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10 Great Grunge Bands

Grunge bloomed from the mid-to-late ‘80s Seattle music scene with fuzzy, distorted electric guitars, angst-y vocals and a general rebellion against the establishment. After the mainstream breakthrough of Nirvana’s Nevermind album in 1991, the genre became the most popular style of rock music in the ‘90s. Grunge is still in the spotlight today, with many of those classic lineups touring and releasing new music. Songs...

The World According to Heavy Metal

Metal music comes straight from the gut, with its high volume, dramatic guitar solos and relentless rhythms. The metal genre encompasses a long list of different sounds and subgenres, but they are have one commonality: an affinity for all things heavy. Read on for 10 quotes from some of our favorite headbangers. It’s The World According to Heavy Metal, baby!

How to Play Slide Guitar In 10 Minutes

Sometimes it takes a little guidance to open up the door to new vistas in guitar playing. Earlier this month I taught an “Introduction To Slide Guitar” workshop at the Tall City Blues Festival in Midland, Texas, with the promise that students would be playing slide by the time they left the room. At the start of the workshop most of the players in attendance said that even beginning to play with a slide was a mystery they’d had trouble...

BEAU+LUCI - Sister Duo Sensation From Waycross, GA

"It's one thing to have amazing musical talent as an individual, but when artists are able to double that talent as a duo, it's even more amazing. That's exactly what BEAU + LUCI have done. As sisters, the two bring music to another level with their fantastic songwriting skills and harmonious vocals," says Ron Holland of The Georgia Music Channel.

A Royalty Pain: Making Sense Of Music's Compensation Issues

From the outside, it looks simple: Terrestrial radio and Internet-based music services play the songs, the creators and performers of which are then compensated -- no matter where they play and when they were released -- and everyone in the business lives happily ever after. From the inside, not so much. In 2014, several forces have been at work disrupting what has long been the music compensation...

How To Sound Your Best For Online Gigs

Today I’d like to address one of the most important technical components of doing a successful online event: Sound. You might be surprised at why sound is even more important than video for your virtual concerts, so read on. As a DIY performing artist and musician, you understand that quality sound is extremely important. You spend a lot of time writing and recording your material, and when you perform it, you want your...

Make Your Music Photos Tell Your Story

When your music photos convey your message as an artist, they’re doing their job! These guidelines will get your next music photo shoot to be a true snapshot of you. Cheryl's music photosI’ve been very lucky to work with talented photographers throughout my years as a performing artist: Odin Wright, Stephanie Staidle, Annie Watson, Matt Greenslade, and Anne Skidmore Photography have all graced my websites, press...
Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran and Rudimental in Concert in Atlanta and Nashville

They call themselves Sheerios, and they were out in full force Saturday, September 13 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, to see their idol, British singer-songwriter, talented acoustic guitarist. Sheeran’s stage set is a basic three monitor, two microphone, loop pedal box and a multi video screen backdrop. The nearly-two-hour, 16-song set, his female admirers...

Why Your Band Website Matters More Than Almost Anything Else

Let’s face it. The first time most people encounter your music is going to be online. They could be surfing Spotify, watching YouTube, or shopping on iTunes. They might see your band mentioned on Facebook or Twitter. They might see an event invite, a blog review, an article, an ad. There are infinite ways to encounter new music online. Even if a person first encounters your music, by chance, in the real world–on a show poster...

Five Things You Can Do to Move Your Songwriting Career Forward

It's easy to become overwhelmed by all there is to do when it comes to moving forward in your songwriting career. I’d compare the approach of this article to eating the elephant one bite at a time. In other words, by being patient, organized and methodical in your daily work as a songwriter, you’re guaranteed to make steady progress in your career. If you follow the suggestions below, the results won’t be immediate but when you look...

Six Ways To See if You're Ready for a Professional Song Demo

One of the big decisions that we, as songwriters, have to make is whether or not we're ready for a professional song demo. In other words, is our song good enough to warrant spending the money and time necessary to make a high-quality recording? While our instinct may be to love all of our songs equally, the reality is that some of our songs are simply better/more commercially viable than others. The problem is deciding which songs those are. Below ...
Pat Simmons

Pat and Cris Simmons on the Motorcycle Cannonball Run

Pat Simmons of the legendary Doobie Brothers, along with his wife Cris, are participating in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Run from Daytona Beach, FL, to Tacoma, WA. On a route that takes them nearly 4000 miles across the country, the Simmons', along with one hundred and fourteen other riders, are putting about 250 miles per day on their vintage motorcycles which, by Cannonball rules, have to be older than 1936.

Vid O The Week – Sounds of Sputnik – New Born Feat. Ummagma

Whenever I see the word ‘feat.’ on a track, my mind pops straight to the distasteful thought of R&B with extra cheese and the drunk Darlinghurst Darlings dancing their nights away. What I don’t think of is post-rocky piano noise rock, firstly because I didn’t know that piano noise rock existed, secondly because I hadn’t heard Sounds of Sputnik‘s latest single New Born. Blip. Blip. Blip...

Dwight Yoakam Packs A Punch In Anaheim

Dwight Yoakam's fast-paced concert at the City National Grove of Anaheim was so satisfying last night, I found myself simply trying to hang on to each musical turn and lyrical phrase so I might somehow make the performance go on a little longer. This was one of those unusual nights where I wasn't there to review the concert, but was simply there for the sheer fun of it. I had caught...
X107.1 Live Lounge with The Weeks in Atlanta

The Weeks at X107.1 FM's Live Lounge in Atlanta

Indie rockers The Weeks performed at the inaugural Live Lounge, hosted by X107.1 FM at the Cox Media Group's headquarters in Atlanta. Guitarist Sam Williams and singer Cyle Barnes gave the gathered invite-only crowd an acoustic set of three songs from their catalog, including the recent single "Buttons." Williams and Barnes, along with Damien Bone and Cyle's brother, Cain Barnes, moved...
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