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Introducing Callie Twisselman

The music business is full of singers who are predicted to be the next big thing, but very few actually live up to the hype when it comes to true vocal talent. Unlike many, though, Callie Twisselman is destined to become an important name in Country music because she can really sing. While Callie’s latest single, “Hung Me on the Line,” is a nod to the traditional Country...

Four Ways You Can Fund Your Next Music Project

Earning money with CDs, merch, and ticket sales is part of life as a musician. But how do you find money to get a music project off the ground? Here are four ways to fund your next music project. money-music-licensingYou’re a musician – of course you want to record your music, make CDs, have an album release party, create new...

The Mavericks in Concert - Highland, CA 

Whenever Raul Malo decides to cover a well-known ballad on an album or in concert, it often becomes more romantic or heartbreaking in the singer/guitarist’s hands. Rogers & Hart’s old pop standard “Blue Moon,” which The Mavericks contributed to the Apollo 13 film soundtrack in 1995, was a prime example.

Introducing Alexandra Demetree

With all the chops and passion of the biggest names in both Country and Pop music, singer Alexandra Demetree is a rising star whose name is on the lips of Country radio personalities across America. Alexandra continues to build career momentum with the success of her fourth single, “Outta My Head,” written by the ...

Six Questions Songwriters Should Ask Before Demoing a Song

So you’ve written a song that you’re excited about and feel like it’s got a real chance of getting cut or placed in a film or on TV. That’s great news. Now the trick is to be sure you’re asking the right kinds of questions of yourself and others before you spend good money creating a quality recording. I’ve put...

Introducing Rick Monroe

The music business is a fickle animal, and it’s hard to understand how some singers make it big and some don’t. It would be difficult to find a better example of a highly-talented artist who major fame has inexplicably overlooked than Rick Monroe. Monroe is an accomplished and highly-seasoned Country singer, songwriter...

23 Little Things That Will Help You Nail Your Next Gig

Landing a great gig is hard work, so follow these tips to make your big show a big success. We’ve put together 23 little things you can do a week before, a day before, the day of, at the show, and the next day that are sure to help you make a good impression on the crowd and help you book your next amazing gig!

Case Study: How The Rock Band Night Riots Broke Out

What factors cause a band with regional popularity to suddenly break onto the national scene? Night Riots is a California-based rock band that has gotten a lot of buzz recently, and this article is all about how and why from a marketing perspective. Disclaimer: I don’t have any personal or professional connection to Night...

11 Free Marketing Tools Every Musician Needs

I’m gonna cut to the chase on this one… Here are 11 free online tools for creating branding assets and managing your marketing efforts that every musician should know about! “Marketing” is no longer a scary word used only by advertising executives. Indie musicians need good branding to rise above the masses of people able to easily post music. These are ...

Open the Music Industry’s Black Box

THIS should be the greatest time for music in history — more of it is being found, made, distributed and listened to than ever before. That people are willing to pay for digital streaming is good news. In Sweden, where it was founded, Spotify saved a record industry that piracy had gutted. Everyone should be celebrating — but many...

Introducing Erica Nicole

Many singers today enjoy successful careers because of consultants who help them create an image and engineers who fix their voices in recording studios. A select few, though, really have the goods, and refuse to accept anything less than excellence and authenticity from themselves. One of these special singers is rising Country star Erica Nicole.

Four Ways Simplifying Your Lyrics Can Make Your Songs Better

In my early years of running my recording studio in Nashville, I had the privilege of demoing songs for a a few hit songwriters. This provided me with the opportunity to observe, up close, not only the work habits of super successful songwriters but also an in-depth look at what made up their songs. I’ll never forget the first time I glanced over...

Mental Illness and Its Place in the Music Industry

As morbid as it might be, there’s no question that when it comes to celebrity figures’ Dionysian lifestyles, public meltdowns and untimely deaths intrigue us. Whether you are a music lover or aspiring musician, the romanticised myths of the music world are things which captivate our imagination and get us through the dreariness of our day...

Choosing the Single Release Strategy That’s Right for Your Song

There’s a lot more to releasing a single than just throwing it up on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. And I’m not talking about distribution — though, ya know, (plug) you should totally get your latest single onto Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Global music distribution is important, but what I’m talking about...

10 Things You Can Do to Reach Your Music Career Goals

While these 10 tips are hardly a foolproof master plan, they’re a good reminder of things you can do to take the next step and reach your music career goals. Musicians have no problem creating master plans to rule the world, but they often fall short of seeing their music career goals through effectively. What an unfortunate waste! As Ralph S. Larsen, CEO of Johnson & Johnson...
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