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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Website

It’s that time of year, when we take time to clear out closets, dispose of mismatched socks, reorganize the basement, mow the yard, and take inventory of things that could use a little sprucing up. Your website is no exception. The web changes at lightening speeds. An outdated design or website can have the same effect on a web visitor that no-running-water and broken windows have on a potential guest.. If you don’t give your website ...
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How Emotional Connections Are the Backbone of Every Fan Tribe

Social media creates the appearance that each of your fans holds the same weight, be it one ‘like’, one ‘follow’, or one ‘friend’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your fans are all different. The fact is that you will run into a wide range of fans; some of whom are passively connected to you online but may not have actually heard you, meanwhile others will be dedicated super fans who actively evangelize your music to others. Of course, most of your fans will fall somewhere...

Will Tumblr Become The Next MySpace For Music?

Last June, British rock group Arctic Monkeys released an animated YouTube video for the song “Do I Wanna Know?” The sparse, somewhat macabre visuals matched the track’s brooding tone—and attracted over 45 million views. That tally still seems to be growing steadily, thanks in part to an unlikely ally: Tumblr. Fans on the microblogging site continue to share slices of the video, chopping them up into still images and...

Rend Collective - The Art of Celebration: In Their Own Words

We at Rend Collective have a shocking confession. We are not actually an indie-folk band: we are a celebration band. Don’t be fooled by our vintage-inspired, slightly homeless, vaguely nautical attire, our tendency to dabble with rusty, antique instruments, or our abundant and seldom-tamed facial hair. Do not be led astray by the fact that we do, indeed, play our fair share of folk music. (It is, after all, in our Celtic blood). You see, we...

Six Social Media Platforms You Should Consider Using

These six social media platforms might not be the biggest of the bunch, but they’ll provide value in your social marketing efforts. A few weeks ago we profiled the six biggest social media platforms to help differentiate them and highlight the relevance and importance of each as it relates to your digital strategy. But, as you are aware, the social media landscape is huge. And even more, it is a landscape that is growing and...

Paul Baloche - Writing the Songs The Whole Church Sings

There is a certain blanket of wisdom that, if you seek it, comes over time. It wraps around a true and honest place where you are surrounded by good friends and family and have nothing left to prove. A place where you know who you are, you know your purpose, and you’re content to leave the details up to God. “If you do something long enough, you uncover life lessons along the way,” Paul Baloche says. “You aspire to be faithful to...

Five Myths About Songwriting Success

With April Fools Day just passed, I thought I’d address some common misconceptions about life as a songwriter that tend to either slow down our progress or discourage us unnecessarily. The more educated you become about the mostly unwritten rules of the music industry, the less often you’ll be fooled and the better prepared you’ll be to make the slow and steady progress that leads to success.

10 Rules to Live By for the Independent Artist – Part 2

You learned this principle when you were a kid, but it’s still true. Work your butt off then sit back and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Alot of people are in love with success but very few people care about the hard work it takes to get there. Work then play. Your future will be so much brighter! Just ask. You have not because you ask not. Sometimes when you ask, the answer is no; but at least you tried. Want to play at a certain venue but don’t think you can “get it”. Contact...

Vid O’ the Week – Huckleberry Hastings

Huckleberry Hastings has been a favourite since we first heard his incredible vocals and tight songwriting*. Watch his very first vid to Huckleberry Blues here. Huckleberry Hastings found his way to our ear drums about a month ago. Courtney said it all when she said “This young Sydney singer / songwriter / rhythm guitarist’s blues infused folk sound is going to make your heart bleed people. It’s the combination of passionate lyrics...

Cher and Pat Benatar in Concert

Even though Cher released an album last year, one look at the set list and you’ll soon realize she’s not pushing the new material. The show began with a video montage covering her fashion tastes over the years, from 70s bell bottoms through the 80s barely there black leather featured on the infamous “If I Could Turn Back Time” video. From there, she put on an awkwardly paced show that included plenty of Las Vegas glitz, countless costume...

'Roar' 'Royals' 'Happy': Why So Many Hits Now Have One-Word Titles

Simply named tunes are dominating the Billboard Hot 100. "Roar." "Royals." "Timber." "Demons." "Happy." Notice a common thread among these recent hits? The number of charting songs with one-word titles continues to grow, with single-monikered tracks now making up nearly a third of the Billboard Hot 100 each week. This year, two single-word titles have set the record for the Hot 100's top two longest stay

Untapped Potential For Your Music Online

How many places have you made your music available online? What is your favorite medium? Actually, what is the favorite medium for your fans? With so many options to engage with your fans online, it can be hard to choose where to spend your time and energy. And you need to know what your fans want. Is it online radio or custom playlists with your music? Is it simply your music for purchase via digital download? What about your music video channel?

5 Ways To Make More Sync Money From Your Music

CD Baby has paid $1.2 million in sync licensing revenue to independent artists. Are you earning as much as you can? As this story from Digital Music News reveals, artists are earning more money these days from user-generated YouTube videos than from the official music videos themselves. So perhaps not surprisingly, much of the $1.2 million we’ve paid out in sync revenue has come from monetizing music on...

The Art Of Punk Bass

When you really get down to it, punk is a particularly bass-driven genre. Whether it’s an overtly bass-driven track like Green Day’s “Long View” or The Clash’s “London Calling,” or something a which follows more of a guitar-and-bass-in-unison style like, well, The Ramones’ entire catalog, the bass serves as a crucial anchor between the rhythm and harmony, and it has an equally important role in defining the texture and substance of the band’s sound. Let’s look at a few aspects...

Songwriting Tip: Grammar Matters

Yes, I meant that both ways. I’m writing on matters of grammar and I’m also writing in case grammar matters. So for a songwriter, when does it matter? Well, I suppose that depends upon your target audience. If you’re a novelist, it always matters. That’s why book writers have editors. Today, even a great storyteller may make the usual grammatical errors, especially if he went to school in the last decade or so. But even if a person has been taught in the best English class there...
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