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A Primer on Professional Demo Studios for Songwriters

You’re a songwriter. It’s what you do. It’s what you’ve trained yourself to do through countless hours of study, practice and effort. Your songs are yours and no one can write them for you. In other words, you’ve become an expert at writing your songs. That’s how it should be. However, if you’re going to treat your songwriting as a business that you hope to profit from, then it’s in your best interest to employ...

4 Royalties You’re Probably Missing

If you’ve affiliated yourself as a songwriter with a performing rights organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC) and registered all your songs, you’ve taken an important first step in collecting the publishing royalties you’re owed. That being said, PROs such as ASCAP and BMI only collect one form of music publishing revenues: the performance royalty. In order to collect ALL of the royalties...

Jimmy Page’s Greatest Guitar Solos

When the Edge and Jack White stare at another guitar player like wide-eyed teenage fanboys, that player must have some serious mojo — Rock of Gibraltar status. And Jimmy Page certainly has earned his place at the zenith of electric guitar history, crafting riffs and tones that will forever help define the sound of both rock and blues six-string. The Edge and White look like kids staring at...

10 Stages of Wood for Guitar-Making: From Tree to Guitar

It all started in 1894. Orville Gibson is busy working in his home woodshop in Kalamazoo, Mich., when he stumbles upon a novel instrument. Orville takes the carved, arched top shape of the violin and uses it to transform mandolins. He designs two fresh mandolin shapes: the scroll-body F style and the teardrop-shaped A. From there, the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd. is formed...

3 Simple Analytics Stats That Will Help You Boost Your Web Traffic

You don’t have to be a Google Analytics wizard in order to put your web traffic data to good use. In fact, by looking at three fairly basic areas of Analytics, you’ll be able to create better content that resonates with more viewers. Just ask yourself these 3 questions: 1. What are the most popular pages or articles on my site? Google changes things pretty often, so specific terms and placement within the Analytics dashboard...

How One Indie Artist is Paying Her Rent with YouTube Money

Shannon Hurley thought she might make a little money when she opted in for CD Baby’s free Sync program a while back – she’s active on YouTube and has built an engaged fanbase through her years of writing and performing. But when the payments started showing up in her account, she was taken aback by the amounts she was earning, all from simply clicking a button to opt in. “It was like...

5 Productivity Boosting Apps For DJs and Producers

In the digital age, it’s simple for DJs, performers, and producers to access resources and information for improving, learning, sharing or making music. However, this vast world of information can become distracting and as a result, it’s easy to be unmotivated in our respective art forms. You may remember these DJ power utilities posted a while back - in that vein, here are five solid pieces of software...

Desperation Band is Raising A Banner

Most of us, if we’re honest, look back to the days of our youth—those junior high, high school and college years—and remember the confusion, insecurity and lack of identity inherent in those desperate years. We didn’t know who we were, where or what we came from or where we were going. Whether raised in godly or godless homes, students by nature are seeking... self-worth, the secret...

Vid O’ The Week: Bluejuice – I’ll Go Crazy

Schadenfreude – a German term for the joy in observing others’ misfortune, and perhaps number one on the list of wanky words that overly verbose bloggers have murdered through constantly vomiting it up at inappropriate linguistic junctures. Introducing the opposite: mudita – a Buddhist notion of sympathetic joy, the concept that happiness can be achieved when observing that others are happy, regardless...

Musicians: Learn How to Soundcheck

One of my biggest pet peeves as a performer is a band who doesn’t know how to soundcheck properly. It shouldn’t be – it usually reflects inexperience and ignorance rather than disrespect and apathy. The truth is that most bands are taught how to soundcheck, it’s just a skill that gets picked up along the way. Despite this, the soundcheck is often an indicator of the professionalism of the band.

How to Design a Band Website That Turns Visitors Into Fans

I’ve said it many times before: your band website is the most important online marketing tool you have. In fact, your band website matters almost more than anything else. But . . . how do you use your band website to convert casual visitors into fans? Well, people don’t (usually) become fans overnight. (Yes, it’s possible. Someone might experience “love at first website,” but chances are you will need to wine-and-dine...

Get the Maximum Out of Your First Electric Guitar

If you’re an acoustic guitar player, going electric is a way to muscle up your game in a host of interesting ways. Plugging in opens up the sonic universe and grants a license to rock — and hard! If you’ve never played an electric guitar before, here are a few pointers to get you rolling down the “Highway To Hell” like a “Dazed and Confused” “Voodoo Child” in a “Purple Haze.” Translation: if you wanna rock like...

Ronnie Wood: How to Play Like The Rolling Stones Legend

Like many other members of British blues royalty, Ron Wood started playing guitar attempting to emulate his American idols. In Wood’s case, he has specifically cited the music of country bluesmen Blind Willie McTell and Big Bill Broonzy, as well as Chuck Berry. Later, his reference points also included the Beatles, which whom he sought to compete as a member of the Faces.

10 Great Grunge Bands

Grunge bloomed from the mid-to-late ‘80s Seattle music scene with fuzzy, distorted electric guitars, angst-y vocals and a general rebellion against the establishment. After the mainstream breakthrough of Nirvana’s Nevermind album in 1991, the genre became the most popular style of rock music in the ‘90s. Grunge is still in the spotlight today, with many of those classic lineups touring and releasing new music. Songs...

The World According to Heavy Metal

Metal music comes straight from the gut, with its high volume, dramatic guitar solos and relentless rhythms. The metal genre encompasses a long list of different sounds and subgenres, but they are have one commonality: an affinity for all things heavy. Read on for 10 quotes from some of our favorite headbangers. It’s The World According to Heavy Metal, baby!
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