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The Lowly CD Is Still A Big Part Of The Music Business

All of the music industry news for the last year or so has been directed at oncoming music streaming steamroller and the downfall of the music download, but what's interesting is that our good old physical CD still remains a huge part of the music business. The latest reportfrom the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the music...

13 Things Every DIY Musician Should Know How To Do

If you’re one of those artists who thinks it’s enough just to be a good musician, check out Pigeons and Planes’ recent article “Things Every Indie Artist Should Know How to Do.” It’s a good kick-in-the-pants for anyone clinging to the very 20th-Century fiction (because it wasn’t true then either) that musicians can get by on talent alone.

Hashtags 101: How to Use Them & Why They Matter

What’s the deal with hashtags? Some of us have never hated the pound (#) sign more than we do right this minute. Some of us love it! Still others of us have no clue what it means or how it’s used in the world of social media. Well today we are going to explore the hashtag. Think of this as Hashtag 101!

Ginger and Drum Mesmerise with Empathic Vocals

I have always been a fan of a dynamic duo. A hopeless romantic at heart I find myself drawn to this implied sense of intimacy that hangs about a two piece. Needless to say I was pretty excited to hear what Ginger and Drum had to offer when my band shared a bill with them in late March alongside Canberra boys Slow Turismo, and...

Stagecoach 2015 Preview

For the longest time, Southern California wasn’t a major market for country music festivals. That all changed when Stagecoach launched in 2007 and became a big success. A companion to the dual Coachella Music and Arts Festivals, which also take place at Empire Polo Field in Indio immediately prior (near Palm Springs), it revolves around country...
April 19, 2015Coachella Indio, CA.Photo by Kelly A. Swift

2015 Coachella Weekend 2 Proves To Be A Music Lover's Dream

What do rock 'n' roll legends AC/DC and Steely Dan, modern-day favorites Florence + the Machine and Interpol, Americana champions Sturgill Simpson and Ryan Adams, underground heroes Sloan and Built to Spill and emerging greats Hozier and St. Paul & The Broken Bones have in common? All were among the outstanding performers I caught at the...

How Do I Get My Rights Back: Termination Rights Under U.S. Copyright Law

The 1976 Copyright Act provides for the termination of copyright transfers. It entitles content creators to reclaim their copyrights - regardless of any contract stating otherwise –after certain time periods. So, even if an author, artist, musician, photographer or songwriter signed a contract which purports to transfer all rights in a work for...

How Starbomb Used YouTube to Drive 6000 CD Sales in One Week

In one week, Starbomb sold almost 6,000 CD copies of its Player Select album through CD Baby, including 3,438 in pre-sales. The comedy synthpop/hip-hop group (comprised of Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wecht of Ninja Sex Party and animator/internet personality Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson) went on to become Billboard’s third best-selling comedy...

Coachella Festival 2 Review

During Steely Dan’s set at Coachella 2 last Friday night, guitarist/singer Walter Becker said, “There’s no such thing as old fogeys music – just good music,” to loud cheers. That was a slight dig at detractors who scoffed when the veteran jazz / rock band, along with AC/DC, were first announced for the Coachella Valley Music

A Musician’s Guide to Merch: How to Sell More CDs and T-Shirts at Your Next Show

As the band was packing up, I brushed by and could hear the owner spouting his contorted excuses about why he couldn’t pay the guarantee. I’ve heard it all before and I’ve felt that crushing feeling of not knowing how I would make it to the next town because an owner or promoter let me down. I was glad it wasn’t me in that position that night.

Fundamentals Of Fingerstyle

Playing with your fingers instead of a flatpick opens up an entirely new set of sounds, no matter what style you play. Whether you pluck, strike, strum, snap, or slap the strings, your sonic possibilities increase exponentially – and there’s virtually nothing you can do with a pick that you can’t do...

Stagecoach Festival Preview

While the 16th edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is now in the history books, the expansive Empire Polo Club in Indio is now set to host yet another legendary event. California's biggest country music event, Stagecoach, arrives in Indio, California, April 24, 25 and 26, 2015. The three-day event features a diverse lineup of...

5 Piano Versions of Songs that Rock

You know that magical moment when vocals meet piano and everything else in the world seems to disappear? Well, as you nurse your chocolate hangover here are five piano versions of songs that do it best*. Stripped back with nothing to hide, these versions pay homage to the beauty of keeping it simple, which is why they rock.
soundpressnet_april2015 Presents Sights and Sounds of Note for April 2015

They say that "April showers bring May flowers" and the offices of have been showered with an abundance of music this month. Springing forth from our speakers is a colorful and eclectic array of sounds from heavy rockers, jam band favorites, living legends and disco darlings! KC and the Sunshine Band's on-going goal...

Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Bands

Spring seems to have finally arrived at Prescription Towers, with sunshine making a brief appearance and bunny rabbits running rampant around the office. As such we’ve been indulging in some spring cleaning (chiefly to get rid of the rabbits) and thought that you might like to do some too. So here are five things YOU as a musician can do to clean up your act...
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