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Vid O’ the Week – Mac DeMarco

’m doing this to celebrate a couple different things: 1. Canada – fuck, I’ve never been, but I need to. It just sounds like Australia except less racist, and snowier. 2. FBi picking the Canadian Mac DeMarco’s new album, Salad Days, as their Album of the Week. I’m glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves, its a cracker. I’ve had a mega crush on MacDeMarco for a while now. He’s bloody cool...

Heart In Concert In Pittsburgh, PA

There are many reasons Heart has been around for 40 years. Selling over 30 million albums and being dubbed “the female Led Zeppelin “top the list. But the Rock and Roll hall of Fame duo is not one to rest on its laurels. As if to prove their worth, the Wilson sisters packed the explosive energy of their arena show into Pittsburgh’s intimate Carnegie Music Hall and torched it for 90 minutes. They came out like a C4 explosion with a thunderous...
Red Bull Sounds Select

Nashville’s Red Bull Sound Select Night of Fun

Blank Range, Andrew Combs, and headliner Houndmouth gave Nashville fans a stellar performance for Nashville’s Red Bull Sound Select hosted at The Stone Fox. The venue was packed with fans that were waiting for the show to start. Winners of the first round of Road to Bonnaroo, Blank Range opened the show with raw energy performing songs from their latest EP, Phase II. Front-man Grant Gustafson was lively, and the dynamic...

Michael Boggs Is More Like a Lion

Sometimes the people God chooses are the ones who never planned to be chosen. Witness the story of Michael Boggs, an accomplished multi-format musician, singer and songwriter. With his debut release on Stylos Records, More Like a Lion, Boggs is turning heads with songs of conviction, exhortation and heartfelt praise. He’s toured the world, become a sought-after songwriter and leads worship for thousands, though Boggs never planned it that way.

Planetshakers Share Endless Praise

Modern worship grown locally then catapulted onto an international stage, Planetshakers is organic to its environment and yet unique to the digital age in which it was born. It is a dedicated team of talented songwriters, musicians and worship leaders boldly leading as one, proclaiming the joy and freedom found in powerful encounter with God. Set for release March 11, 2014, ENDLESS PRAISE marks the 26th LIVE recording to capture the energy, excitement...

5 New Places to Promote Your Music

These days, it seems that there are opportunities to promote your music everywhere you look. Some band services sites like Sonicbids and ReverbNation are full of opportunities that you can submit your music to (though often, that submission requires you to pay a fee). However, it doesn’t always require a submission service, a paid EPK site, or contests where you try to prod friends and fans into voting for you. Sometimes, it just takes some creativity and a lot of drive.
Mike Butterworth and Jason Walsmith in front of 'Meatloaf,' their tour bus.

Sustain Your Music Career – Nine Insights To Help You Do It

It’s been twenty years since Mike Butterworth and Jason Walsmith met in college and forged a partnership that has withstood many tests. Since then, their Des Moines, Iowa-based band, The Nadas, have felt the exhilaration of performing for 15,000 people at a sold out arena shows to playing hole-in-wall bars for a handful of folks. Through playing hundreds of shows and releasing 11 records of (mostly) original material, the duo has learned what works...

Celebrity Deaths - Coalition Against Drug Abuse Releases Infographic

With great wealth and fame also comes great responsibility – especially for celebrities. Famous actors, musicians, and athletes all have to maintain a public image while balancing the rigors of their work with the allures of pleasure. High incomes and a developed American party culture allow them sustained access to drugs, which when combined with the stresses and pressures of fame, sometimes leads to addiction and overdose.
Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, David Crosby

Crosby, Stills and Nash In Concert at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Nearly 45 years ago, I heard "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" for the first time when David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, along with Neil Young, took to the stage at Woodstock and opened with the song after telling the crowd "This is only the second time we've performed in front of people. We're scared shitless!" Okay, so I was with my father who helped coordinate the security at Woodstock and I was only nine years old, but it's a memory that sticks with me to this...
Justin Hayward, Graeme Edge and John Lodge

The Moody Blues In Concert at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta

There really is only one word to describe British rock band The Moody Blues - legendary. For nearly fifty years (as of May 4), their music has been heard around the world with over 70 million albums sold and 14 gold and platinum discs awarded. So, what is it that has kept this band which was part of the "British Invasion" of the 1960's so relevant and viable yet today, selling out venues around the world? The music, of course. The Moody Blues could be called...

I Don't Play Other People's Music

Have you ever made this statement? If you write and / or perform your own music, you might feel this way. Many people learned to play in order to create, and that's where they get the most satisfaction. I recognize and celebrate that...the way they learned to use their instrument is part of their artistry. A musician like U2's guitarist The Edge is a great example: writing guitar hooks for the band, he developed a style that didn't require great technical skill but was completely his own.
Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves Isn’t Just Blowing Smoke

The Well is a semi-bohemian hangout in Nashville’s Green Hills neighborhood. The parking lot is a grid of potholes and chipped concrete. There’s rust on the metal panels on the ceiling. The wooden tables are notable for their fading varnish and the gaps between their slats that allow all kinds of stuff — crumbs, coffee, jewelry — to fall through to the floor. It’s comfortably unkempt but friendly. And it’s just a couple of blocks down the road from the Bluebird Cafe...

Marketing Your Music 101: The Importance of Your Story

What IS music marketing? According to Wikipedia, marketing is: 'the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.” In the music industry, it’s helpful to think of this process in somewhat simpler terms: marketing is the art of telling your story to the right people at the right time, and telling it well. Put even more simply: it’s about making meaningful connections.

Why Your Band Needs A Website

I’m not going to beat around the bush. If you’re serious about your music–your band needs a dedicated website. Not a webpage, not social profile, not a Tumblr or a Blogger, but an actual honest-to-goodness hosted website with your own band name nested between the ‘www.’ and ‘.com.’ Yes, I’m biased. I work for a service that offers band websites (Sue me). But the thing is, I don’t just feel this way about bands. I feel this way about EVERYTHING.

Co-Writing: The No Free Zone

The best advice I ever got on co-writing was from Stan Webb, my first professional co-writer. When Tom Casey, a VP at SESAC in Nashville, set the appointment up for me, he asked Stan to talk to me a bit about the Nashville co-writing process, a process that dominates the songwriting culture there. I was waiting in the SESAC writer's room with my notes and titles, some complete lyrics, song ideas, and I was feeling nervous. I, after all, am a big-time Professor...
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