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Getting Photos for Your Website

We cannot overstate the importance of photos when it comes to your website. In fact, we often tell bands that they should spend more money on professional photos than on their website. Great photos can create a positive first impression for potential new fans, as well as for industry and media. But if the images on your website look unprofessional, chances are, people won’t take you or your music seriously.

Writing Melodies To A Chord Pattern

Do you write to your instrument, or do you use your instrument to write? Perhaps the more important question to ask is, how does your skill level on an instrument affect your writing? Does it have a positive or a negative impact? The answer could be, both, depending. There's no one perfect process, although we all have our comfortable methods.

Using Virtual Instruments in Live Performance

There are two important truths when using virtual instruments live: Your entire system could die at any moment, but your system will probably give you years of reliable operation. So feel free to go ahead and file this under“hope for the best, but plan for the worst”—but in this article, we'll plan for the worst. For desktop computing, I use both; with laptops, for almost a decade I used only Macs...

Unleashing The Acoustic Within Your Electric

Some of us start out on acoustic guitar before 'graduating' to electric. Some of us stay on acoustic our whole lives. Some of us are electric shredders who don't require an acoustic guitar often enough to actually plonk down enough cash to own one, but we might need the sound of an acoustic on our tracks from time to time. This article is for them.

Avoiding Common Songwriting Obstacles

Ben Camp is a successful songwriter whose song “Gold” was a hit for Victoria Justice, tallying more than 14 million YouTube views. In Part I of this interview, “The road to becoming a successful songwriter,” Ben spoke about his journey as a songwriter and the importance of building a team as “today’s music industry is very fragmented, so the more angles you can come at a project...

The Walter Mitty-Ness of Songwriting

The great thing about being a writer or an actor is that we get to live so many lives. I mean the ones you create. The ones you elaborate upon. The ones you fantasize. I'm in an amazing acting workshop for singers called the Musical Artists Workshop taught by Gary Imhoff. Sometimes in an improv, we’re given a situation and you simply have to think “what if…” In fact, much acting is done...

Four Simple Tricks For Rewriting A Song

As songwriters, we so often get bogged down in the micro-details of our songs (whether to use “and” or “but,” should the last note of the chorus melody go up or down, etc.) that we tend to overlook the big issues that can help us tighten, streamline and otherwise improve our songs in major ways. I’m going to bring up a few of the commonly overlooked issues that I see time and...
Zach Cooper

Coheed and Cambria In Concert in Atlanta

It’s not uncommon in the world of progressive rock for an album to tell a story or have common themes throughout, rather than simply be a collection of individual unrelated songs. Albums that fit this description are usually known as concept albums. Taking it a step further, Coheed and Cambria frontman and lyricist Claudio Sanchez created the sci-fi tale known...

Simple Travel Tips for Musicians

Traveling can bring excitement to your life, and it can bring stress and upheaval, as well. Here are four simple travel tips to help you endure life on the road without feeling like roadkill. I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while… but I’ve been traveling. I am all too familiar with picking up and being on the move, non-stop, for one to seven weeks at a time. There are certain things I’ve learned...

Musician’s Guide to YouTube

You’ve conquered Facebook and Twitter. Now, it’s time to dig into one of the most important online tools for musicians: video-sharing website YouTube. YouTube is a powerful tool to get your music heard. Each day, millions of users make their way through YouTube with the sole purpose of discovering new music. Why not be one of the bands or musicians that truly embraces their YouTube channel?

John Lennon’s Best Guitar Solos

John Lennon, the revolutionary Beatle, was born on October 9, 1940, in working-class Liverpool, England. This year, he would have turned 74. Lennon made history as a Beatle, of course, and as a solo artist, collaborator and producer until his murder in 1980 at age 40. Until then, he lived a rich life indeed. Lennon was knighted by...
Tony Bennett at Segerstrom Hall. Photo: Kelly A. Swift

Ageless Tony Bennett Dazzles in Costa Mesa

When Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s jazz album Cheek To Cheekdebuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz Album and Traditional Jazz Album Charts last week, the 88-year-old Bennett broke his own record of being the oldest artist to score a No. 1 release. Watching the multiple Grammy winner dazzle a capacity crowd at Segerstrom...

A Primer on Professional Demo Studios for Songwriters

You’re a songwriter. It’s what you do. It’s what you’ve trained yourself to do through countless hours of study, practice and effort. Your songs are yours and no one can write them for you. In other words, you’ve become an expert at writing your songs. That’s how it should be. However, if you’re going to treat your songwriting as a business that you hope to profit from, then it’s in your best interest to employ...

4 Royalties You’re Probably Missing

If you’ve affiliated yourself as a songwriter with a performing rights organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) and registered all your songs, you’ve taken an important first step in collecting the publishing royalties you’re owed. That being said, PROs such as ASCAP and BMI only collect one form of music publishing revenues: the performance royalty. In order to collect ALL of the royalties...

Jimmy Page’s Greatest Guitar Solos

When the Edge and Jack White stare at another guitar player like wide-eyed teenage fanboys, that player must have some serious mojo — Rock of Gibraltar status. And Jimmy Page certainly has earned his place at the zenith of electric guitar history, crafting riffs and tones that will forever help define the sound of both rock and blues six-string. The Edge and White look like kids staring at...
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