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How To Stay Healthy On The Road: Simple Tips For Touring Musicians

Some bands look at touring like it’s a vacation or a moveable party. That’s fine as long as you don’t go out on the road all that often. But if you’re touring regularly, you’ve got to be more careful about your health. Touring takes so much planning and effort that when you’re in the midst of it you’ll want to make sure everyone is firing on...

Charting A Music Career: Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Any Two

Charting a music career is a complicated endeavor to say the least. It’s doubly so given that you’ll have to make not only musical decisions but also critical business decisions along the way. I heard an expression a few years ago that really stuck with me as it outlines the reality of the choices we have to make time and time again. That...

4 Tips to Make Your Band's Instagram More Engaging

Every band and artist knows that social media is important (or, at least I hope they do), but sometimes doing it well can be tricky. What works for Facebook may not be the same as Twitter, and sometimes you need different strategies for different platforms. Instagram’s importance is growing, especially as younger people are ...

How To Write About Your Album

Your album description is essentially a sales pitch, but that doesn’t mean it needs to read that way. It’s important to avoid tired phrases that mean nothing, and use specific language that really gets at the heart of what your album is about. After all, if you want people to click that “buy” button (that resides right next to your album...

Vid O’The Week: Spookyland - Rock and Roll Weakling

Here a lone man stands, open to the calamity he may face in a world where aggression and masculinity are at times a testament to earning your rightful place. Two fists at the ready, but can anything ever prepare you for the lashings you will endure, by those that feel threatened by your efforts to break the boundaries?

Five Tips on Picking and Muting

Guitar players spend a lot of time talking about gear — because it’s awesome!!!! — but the most important factors in your tone are your hands and your head. The conceptual and physical aspects of how you approach guitar play a crucial role in determining your sound. So here are five tips for picking and muting both electric and acoustic instruments...

How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Music Piracy

It’s the illegal downloading of music for free that people in the music industry are trying to avoid like the plague. It is the worst thing that happened to the music industry since the invention of auto-tune. It is a good plug-in, don’t get me wrong, but if you can’t sing – don’t try. What the music piracy problem brings is a really massive decline in sales and revenue for the artists and the labels...
Pitbull In Concert - Duluth, Ga

Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias and JBalvin In Concert in Duluth, Ga

Superstar rapper Pitbull and Spanish singer, songwriter and actor Enrique Iglesias are out on a co-headlining tour, along with Columbian Reggaeton singer JBalvin, and the trio made a stop at the Arena at Gwinnett Center in Duluth, Ga. where they performed for a sold-out crowd. Opening the evening was Columbia native JBalvin, the surprise of the...

What Do Music Producers Do?

Working as a producer for the last twenty years, I’ve recorded all kinds of artists from “fresh off the boat” newbies to artists whose experience in the world of music doubles my own. In every case, my role as a producer stays essentially the same. It’s that role that I’m going to describe in this article. The best way I know to describe what a producer does...

Angela James Coming to Country Music Capital October 24th

Angela James didn’t come from a musical background, but she grew up listening to every genre of music. As she recalls, “I didn’t grew up in a musical family, like nobody in my family played music. My dad played the clarinet in college, but by the time I came around, he wasn’t playing music. My mom was really into Kenny Rodgers and Willie...

How To Develop Healthy Touring Habits

How does health of any sort have anything to do with the business of rock and roll? I will admit that health ranks much higher in importance in my 50’s than it did in my 20’s. When you get to this point in life and consider that this is all you know how to do, being healthy enough to do it becomes paramount. And, you think about some of the lifestyle choices you have made decades...

How To Create Song Intros for Live Performances

There’s something about a great opening scene in a movie. Who could ever forget the opener of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Talk about action packed! Everything from suspense to intrigue to action to thrills with a little comedy thrown in for extra appeal. It doesn’t need to be wild excitement either. The 3-minute opening to the movie Contact doesn’t have any action, but it pulls...

Should You Start Learning on Electric or Acoustic?

If you’re planning to start learning guitar, it can be pretty overwhelming. You have to figure out where and how to learn (teacher? Instructional books or DVDs? Online course?). You have to figure out what kind of stuff you want to learn. And critically, you have to figure out what you’re going to play it on. It’s a lot to take in. But we’re here to help you...
Adam Granduciel

The War on Drugs and Peter Matthew Bauer in Concert at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Indie rockers The War on Drugs, along with rock singer Peter Matthew Bauer, brought their tour to The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta, where they performed for a packed house of enthusiastic fans. The War on Drugs have climbed the music ladder rung by rung since their formation in 2005, gaining a national audience and devoted fans around...

Vid O’The Week - Jamie T-Zombie

After Watching World War Z, I have this irrational fear of a zombie apocalypse – I would die if someone jumped out from behind a door to scare me, I’d question the audacity of people living in these opulent mansions with a measly little fence to protect them (clearly they have more important things to worry about then flesh eating zombies!), and if anyone ...
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