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The Number Chart – A Universal Language

Kim Copeland Productions goes to the islands! I’m just back from Nassau where I had the pleasure of working with some really cool musicians and amazingly talented jazz/Junkanoo artist, Kim Welcome. Rik Carey, lead vocalist for the Baha Men (Who Let The Dogs Out), played drums and percussion. Though we had done extensive pre-production and I felt sure that the songs and artist were ready, there were still plenty of potential speed bumps to contend with, since I was heading into an unfamiliar studio and working...

The Basics: Three Types of Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are full of options, with various pickups, bridges, fret sizes, neck radii, tone woods, tuners and so on all having an impact on how an instrument plays and sounds. But stripping things down to the absolute basics, there are three types of electric guitars: solid bodies, hollow bodies and semi-hollow bodies. And they’re ideally suited for different playing approaches. Here’s a basic introduction to hollow, semi-hollow and solid body guitars, how they work and what each is best at. Hollow Body Guitars: Guitars with ...

Indie Artists and Their Dreams

In the increasingly difficult world of getting your music heard, indie artists are being supplied with unparalleled tools in the form of social media, web sites specializing in “helping” musicians with marketing, and audio platforms which promise unlimited access to the public. To a degree there are positives within all of these offerings; but each needs to be viewed as a tool within a larger box. From some of my readings, that seems to be the missing perspective. Take “Music Think Tank,” one of my favorite sites...

6 Steps for Successful Audio Mixing

Mixing is an art form that takes a lot of time and skill and even though we may spend a long time on any given mix it is a good plan to be able to have a strategy for commencing a mix down session. To some degree this is going to be influenced by the genre of music that is to be mixed but there is a lot one can do to start off on the right footing to create mixes that are likely to have good traits as opposed to bad traits. We are going to discuss mixing strategy and these pointers will assist with consistency and efficiency.

Debut Artist Spotlight: LiveWire

It is not often that we profile a Debut Spotlight act that has been rocking non-stop for 15 years. But if any band out there deserves that recognition, it would be the pride of Joplin, Mo. – LiveWire. Way back in 1997, they started gigging around southwestern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma. Aside from one brief hiatus, their lineup has largely stayed intact, with Danny Bell on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Bobby DeGonia on lead guitar and backing vocals, Andy Eutsler on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Adam ...

Songwriting 101: Why Originality Matters

If you’re a musician, you probably get asked whether you do original songs or covers. And as unassuming as that question sounds, it’s actually a hornet’s nest buzzing with speculation on your intent, ambition, and talent. Do you have your own thoughts? Do you have something engaging and identifiable to say? Or do you just echo the ideas of other writers? Are you an artist or a mimic? Originality — the quality of being new, fresh, innovative, or novel — is the difference between a piano player and a player piano. It is the distinction ...

10 Guitar Greats Who’ve Been Unduly Neglected

Guitar giants as Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Billy Gibbons and Pete Townshend possess outsized personalities that shine brightly when the spotlight is cast on them. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are superb players who’ve made their mark in a more understated fashion. The following players, several of whom passed away far before their time, deserve more public recognition than they've received thus far. Terry Kath was the backbone behind Chicago’s innovative jazz-rock style during...

How Speaker Cabinets Influence Your Guitar’s Sound

When it comes to defining the voice of your guitar, amp selection is absolutely crucial. Characteristics like tubes, gain, wattage, channel switching, reverb, tremolo, master volume and speaker construction typically dominate the conversation. But another absolutely essential factor is often overlooked: whether the back of the cabinet containing the speaker or speakers you use is open or closed. There’s a world of difference between the two, since cabinet construction defines the shape of the sound wave that reaches the ears of...

Celebrating the Rhythm Guitarist

When you go to a rock show, there are usually one or two people in a band that stand out the most. The singer of course gets a lot of attention, and tends to be the one that many casual fans associate with the band in question. The guitarist, or lead guitarist in a two-guitar band, is usually second in line. All the cool guitar solos and poses make him a focal point of the show. But what about the rhythm guitarist? Easily one of the most overlooked band members, he is often neglected simply because he's not at the front of the...

New Artist Spotlight: Florida Georgia Line

You don’t need to know that Tyler Hubbard comes from Monroe, Ga., or that his partner in Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley, comes from Ormond Beach, Fla. It’s the music that lets you know these two guys know how to kick it in the studio and onstage, Dixie style. Their debut album, Here’s to the Good Times,is a pastiche of prickling banjo, walloping backbeats and muscle guitar, run through a blender of Country, Southern rock and a hint of hip-hop. Hubbard and Kelley coast over these grooves with upbeat vocals...

Effects of Noise: Hearing Loss and Musicians

While loud noise can cause the collection of inaccurate data in experimentation, it can also lead to hearing loss in musicians. Even child musicians, aged eight to twelve, show signs of it, while most adult musicians suffer from it to some degree. The relationship between hearing loss and musicians is due to their constant exposure to loud noise. Prolonged exposure to sounds above 85dB, the range of many musical instruments, can cause gradual hearing loss. Moreover, modern music genres, such as rock and hip ...

Keep It Clean: 10 Ways to Unclutter Your Band Website

When doing website reviews, a common issue we come across are bands trying to put too much content and too many features on their websites. Because there are so many tools, features, and widgets available to musicians, some feel like they should use all of them. But when it comes to your website, simple really can be better. Long gone are the days of Geocities, blinking text, dancing babies and glitter (see if you don’t remember). The new trends are for slick, simple, and minimalist ...

Acoustic Treatment for the Small Studio

As high-quality audio gear becomes ever more affordable, software emulations nip at the heels of some of the most coveted audio hardware, and much of the basic knowledge of the audio field becomes widely disseminated through the web, professional studios still offer more than a few major benefits. The first among them is the skill and experience of their engineers. But not far behind is the quality of their rooms. There’s no easier place to make good mix choices than a well-tuned listening environment, and no ...

Making Money With Music Licensing – Part I: Copyrights and Revenue

Turn on the TV or radio, click on a website, or stroll through a mall and chances are you will hear music. If you’re a songwriter or composer, how do you secure placement for your own compositions or recordings to be played via these channels? Who chooses the indie songs behind the latest teen angst soap opera? While there is no magic formula, there is a process and a path for original songs to find their way into the thousands of available licensing opportunities. This series of three posts will provide an overview and understanding ...

Finally: PhotoBlab Is Instagram for Photos+Audio

Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram last April possibly because Instagram was only for mobile devices. As of this week, Facebook has put Instagram on the web, and now, we’ll find out whether Mark Zuckerberg’s big investment was worth it. However, Instagram is silent. Pictures might be worth a thousand words to some people, but for the most part, nobody can hear them. Enter PhotoBlab, from Thomas Kirk, the director of live video and visuals for the rock band Muse, who has never created an app before.
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