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A Step by Step Guide to Great YouTube Videos for Musicians

There are a lot of articles discussing the importance of YouTube for indie musicians trying to find an audience. But, with the growing popularity of the platform, the video quality expected by users is going up as well. For a lot of indie artists, it can be intimidating to see the videos released by professional YouTubers and more established artists, but it doesn’t need to be.

Fare Thee Well to The Grateful Dead

For three nights between July 3–6, the four remaining members of the Grateful Dead teamed up with three other musicians for “Fare Thee Well” — a concert series billed as the Dead’s last. The shows took place at Soldier Field in Chicago — the same stadium that hosted the Grateful Dead’s final show in July 1995, shortly before Jerry Garcia died.

Concert Review: Shania Twain in Pittsburgh

The Eagles tried to quit touring - twice. The Who, three times. They’re both still out there. Shania Twain is the latest icon who may be crying wolf about ditching the road. Now less than a month shy of her 50th birthday, she publicly declared this to be her last tour, “I want to go out with a bang,” she said. Thus the aptly titled, “Rock This Country” tour was booked in 48 cities.

How to Hack Sync Licensing and Make More Money With Your Music

If you’ve ever watched a popular TV show, sat through a great trailer, or enjoyed a film and wondered how to get one of your own songs onto the soundtrack, you are not alone. Many artists, from singer-songwriters to rappers to post-rock bands, dream of a plum song placement in a prominent television show, film, game, or advertisement. After all, a sync...

New Study Concludes Punk and Metal Music Actually Calms You Down

Researchers at the University of Queensland, a public research institution in Brisbane, Australia, recently conducted a study in which they were determined to prove a long held belief: hardcore music leads to hardcore actions. The theory goes that music to which one can headbang is also music to which one can commit acts of violence and rage. To the...

Summer is the Time to Read - Book Reviews by Robert Kinsler

With summer in full swing, now is a good chance to spend some quality time reading some great new music books available in stores and online. Title: Guitar Player: The Inside Story of the First Two Decades of the Most Successful Guitar Player Magazine Ever. Authors: Edited by Jim Crockett with Dara Crockett. Publisher: Backbeat Books...

Basic Legal Tips for Record Producers

These days the music business, particularly the pop and urban markets, is producer-driven more so than ever before. Producers not only help capture the sound in the studio and use the available technology to mold it to be as commercially acceptable as possible, but more and more producers are finding and discovering new talent...

Peter Frampton & Cheap Trick at Fantasy Springs Casino Special Events Centre in Indio, CA

As we sat in our seats taking in the recent Peter Frampton / Cheap Trick show at the Fantasy Springs Casino Special Events Centre in Indio, it occurred to me that the Coachella Valley has quite possibly begun to give the mighty metropolis of Los Angeles a run for its money as the Entertainment Epicenter of Southern California. To wit: the biggest, most important rock festival in the business takes place...
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Cyber PR Social Media Food Pyramid

This is one of my most popular articles – It is included in my book and with social media growing at such a rapid pace, I decided it was a good idea to revisit my social media food pyramid and update it for 2015. It happens to me all of the time when I teach social media. Faces go blank, frustration begins to settle in and then I hear: “I just don’t have anything interesting to...

Our Obsession With Kid Drummers

There’s something about a mini human playing a drum. It doesn’t matter whether they’re bashing away to Avenged Sevenfold, Offenbach or the Foo Fighters, people really seem to get their kicks watching a kid pick up the sticks (sorry). But what is it about a child hitting a drum kit that is so endlessly fascinating to us? Why does little Avery Molek manage to draw almost 3 and a half million YouTube hits for playing...

Guitarists Have the Best Brain Chemistry and Science Can Prove It

Guitarists have always been known to baffle people. It’s an amazing skill that might seem out of reach to some people (as with any discernible skill sets that many people have). Take Hendrix as the classic example. The man did things with a guitar that seemed impossible, playing with such fiery determination and uninhibited freedom that still blows minds today...
Otis Clay

Cognac Blues Fest in Cognac, France

Cognac Blues Passions is easily one of France's most important annual blues events. In many eyes, the premiere event in the country. This year, the 22nd, opened at Jarnac with a storming set from leading young US bluesman Selwyn Birchwood and his band. Birchwood pretty well swept the board back in 2013 at the IBA in Memphis where he picked up the ...

The Vernons Rock The World Bar in Sydney, Australia

Unimaginably seductive vocals, riffs bluesy enough to keep your mind subtly wondering, bass deep enough and hair sexy enough to tear through the entire psyche, and timing on point enough to give the band a solid heartbeat. It’s clear that The Vernons are a band so humbly superior, and so impressively beyond their years, that their second show in Sydney for...

Beth Hart Burns Down the 'Burgh

Beth Hart is one of those gifted singers that draws immediate comparisons to some of the greatest of all time like Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin. She is a Grammy nominee. And you’ve probably never heard of her. Such is the peril of truly gifted artists in today’s musical landscape. The notoriety she has garnered is from a very specific...

The Music Streaming War and You

Remember Napster? It was such a strange experience when it first came out. You’d spent most of your childhood listening to whatever tacky CDs your parents were into or my grand parents’ much cooler Pink Floyd vinyl collection. But downloading music form the internet? This was a whole new frontier all together. It was all sitting there in a folder on the desktop, hours and hours...
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