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Don’t Force People to Steal Your Music

Rich Juzwiak wants to buy a song by Elle Varner — but can’t. Right now the single is only available on SoundCloud until some future date when, presumably, the full album will be released on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Rich is pissed. He thinks Elle is behaving according to an antiquated “anticipation business model.” He believes. This new song exists only on Soundcloud. It is not available on iTunes. Why? Why can’t I have this song now? I want it... Actually, Rich says it best, so here it is:

16-Point Band Website Assessment Checklist

When reviewing websites for musicians, we generally break down the reviews into 3 categories: Design, Organization & Navigation. Content - For each category, there are certain key things that we look out for. We’ve decided to share our checklist so bands can assess their own websites! So here’s our 16-point band website assessment checklist to measure how your website is doing (download the checklist here...

Vid O’ The Week – Gang of Youths

Thank goodness Gang of Youths moved to the United States. If they decided to shoot the video for their latest single Poison Drum here in their home town of Sydney, we’d have yet another video of a bunch of dorks walking down King Street in Newtown - absolutely the last thing we need. Instead, GOY have taken to the streets of the far more interesting Los Angeles, trading in the townhouse rowed alleys for wide open strip malls and the Coopers Pale...

Nine Critical Things You Should Know About Publicity Before You Make Your First Move

You have your music, your vision, and you are eager to make that first move in the world of PR. But before I jump into what you’re here for, the nine critical things you should now about PR, we need to be sure that your ready to begin such a relationship with the media. It’s not a matter of feeling ready, it’s a matter of being ready. Before you even begin thinking about PR, you need to have what I refer to as your social media...

6 Tips For Making the Most of Your Music Festival Gig

Summertime Music Festivals make for some of the best gigs you can get as an Independent Artists. Parks are filled with people, there’s very little pressure to draw your own fans, and you get maximum exposure to potential new fans. Festival gigs can also be frustrating when the sound system is fickle or the weather is fickle among other things. But here are 6 tips for making the most of your next Music or Art Festival. Just like any other gig, advance the show, figure out ...

10 Ways To Ruin A Song

As Spinal Tap reminds us, it’s a fine line between stupid and clever. This is particularly true in the world of popular music, where one bad move can kill an otherwise great tune. Here’s a list of ways to sabotage your next song during the writing or recording process 1. Long intros — Ever heard the saying, “Don’t bore us; get to the chorus?” It’s POP music, not opera! You don’t need an overture. If your intro is longer than...

Katy Perry In Concert in Pittsburgh

For an artist with over 50 million Twitter followers, one may think Katy Perry’s arena show would be awash with fans donning her trademark neon wigs and elaborate garb. Perhaps reflecting the darker tone of the new album, the blue hairs (literally) were scattered sparingly amidst the 18,000 in attendance at Consol Energy Center Tuesday night. Regardless of their attire, fans were in for a two hour hyper-produced spectacle that was a combination broadway...
Benj Gershman, Evan Overela, Jon Lampley, Jerry DePizzo, Chris C

O.A.R. and Phillip Phillips in Concert at Chastain Park in Atlanta

Sometimes, concerts aren't just about the music. They are about the ambiance and the fun of hanging out with your friends and family. Chastain Park Amphitheatre in Atlanta, GA., is a venue known for providing an enjoyable experience for concert goers by allowing patrons to carry in picnic baskets and other amenities to make an evening under the stars even more memorable. I've even seen people setting up tables as if they are in a restaurant with candles...
Nick Hexum, Aaron Wills

311 in Concert at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. Before last night, I'd never heard of rock band 311. After seeing them live, I've come to the conclusion that I need to get my head out of my backside and pay closer attention to bands that not only have been around for a long time, but have had huge hits on Billboard's music charts. Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, Nick Hexum (lead vocals), Doug Martinez (vocals), Tim Mahoney (guitar), Aaron Wills (bass) and drummer Chad Sexton have...

Vid O’ The Week – Flyying Colours

Okay, so this is my first time doing a Vid O’ The Week, and there’s a surprising amount to get your head around in doing a Vid O’ The Week. Firstly, where does the apostrophe go in the title? How does one filter out the insipid singer songwriters covering Lana Del Rey songs on Youtube searches? Do music videos even still exist? Eventually I worked it all out, and after a top three list that included this video and this video, I finally settled on the relatively...

The Producer’s Chair: Marshall Altman

Don’t miss Marshall Altman on The Producer’s Chair on Thursday, July 31, at Douglas Corner at 6 p.m. Details at When Marshall Altman moved from Los Angles to Nashville in July, 2010, he was hopeful that he would be able to earn his way into community of musicians, songwriters, and producers in Music City. Prior to his move to Nashville, where Altman has a Berry Hill studio that is part...

Jimi Hendrix's Gibson Guitars

Jimi Hendrix played a variety of guitars throughout his career, and among them were many Gibson models. Hendrix would often use a white SG Custom for "Red House," and towards the end of his life he would often be seen with a custom made left-handed Gibson Flying V. For a brief period Hendrix was seen using a Les Paul Custom, and he has been photographed with a Les Paul Special. It seems as though he favored using his Gibson guitars for bluesy...

Worst Rock Band Double Bills — Ever!

Rock ‘n’ roll has a history of tragic mispairings — like in 1967 when the Jimi Hendrix Experience opened a tour for the Monkees, or when ABBA and KISS toured in the ’70s, and the more recent double-bill of the Scissor Sisters and Limp Bizkit. Okay, okay, I made those last two up. But here are three perfect examples of band names that should never appear together on the same bills — but actually did! Ratt and Poison: An odd coincidence or the product of a booking...

The Challenges of Songwriting

In some ways, songwriting is similar to other arts, such as writing, acting, or painting. There are common basic principles. An actor must make a good entrance, employ the proper vocal dynamics, keep the energy level up, and make an effective exit from the scene. A painter must pay attention to color and shading, a writer must strive for clarity and flow. Songwriters must also “make a good entrance” employ dynamics and energy, end their songs well, and strive for lucidity...
John Cowan, Pat Simmons, Ed Toth, Tom Johnston, Tony Pia, John M

The Doobie Brothers with Peter Frampton and Matthew Curry in Concert in Alpharetta, GA

Outdoor venues are usually the best places to catch a concert, and when it's a comfortable summer evening it's even more special. Such was the case last night in Alpharetta, Georgia, at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre where I was lucky to enjoy an evening with The Doobie Brothers, Peter Frampton and newcomer Matthew Curry. First up, 19-year-old blues phenom Matthew Curry. Hailing from Normal, Illinois...
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