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How To Find And Effectively Collaborate With Other Songwriters

Co-writing can be a great way to improve your own songwriting skills, come up with new musical ideas, and delve into areas you’ve never thought of before. Plus, learning to play well with others is also a skill that will be beneficial to you in almost any aspect of life. In this article, we’ll look at three tips you can use if you want to co-write with other songwriters. 1. Find people with complementary skil. An important thing to do before you set out to find a co-writer...
Brandy Clark

New Artist Spotlight: Brandy Clark

Brandy Clark came to Nashville from Morton, Wash., where she watched her grandmother smoke on the front porch as Mount St. Helens erupted a short ways away, and later worked in a fencing mill. Her love for Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard and Loretta Lynn, coupled with her perceptive observations of everyday characters, fueled her ascension as a songwriter. Two No. 1 hits — The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two” and Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” — are...

The Dead Heads – For The Sake Of Sanity And Good Vibes

On the weekend, I wrote a draft for an introductory article on Sydney five piece The Dead Heads. It was going to be a quick spiel on their awesome album This Is What’s Happening In Sydney and their new single Power Tripping, which was released way back in May of this year – hardly the cutting edge and up to the minute coverage that Happy’s readers have come to expect. Today (to my pleasant surprise) I found the spaced out rock and roll band have released...

Why Virtual Concerts Are The New Concert Experience

As a musician myself I know how hard it can be to get paid for your craft. Fortunately there are services out there that make it easier for us to keep doing more of what we love to do, make money, and even succeed while doing it. Of course, CD Baby is one of those. In the realm of live music-making, online concerts are a great opportunity for musicians to perform for all of their supporters at once, connect in a unique and creative way with fans, and open up performances to ticket purchasers...

Where Indie Artists Are Making Most of Their Money

Independent artists have never had access to so many customers. A single distributor can get an artist’s music into digital services around the world. U.S. artists were getting Spotify royalties before the service was available stateside. Now they’re getting royalties from Deezer, and other services not yet available in the States. Since distributors have added their catalogs to YouTube, independent artists can reach listeners through the world’s most popular video service.

64 Years of Music Innovation in One Playlist

There are only 12 notes in all western music. Somehow, musicians have forged those musical chromosomes into millions of recorded-and-released songs in over 700 distinct genres. Like biological species, artistic movements evolve independently, inter-dependently, and dependent on the environments that shape their development. In the music scene, new “discoveries,” such as birth of the cool or the explosion of British punk rock in 1977, send shockwaves through...

Hashtag Music Marketing – How To Use Hashtags To Promote Your Music

If you spend any time online, you’ve no doubt seen a hashtag – a word or phrase preceded by a “#” symbol. You’ve probably even seen them on TV, billboards and magazine ads. But what are they and why are they spreading? Most importantly, how can you use them for music marketing? Hashtag: What the heck is it? Even though hashtags have been used in the technology and programming fields for many years, they only started being used by the general public a...

What Does Sound Exchange Do?

A song contains two different legal elements: 1) the underlying song or composition; and 2) the recorded performance of the song. Whenever a song is performed, a royalty is owed to the songwriter (or the songwriter’s publisher) for the use of the underlying song or composition. ASCAP and BMI collect and administer that royalty. So how does a recording artist get paid when the record performance gets played? Traditionally, when a sound recording gets played...
?Duck Dynasty??s Robertson Family celebrates the holidays.

"Duck Dynasty"’s Family Christmas

It’s nearly impossible to turn on the television or visit any Walmart, Books-A-Million or Bass Pro Shop without encountering images of the bearded Robertson clan from A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.” It’s the No. 1 nonfiction show in the history of cable television. Where could they possibly go from here? To Nashville, of course, to make their recording debut. On Oct. 29, EMI Records Nashville released Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. The album features...

Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Any Two

Making your way through the maze of a musical career is a complicated endeavor to say the least. It’s doubly so given that you’ll have to make not only the musical decisions but also the critical business decisions along the way. I heard an expression a few years ago that really stuck with me as it outlines the reality of the choices we have to make time and time again. That expression is simply “good, fast, cheap - pick any two.” Essentially, what’s being said here...

Boost Your Music Sales This Christmas in 3 Easy Steps

Your last-minute holiday music marketing checklist. It happens every year around this time: music sales are exploding! Here are three ways you can make the most of the holiday season’s music-buying frenzy: 1. Email your fanbase. Artists often overlook their newsletters in favor of social media. Don’t forget to contact your most loyal fans: the ones who took the time to sign up for your email list. Remind them that your music is available for purchase on If you’re worried...

Winning At YouTube: The Power of Music Promo Channels

You’ve seen them on YouTube – music channels that feature new tracks, often with a signature visual style. More of these channels launch every day, with a wide variety of different genres and styles covered. For DJs, these are treasure troves of new music to discover. As a producer, remixer, or label, they represent a powerful opportunites for your music to reach hundreds of thousands of subscribed listeners – so today guest author Budi Voogt has put together a guide for submitting ...

5 Ways to Make Your Website More Linkable

The Web is called ‘The Web’ for a reason. It consists of billions of pages, knit together by a vast network of links. This ‘web of links’ gives the Internet both form and function. If they didn’t exist, we’d all be stuck on the same webpage for an eternity and it would be quite boring. But links do more than just create the structure of The Web; they also allow us to travel through it. Links serve as portals from one web page to another. Over time, links also become an indication of the popularity...

Our First Time Using Stage-it: A User Review from the band Ophelia Syndrome

I heard about Stageit from my best friend about a year ago. What is Stageit you ask? It is an online venue where you can broadcast from anywhere, to anyone, at anytime, directly from your laptop. Also, it is never archived, so it is a one time concert experience. The charm of Stageit is that most artists broadcast directly from their homes, which makes the concerts very intimate. Also, during the concert anyone who has purchased tickets can ask questions of the artist, or share their...

Nontraditional Branding: Is It The Future of the Music Industry?

The music video has been, and still is, a staple in the entertainment industry. This medium can help make or break a song or artist's career. It is also becoming increasingly harder to satisfy picky audiences and gain views. Some artist's (especially within the same genre) attempt to outdo each other with their theatrics, which could mean a multitude of things. Regardless of this, there is something that is becoming increasingly more common in today's music videos -- and the artist ...
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