him, Gregg Allman has become one of the most recognizable voices in southern rock...
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Jeff Dunham's Disorderly Conduct Tour in Atlanta

At the age of eight, Jeff Dunham received his first ventriloquist dummy from his parents for Christmas. By age thirteen, he was being audited by the IRS for making too much money performing for schools and local groups. It's no wonder then with ambition and drive like that, he's now become Pollstar's top income earning comedian for three years running. Jeff Dunham is truly living the American Dream with multiple personalities.

Seven Tips For Choosing The Right Recording Software

You’ve polished your lyrics, tuned your guitar, stuffed your computer with RAM, and are ready to nail the perfect take of your new song. But the question remains: Of the many recording software options available, which is the right one to help you get the job done in your home studio? While there are many options that can move you from first riff to final track, it can be confusing choosing the right digital audio workstation (DAW) for your creative process and musical output. Here...

Writing an Elevator Pitch for Your Music

If you are a solo artist, songwriter, band or any other type of musician or ensemble and want to successfully promote your music, you must be prepared to explain your work and your overall brand in vivid yet concise terms. A well-written short artist or band bio, solid recordings, stunning photos, videos and other pieces of media are all incredibly valuable components of your press kit. But in the Internet Age, where attention spans are shorter than they have ever been before, you...

No More “Stupid Deals”: Why Dave Stewart Launched First Artist Bank

Former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart has proved his talent for innovation remains undiminished, with the recent announcement of his plans to launch a new bank designed specifically for musicians and other artists. Dave Stewart keeps expanding his personal portfolio. Dave Stewart keeps expanding his personal portfolio. “First Artist Bank,” as the organization will be known, has the avowed intention to prevent musicians from doing “stupid deals.” It will supply funding...

How To Find And Effectively Collaborate With Other Songwriters

Co-writing can be a great way to improve your own songwriting skills, come up with new musical ideas, and delve into areas you’ve never thought of before. Plus, learning to play well with others is also a skill that will be beneficial to you in almost any aspect of life. In this article, we’ll look at three tips you can use if you want to co-write with other songwriters. 1. Find people with complementary skil. An important thing to do before you set out to find a co-writer...
Brandy Clark

New Artist Spotlight: Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark came to Nashville from Morton, Wash., where she watched her grandmother smoke on the front porch as Mount St. Helens erupted a short ways away, and later worked in a fencing mill. Her love for Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn, coupled with her perceptive observations of everyday characters, fueled her ascension as a songwriter. Two No. 1 hits — The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two” and Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” — are...

The Dead Heads – For The Sake Of Sanity And Good Vibes

On the weekend, I wrote a draft for an introductory article on Sydney five piece The Dead Heads. It was going to be a quick spiel on their awesome album This Is What’s Happening In Sydney and their new single Power Tripping, which was released way back in May of this year – hardly the cutting edge and up to the minute coverage that Happy’s readers have come to expect. Today (to my pleasant surprise) I found the spaced out rock and roll band have released...

Why Virtual Concerts Are The New Concert Experience

As a musician myself I know how hard it can be to get paid for your craft. Fortunately there are services out there that make it easier for us to keep doing more of what we love to do, make money, and even succeed while doing it. Of course, CD Baby is one of those. In the realm of live music-making, online concerts are a great opportunity for musicians to perform for all of their supporters at once, connect in a unique and creative way with fans, and open up performances to ticket purchasers...

Where Indie Artists Are Making Most of Their Money

Independent artists have never had access to so many customers. A single distributor can get an artist’s music into digital services around the world. U.S. artists were getting Spotify royalties before the service was available stateside. Now they’re getting royalties from Deezer, and other services not yet available in the States. Since distributors have added their catalogs to YouTube, independent artists can reach listeners through the world’s most popular video service.