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6 Tips for Setting up Your Online Store

It’s no secret that we believe that your website should be your main hub on the Internet. So if there’s any place online that fans should be able to buy your music and merch, it’s on your own website. Why sell direct to fans? By selling direct to your fans, you not only get most of the money(100% using the Bandzoogle Store Feature), you collect valuable dataabout those fans which can be used to help with tour routing, and most importantly, you also get their email addresses...

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Kickstarter Rewards for Your Band

Mercifully, your Kickstarter project does not have to be *perfect* to succeed. But, doing each portion to the best of your ability does have an affect. In the case of rewards packages, it is possible to totally blow it and still succeed. But when this portion of your project is not optimized, it is a place that obviously leaves money on the table. Let’s look at how to fix 3 common mistakes made in designing Kickstarter rewards packages and why it matters. LIST OUT CONTENTS OF EACH PACKAGE. None of this “cool widget + all of the above” B.S.

A Better Social Music Experience For Musicians

Of the growing number of social music services and apps, none of them have realized the full and broader potential of social platforms; a large gap still exists between listening to music and being social about it. Current music services and apps are not using their integration with Facebook and Twitter to its full potential. Music listeners need a new platform that allows them to discuss, share, and discover music...

Robert Kinsler - My Favorite Albums of 2012

I have always been reluctant to post any so-called "Best Of" album lists. Rather I prefer to title my end-of-year lists "Favorite Albums" since I think that while a certain album might be recognized as significant or essential in any given year it might wear out its welcome in the years ahead. To be honest, I rarely listen to Nirvana's Nevermind but still love to play Pearl Jam's timeless Ten and both were released in 1991. The list that follows here is a subjective look at what I like and albums I'm pretty sure will sound great in 2013, 2020 or beyond...
Maxwell HUghes

Start Your Kickstarter Planning to Avoid Epic Failure

Careful. Be damn careful… when estimating your Circle of Influence. Maxwell Hughes is a seriously legit musician. Watch his Kickstarter video because it’s awesome and funny AND check out a little from his other video posts. This boy can play! But unfortunately, his recently ended Kickstarter was unsuccessful. Using him as an example, let’s talk about how to avoid epic failure by estimating your Circle of Influence and determining...

7 Blogging Tips For Musicians

Chris Rockett convened a virtual Musician's Blogging Summit gathering statements from a number of different bloggers, many who focus on music marketing, about "blogging that gets attention." The responses varied widely but most counseled creating content on a consistent basis that represents you and the world around you. The Musician’s Blogging Summit convened in response to the question...

6 Tips for Getting Radio Play

To say that Bruce Warren—Program Director for Philadelphia’s WXPN—has been responsible for numerous artists breaking from unknowns to the national stage would be a massive understatement. Over the course of a twenty-plus year tenure at ‘XPN, Bruce has discovered, championed, and successfully promoted a veritable whose-who of artists. In this interview, he offers some crucial tips for artists attempting to increase the amount of airplay they are getting. It’s a great interview, and I encourage you to watch it all, but here are some ...

Musicians Need To Interact With Their Fans

We often talk about the “Hub & Spokes” method to drive traffic to your website using your social media profiles. The root of the “Hub & Spokes” concept is really about interacting with your fans and using all the tools available in a cohesive strategy that will create more awareness about you and your music. Now, musicians are busy people. Often they play in several projects, or have day jobs, families, or all of the above. So whenever there is talk about social media, newsletters, and marketing in general, it’s understandable that it can seem a little ...

8 Tips For Making Your First Music Video

While I think music videos are a must have for any musician building a career, Cheryl B. Engelhardtsays she always thought of videos as being for "serious rockers, famous artists, or singers with money to burn." However she wanted to push her album "One Up" and so she made a music video and learned a lot in the process. Here are 8 tips for making your first music video based on what she learned. Cheryl B. Engelhardt created the below video for the single "Steaming Hearts" off her 2011 release "One Up" (iTunes/CD Baby. It's a nice ...

How To Help Your Fans Pledge To Your Kickstarter

You never know if the musicians you encounter are going to be the whimsical, artsy type that don’t care for the details of business or if they’ll be smart, intellectual, business-oriented people in addition to being good at music. I have been lucky enough to visit with Sam from The Sammus Theory a few times and, in his case, it definitely seems to be the later. Today, we are going to look at a few specific tricks and trials to help fund your Kickstarter project. The Sammus Theory set up a landing page on their own website that explained a...

Arlen Roth ”Becomes One” With His Guitar

There are many “aha!” moments when it comes to being a creative spirit, but there are surely some that stick with you more than others over time. I have had many times of amazing “clarity” and realization on the instrument that seem to rival and feel literally like a “religious” experience. There was one moment last year when I was in the middle of playing “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which is a regular staple of my show. In the middle “open” section, where the lyrics normally go “I know, I know, I know, etc.”, I always really go off...

How to Avoid 10 On-Stage Guitarist Mistakes

Hitting a bad note or getting lost in chord changes can result in glaring embarrassments on stage. But there are worse things, at least in terms of turning off an audience or making yourself look like the fourth Stooge. On more occasions than I care to admit I’ve done the latter — from tripping over my own cables, uplugging my guitar mid-song by stepping on the cord, slipping on a wet spot and landing on my butt, once even breaking my tailbone in the process. And there are more subtle issues of stage appearance and craft that can also muck...

Aural Illusion: How to Mimic a 12-String Guitar

It’s one of the most heavenly, downright gorgeous sounds in rock history: a ringing 12-string acoustic guitar playing an ethereal chord. Or it’s one of the most sonically exciting: an overdriven electric 12-string playing a pedal tone riff punctuated by big chord jabs, like in Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same.” Or it's one of the most unusual lead guitar sounds imaginable: the stacked octaves of George Harrison’s solo in The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” or Roger McGuinn’s work on The Byrds’ “Eight Miles High.” Even Eddie Van ...

Les Miserables – The Movie

I’m a movie buff. I love catching everything from campy cult films and critically-acclaimed indie movies to the mainstream action flicks and more. Suffice it to say I’ve seen a LOT of movies. Les Miserables, the new adaption of the Victor Hugo book and stage play by Claude-Michel Schönberg, Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel, is by far one of the most amazing feats of cinematic wonder I have ever seen. From the moment it opens in...

How Much Are Next-Gen Music Services Really Paying Artists?

Even if you love the nostalgia of tapes and vinyl, there’s no denying the convenience of millions of songs in a single app, all ready to play or download with a single click. This is the world that Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Amazon and even small players like BandCamp have ushered in. But how does it shake out for the artists who actually produce the music? I crunched the available numbers on all these services to find out, and as it turns out, the guy holding the guitar seldom comes out ahead.
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