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The All Time Top 10 Most Painful Christmas Singles to Spur on Your Inner Grinch

It’s that time of the year where all around Australia shopping centres blast holiday cheer in your faces. We have searched all over the interwebs to find the top ten Xmas gems that have, in the past, been known to reduce retail workers to a pile of weeping Grinches in their stockrooms. So sit back, relish in the incredible filth that constitutes commercial Christmas and have a good laugh. It will all be over soon.

Gary Hoey Brings 20th Anniversary 'Ho Ho Hoey' Tour to San Juan Capistrano 

An acclaimed electric guitarist since the early 1990s, Gary Hoey has been one of the few contemporary six-string virtuosos to score a Top 5 Billboard instrumental rock hit (his 1993 cover of the Focus hit "Hocus Pocus") and create an expansive discography on his own terms. But of all Hoey's achievements, most bright are his trio of '90s holiday releases and his...

Flying Crash Cymbals and Good Vibes is What Bad Pony Are All About

When a giant crash cymbal flies off its stand after only two hits, you know you’re in for an entertaining night, and that’s exactly what Bad Pony produced as they launched their EP Limbo at The Roxbury Hotel in Sydney on Saturday night. By the end of a set that burst open like a Coke bottle full of Mentos, fans had invaded the stage and grabbed microphones to sing along, while...

Chris Stapleton - The Story Behind The Artist

To many people, Chris Stapleton might seem to have burst onto the scene in a flash with his show-stopping performance at the 2015 CMA Awards in a rocking soulful duet with Justin Timberlake. However, Nashville insiders know that Stapleton’s music chops started way back. In fact, he is already a 15-year ‘veteran’ of Music City, having moved to Nashville in 2001...

Cheap Trick in Riverside, CA

On Dec. 16, the night before being announced as a 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Cheap Trick performed to a wildly enthusiastic crowd at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, Calif. (located 60 miles east of Los Angeles). The veteran Rockford, Illinois band delivered a rousing 95-minute, 19-song set that primarily concentrated on their platinum-selling late ‘70s LPs.

Four Questions Songwriters Should Ask Themselves

In any career, especially one involving the arts, it’s very easy to get so immersed in the day to day activity of creating your art and making a living that you lose sight of the big picture. While there is real value in simply putting your head down and getting to work, it can pay big dividends to stop from time to time and ask yourself a few - sometimes difficult - questions. Below are a...

Four Things to Try on Your Next Co-Write

Once you’ve begun co-writing your songs and have a few positive experiences under your belt, it might be worth injecting some new variables into the equation. This can be good for a variety of reasons including never letting yourself get too comfortable at the expense of your creativity and keeping your mind focused on the session. In my experience, anything you...

Four Demo Tips for Songwriters in the Studio

If you’re fortunate enough to have written a song you think has a chance of getting cut or getting placed in a film or TV show, then you owe it to yourself to make sure your demo of the song is done professionally. The trick with professional recordings is that they’re not inexpensive and there’s often a decent amount of self-imposed pressure - otherwise ...

Four Reasons to Let Session Musicians Try It Their Way First

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the finest session musicians in the business. Above and beyond their jaw dropping musical talent, these studio thoroughbreds also bring a depth and breadth of experience to the recording process that shows up in ways both obvious and extremely subtle. It occurred to me to write this article because in the...

8 Social Media Accounts That EVERYONE Should Be Following

On Saturday November 14, ‘Society Of Tastemakers & Elegant People’ (STEP) are set to curate The Digital Natives panel at Melbourne’s premiere annual music industry conference, Face The Music 2015. The focus of the conversation will be the multi-faceted relationship between music and the Internet, spanning sites, blogs and music criticism online to streaming, social ...

Tame Impala Meets Radiohead? Get Onto Brisbane’s Trails

Interlacing darkly melodic vocals with elaborate instrumentation Trails mesmerise with intense, emotive and experimental indie rock. Spun out of a university collaboration between the long-time friends Tyler Shilling and Daniel Booth, Trails channel the brooding grandiosity of Radiohead and the hypnotic psychedelia of Tame Impala into their own electric tracks.

Four Professional Songwriting Tips

Since most of us become songwriters almost by accident, the line between amateur and professional songwriter is blurry at best. Strictly speaking, a professional songwriter is someone who is not only writing songs but generating income from those songs. However, it’s been my experience that long before a songwriter’s songs begin making money, they’ve put a variety of ...

Are You a Drummer? Here’s Why You’re Better Than Everyone in Your Band

Drummers. No, this isn’t the setup to some hacky gag – I’m here to celebrate those scruffy little devils. You see unlike some folks of lesser virtue, I have only the greatest level of care and affection for those who hit things rhythmically. In my many years of frustrated musicianship, I’ve played alongside a wide range of skin-hitters and I promise you that no other...

Entertainment Law: What is a Trademark and What are Trademark Rights?

A trademark is a name, slogan or logo which identifies someone's goods or services and indicates source or quality. The purpose of a trademark is to identify and distinguish one person's products or services from those of another. A trademark functions as a symbol of quality and goodwill. Trademark rights accrue to the owner of a mark based on the "use" of a mark and ...

9 Femme Fatales Who are Killing It

There’s heaps of lists about girl who are in rock music. Sadly, many of these seem to be in lads magazines, with titles like ‘Sexiest Women in Rock’, women’s magazines, about the ‘Best-Dressed Women in Rock’ or even ‘Best Muses in Rock’. But you know what? There are a whole lot of ladies out there making their mark in the rock world by playing actual rock
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