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Crowdfunding: Six Reasons Musicians Think Fans Care (And Why They’re All Wrong)

As a musician, you typically have no problem imagining how awesome your new idea is going to turn out. It’s sorta like picturing how your ex will suddenly take you back when they hear your song. Or how a room full of 500 people will want to raise their glass high while singing your chorus the next time you play. When it comes to crowdfunding, you probably start out with a few daydreams about how everybody ...

Using a MIDI Controller In Your Home Studio

The technical nuts and bolts that go into making a modern recording have changed dramatically over the last two decades. Customizable, affordable studio gear allows musicians to make records in their home studios that can often rival the quality of the professional recordings made in the past, and using a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controller has become increasingly more commonplace for home recording enthusiast. A MIDI controller can come in many forms, and can serve a wide range...

The Secret Handshake: Gary Moore's Scariest Guitar Lick

It's difficult to put in perspective how Gary Moore changed things with Still Got The Blues. Those albums were huge. For me, as an eleven-year-old guitarist who had already been playing for a few years, Still Got The Blues changed my world. I could relate to the album cover — a young lad sitting on his bed playing guitar while a poster of Jimi Hendrix looked down with what I saw as equal amounts of interest, pride and encouragement. I didn't have a Les Paul and Marshall though: I didn't even have an...

Chris Cornell Talks About His Signature Gibson ES-335

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell has been talking about his new signature Gibson ES-335, built at Gibson Memphis. The Chris Cornell model comes in two lustrous variations: Olive Drab Green with Bigsby vibrato option, and a Flat Black finish with hardtail Tune-o-matic bridge. Both models are equipped with high-quality Grover Rotomatic tuners. All hardware is treated to Gibson’s proprietary VOS process for a gently-aged vintage look. Cornell’s preferred clear control knobs add to a unique look.

How To Distribute Your Music

The digital revolution presents many challenges for musicians – but fortunately, distribution is not really one of them: it's now easier than ever to make your music available to a big audience (whether they buy it or not is another matter, of course). In this blog post I’m going to look at some ways that you can distribute your music quickly and effectively – and give you some tips on how to maximise revenue from each method of distribution.

Concert Review: Joe Bonamassa in New York

In the first 20 minutes of his show at New York’s Beacon Theater, Joe Bonamassa had broken a string and had a few people were dancing in the aisles while he shredded through the first five songs. That’s nothing new, except he hadn’t even strapped on the Les Paul yet. The 2013 tour opens with an acoustic mini set featuring two covers; Bad Company’s Seagull and Charlie Mingus’s Jelly Roll. Even if the songs were unfamiliar to some, the blazing runs, foot stomping beat and frenetic energy...
Darius Rucker by Jim Wright

Darius Rucker Does It All

Darius Rucker wasn’t expecting interruptions during his Grand Ole Opry set on the night of Oct. 2. He was nearly through with his performance, playing songs from his upcoming third album True Believers and enjoying the response from the sellout house. Then, Opry VP/GM Pete Fisher stood up in the audience, stopping the show and inviting Rucker to answer questions from fans. When the final audience member took the microphone, there was an audible gasp as Rucker realized it was none other...

Who Owns Your Music Publishing Rights and How Does the Money Get Split?

Your music publishing rights and you. If you’re a songwriter, and you’ve not signed a deal with a music publishing company — you own your music publishing rights! What are those rights exactly? Well, you get to determine how the musical copyright to a song you’ve written (meaning the composition itself, as a separate entity from any particular master recording of that song) is used...

5 Mistakes You’re Still Making on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, there’s alot to know. Facebook is constantly changing itself and it can sometimes feel like using this Social Media avenue is a chore. Today we thought we’d outline 5 Facebook mistakes we see all the time! 1. YOU STILL PUT MOST OF YOUR CONTENT ON YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE. If you’re like me, you get more feedback from people when you post something on your personal profile as opposed to your Music Page. Yea? Truth be told, unless you have thousands of fans...

The Pros & Cons of Signing A Publishing Deal

For most songwriters in the early stages of their careers, the idea of being hired as a staff songwriter for a publishing company is close to the Holy Grail. It represents that most coveted prize of industry recognition and validation of your talent along with a gateway to cuts, movie placements and any one of a number of other exciting possibilities. However, keep in mind that wanting or entering ...

Concert Review: Yngwie Malmsteen

Whenever the topic of the greatest guitar shredders arises, Yngwie Malmsteen’s name inevitably comes up, usually first. The Super Swede’s “Spellbound” tour rolled into Homestead, PA’s historic Carnegie Library Music Hall where he put on pyrotechnic clinic showcasing his blazing speed, delicate textures and ear splitting decibel levels. Malmsteen’s shows are unburdened by traditional elements such as vocals and linear melodies. Like his albums, they are almost completely instrumental...

20 Tips for Improving Your Facebook Artist Page

Good old Facebook. It seems like everyone knows how to use it these days; from those mischievous 10 year olds brazenly lying about their age in order to sign up, to the new breed of highly intelligent super-pets who’ve managed to set up their very own profiles, complete with a neatly cropped selfie, and then ever-so-casually added all of their owners’ friends. What a truly incredible age to be living in! But in all seriousness, there are literally bus-loads of musicians...

How To Collect Music in These Overwhelming Times

Our pal Sean Adams of the music reviews and community site Drowned In Sound picked up on our frustration about how hard it is to collect music these days, even as we are quite figuratively “drowning in sound.” Music is everywhere, and yet, perversely, it’s harder to collect. Now, the DiS community is talking about how they stop the music they like from getting away. (Indeed, the community feels the same way, having just picked the fictional music-collecting app ...

How To Become a Better Songwriter by NOT Writing Songs

I remember when I was kid playing softball, our coach would always make us go back and practice the basics if we were on a losing streak or playing poorly. That’s a tool that I’ve kept with me all my life. It’s often way too easy to get into lazy or bad habits, particularly in things we do on a regular basis. We get tend to get sloppy. The same thing can happen with songwriting. If you aren’t writing anything that has a magic to it or just doesn’t feel real – maybe it’s time to go...
Jeremy Davis and Haley Williams

Paramore and Kitten at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Hit rock band Paramore, along with newbie rockers Kitten, made a stop on their tour at The Tabernacle in Atlanta in support of their new, self-titled album released April 5th. Performing for a sold-out crowd, singer Haley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis and Taylor York on guitar gave the crowd a high-energy show comprised of material from their new album including "Now" and "Still Into You," as well as their well-known hits "Conspiracy," "Ignorance" and many more. Widely described as "Emo" and "Pop Punk," Paramore,,,
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