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Hannah Aldridge - Gig Review at The Green Note in London

Aldridge is a gal with real stage presence and a big, bustling, bouncy voice to match. Standing at just under six feet tall, she easily dominated the small, cupboard-alcove-cum-stage at this popular North London venue. Truth is, The Green Note has never been a personal favorite; it's just too cramped, too intimate for genuine comfort. Oh, and it's just...
Hans Theesnick and Terry Evans

Hans Theessink - Around the Block a Time or Two

For the past fifty years or so Hans Theessink has been on the road, an international blues-trail that has taken him from his hometown of Enschede in the Netherlands through the USA, UK, Australia and most of Europe. Each year brings fresh challenges and his well-known Birthday Bashes have spawned CDs, DVDs and become...

9 Femme Fatales In Rock That Are Killing It Right Now

Let’s not use the term girl power lightly. Here are 9 female-fronted rock bands that really know how to get loose and sweaty with a guitar. Just like in The Ocarina of Time, this is a three-piece like a triforce you’ve been looking. If you’re looking for an all-female rock trio that is. I wrote about Ex Hex a while ago, and they’re a good choice to...
Pentatonix in Concert - Atlanta

Pentatonix in Concert - Atlanta

A capella quintet Pentatonix is riding a rocket. They're not only riding it, the boosters are firing and they are shooting into the heavens (and up the charts) at some of the fastest speeds known to the music world. Five years ago, Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi and Kristin Maldonado formed the group as a trio...

The Right Way to Attend Music Conferences For Songwriters

For songwriters who don’t have the luxury of living in a music industry town like New York, Nashville or Los Angeles, music conferences are an exceptional way of concentrating your education and networking efforts into a much shorter time frame. The key is to maximize your preparation so that long before you actually arrive in town for the...

Why Are Albums Released on Tuesday (For Now) in the U.S.?

The recent news about the music industry adopting Friday as the global release day for new albums has prompted many questions. One of those is: Why are albums released on Tuesday in the U.S.? Industry Sets Friday as Global Record Release Day. For the past few decades, new album releases (and most commercially available singles) are released...

Four Easy Ways to Keep Your Web Content Fresh

How to post new content regularly on your website or blog. Nothing says, “I don’t care and neither should you” like a prehistoric event calendar and a blog post endorsing Ross Perot’s presidential candidacy. Even die-hard fans will give up after a few visits to a stagnant website. If you want your audience to keep coming back you have to give them something...

Band Rehearsal Tips: Can You Be Over-Rehearsed?

Echoes’ Andre Calilhanna gets some band practice tips from Tom Jackson as they discuss striking the right balance between being under-rehearsed and over-rehearsed. A lot of what we’ve posted from you deals with a big crowd and a larger venue, working a room and working the stage. I’m curious how you would recommend an artist transition and be...

How to Make the Most of Your Email List

Everyone is talking about cool new ways to get fans to sign up for emails, but this is only the first step. It’s true, these days many people are wary of giving out their email address – there’s just too much inbox-clogging spam out there – but even if they do subscribe, the second a newsletter becomes too promotional or fails to deliver interesting content...

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Music Online

Online music distribution is currently in a state of flux. The popularity of single downloads, streaming, YouTube monetisation, iTunes – where does everything actually stand right now? Below we cover everything you need to know, starting with the industry facts and how they affect your choice about selling on the different platforms. The gig continues...

Can Interactive Artist Subscriptions Bridge The Album Gap?

Just a quick look at album sales will tell you that increasingly we live in a music world where the single song is king and the album is feeling more and more unnecessary. According to the RIAA, album sales fell 11% last year after falling about the same amount the year before, and there’s no signs of a turnaround on the horizon.

Miriam Jones Live at the Jazz Servants Quarters - London

Here we are The Jazz Servants Quarters (JSQ) in north London. The venue has a growing musical reputation. Established artists such as Giles Peterson, Alexis Taylor along with breaking bands, The Staves, Nick Mulvey and Laura Mvula have played this intimate venue since its doors opened in 2011. Tonight’s it’s Miriam Jones taking centre stage. When we...

The Management Contract That Every Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Should Have

As I wrote in “Now You Know Everything about Music Managers,” managers have never played a more important role in the music business than they do today. If you have taken or are ready to take the next step in your music career, you probably need one. A good manager advances the career of her client in a variety of ways. Traditionally, a manager...

The Benefits of Having a Mentor

If your desire and goal is to become a professional songwriter, then I am sure that you are always asking yourself what you can do next to perfect your skills and talents, and reach the top of the ladder of success. For those lucky few that realize in high school that they want to pursue a songwriting career, there are a few ...

The #1 Reason You Should NEVER Pay for Fake Likes, Fans, Views or Subscribes

When MySpace was the dominant social media platform for independent musicians (remember George W. Bush’s second term?), people got obsessed with numbers. How many friends do you have? How many times have your songs been played? The higher the number, the more legit you seemed. Labels, bookers...
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