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Vid O’The Week: Holy Holy – History

What do you fear in life? That you’re existence will become history, leaving everyone around you to face the heartbreaking split of a rapport that seemed like no time could break? As the lyrics go “And the only risk you take. Is that all of your mistakes survive.” What is living if we are held back by a fear that our mistakes become living history, rather...

Review: Girls With Guitars in Pittsburgh

With the official departure of Taylor Swift from the genre, country music is eager to find replacement star power. Pittsburgh’s annual Girls with Guitars show is proving to be a nebula. This year’s crop of artists featured former “The Voice” contestants (one winner), a television star and some local flair. Texas cutie Rae Lynn could replace Hayden Panettiere on...
Josh Mix, Megan Garrett, Mark Hall, Brian Scoggin, Chris Huffman, Melodee Devevo, Juan Devevo

Thrive Tour with Casting Crowns, Mandisa and Sidewalk Prophets

God is alive and well, and thriving abundantly if the packed venue at the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA, is any indication. Seven thousand faithful followers came out for the Thrive Tour, featuring Grammy-winning band Casting Crowns, along with former American Idol contestant Mandisa and Dove Award winners Sidewalk Prophets. The tour...

Reasons Why People Will Share Your Music Video

I get it! Your grocery budget just got a lot smaller, because you scraped together just enough money to record this hit you’ve been losing sleep over! You have this friend who does video and is willing to make you a dope video for free (because honestly, they want to get their name out there, just as badly as you want a video! Happy coincidence!)
SOHN, Christopher Taylor

SOHN and Wet In Concert - Nashville

It was chilly in Nashville and felt like it was going to be one of those low key nights as fans of Christopher Taylor, better known as SOHN, gathered at Exit/In to see him perform a stellar show. The venue provided an intimate setting where a relatively large group of local fans, along with others who had traveled from out of state, came to see the English musician.

Limit Your Takes and Make Better Recordings

A digital recording environment can make you lazy. Set boundaries – like a limited number of takes – focus your creativity, and make better recordings in the studio. I have a rule that I live and die by in the studio. It helps me get more done, be more creative, have more fun, and make better recordings all at the same time. Are you ready for it?

Beware The Hazards of Live Streaming Your Gigs

Sounds a little sinister, doesn’t it? While streaming live gigs online isn’t inherently dangerous, there are some consequences for not getting it right - namely, your fans tuning out and leaving the event. Want to prevent this from happening?

There are three key steps to getting this right and avoiding the common sins of live broadcasting.


How To Grow Your Email List At Your Next Gig

When it comes to the online world, having an email list signup feature is one of the most important things a website can have. While having a lead magnet such as a free giveaway (e.g. free song, ebook, etc.) is an excellent way to attract people into subscribing to your newsletter, there are a few tricks that you can use to increase the number of your...

Vid O’The Week: The Grease Arrestor – Come Together

I never really considered myself a ‘fan’ of shoegaze-drone rock as I mostly have indie folk circulating through my veins. But after countless reviews and exposure to this rock genre I have grown fond of it. I feel like this band has caused an epiphany within me and broken through to my core, cementing that genuine love for the...

How To Get A Booking Agent

There is a huge potential for revenue in the gigging industry, even for smaller, indie bands and musicians. However, many artists are met with an interesting paradox:you can’t get the bigger gigs without the help of a booking agent, but it can be difficult attracting the attention of an agent without some bigger gigs...

The Importance of Creating an Internal Band Contract

Over the years there have been many lawsuits between and among the members of various musical bands. These lawsuits have concerned everything from disputes over the distribution of money to the right of departing members to use (or not to use) the band name in connection with ongoing endeavors. In most cases, it would...

How To Stay Healthy On The Road: Simple Tips For Touring Musicians

Some bands look at touring like it’s a vacation or a moveable party. That’s fine as long as you don’t go out on the road all that often. But if you’re touring regularly, you’ve got to be more careful about your health. Touring takes so much planning and effort that when you’re in the midst of it you’ll want to make sure everyone is firing on...

Charting A Music Career: Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Any Two

Charting a music career is a complicated endeavor to say the least. It’s doubly so given that you’ll have to make not only musical decisions but also critical business decisions along the way. I heard an expression a few years ago that really stuck with me as it outlines the reality of the choices we have to make time and time again. That...

4 Tips to Make Your Band's Instagram More Engaging

Every band and artist knows that social media is important (or, at least I hope they do), but sometimes doing it well can be tricky. What works for Facebook may not be the same as Twitter, and sometimes you need different strategies for different platforms. Instagram’s importance is growing, especially as younger people are ...

How To Write About Your Album

Your album description is essentially a sales pitch, but that doesn’t mean it needs to read that way. It’s important to avoid tired phrases that mean nothing, and use specific language that really gets at the heart of what your album is about. After all, if you want people to click that “buy” button (that resides right next to your album...
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